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Gadodia’s House
Aditya informed Shekar and Ram about the morning incident.
Swaragini’s room
Shekar : be careful swara.
Sharmishti: we can’t bear if anything happen to you.
Swara starts to glare Aditya to informed shekar about morning accident. Aditya refuses that.
Ram: Aditya ,you should take care of swara. Now onwards she is your responsibility.
Aditya: ok papa.
At that time , Ragini enters the house with a plaster in head.
Laksh is so worried while seeing her condition. Ragini is suddenly start to fall . Laksh hold her and take her in Bridal style to near by room and yelled”Papaaaa”.
All the one are so worried by hearing Laksh and rushes towards him and shocked seeing Ragini’s condition.
Shekar: what happened to ladoo?
Ram tries to console shekar while aditya calls doctor and says about Ragini’s condition.
Laksh starts to sobb unknowingly.
Doctor comes and checks Ragini.
Doctor: nothing to worry Mr.Gadodia,I thought that she met a small accident and she is so weak. give this medicine and come for a checkup day after tomorrow.
Ragini: maa
Sharmishti:what happened too you ladoo? You scared me.
Ragini: nothing to worry maa. I met a accident by a bike. Now I am alright maa.
Swara: Be careful rago.
Laksh : shami maa let her to take rest.
All the one except laksh are leaving from the room.
Laksh holds her hand and said” I already lost so many peoples. Don’t dare to scare me like this. I cannot live without you, Ragini. without you, I am literally dead Ragini DEAD.”
Ragini(stops him): I never leave you alone ,lucky.
Both have an eyelock for minutes .
Shekar and Ram heard laksh and ragini’s words and starts think about them.
They both went to nearby park.
Ram: what you think about laksh?
Shekar: I will be happy if he is my son-in-law.
Ram: but, we have to wait until Ragini complete her studies.
Shekar: yeah, we have to wait.
The next day
Ragini and swara ready for college.
Swaragini: Bye papa, Bye maa.
When they come near gate, they saw aditya and Laksh with their bikes.
Shekar: Ragini, Laksh will drop you in your college and swara , Aditya will take you.
Ragini: but papa I also want to go temple before going to college.
Laksh: no problem uncle. I will wait.
Aditya &Swara go to their college and RAGLAK went to temple.
Laksh (prays): kali maa ,please take care of my Rago. I cannot live without her.
Ragini(Prays):maa please help me to make laksh happy forever. I wish to give his rights back to him.
Then Laksh applies sindoor in forehead of Ragini and both of them have a intense eyelock.
Ragini breaks the eye lock.
Laksh: today , I will be relieved from Maheshwari Industries.
Ragini: and you joined in Jadavpur University for completing CA course. I heard it from Uncle.
Laksh dropped Ragini in front of the college and said “Take Care Rago” with so much love in his eyes and then moved.
Ragini is staring the direction which he travels for a minute and entered the college.
She have good friends in college . they are arnav, khushi and manik. They formed a gang.
In SWASAN college,
Sanskar: hi aadi, hi swara
Swara&ADITYA: hi sanky
Sanskar try to behave normal with swara. But his feelings for swara is increasing .
One year leap
Raglak was busy in their love and swara realizes her feelings for sanskar.
Swara POV:
Why I thinks something different with sanskar? Nowadays he tried to avoid me. Why it hurts me ? I can observe so much love and affection from his eyes. It shows his love for me. I love him from my heart. Ok I will propose him tomorrow. But if he rejected , what can I do? No I don’t want to lose his friendship.
Sanskar’s POV:
What can I do? I started to avoid swara to escape from my feelings. But it hurts very much when I see pain in her eyes. I don’t want to loose swara as well as aadi. Both of them are important to me. I will inform AADI about my feelings with swara and I should accept AADI’s decision.
Sanskar called Aditya: aadi, I want to speak with you.
Aditya: come to the park nearby my house.
After few minutes, aditya reached there.
Aditya: what happened sanky?
Sanskar:I love one girl.
Aditya:(by hearing this) I am happy very much. Who is that lucky girl?
Sanskar: swara
Aditya little bit shocked.”swaraaa?”
Sanskar: haan, I love swara when I first met her in her house. But I scared to lose your friendship. I don’t want to break your trust. So, I try to forget my love. But this struggle is so much difficult for me ,aadi. I can’t loose you as well as swara. What can I do?
By saying this ,Sanskar is collapsed.
Aditya: propose her tomorrow. If she accepts , I would not object you sanky. Otherwise you should move on your life.
Sanskar is surprised by hearing that type of answer.
Sanskar(hugs aadi):thank you so much ,aadi.
Next day evening:
In college ground
Sanskar :can we go to temple swara?
Hearing this swara is surprised.
Swara(in mind):he speaks to me after a week
Swara: sorry, AADI bhaiya will wait for me.
Sanskar: I informed him about that. Please come with me.
They reached temple.
Sanskar(prays): maa please help me. Please give me more confidence to propose her.
Swara(prays): maa, give him a happy life.
SANSKAR: swara..
Swara: haan
Sanskar: will you marry me? Will you be my betterhalf ?
Swara is surprised and overwhelmed.
Swara: sansssskar .she started to cry because of happiness.”I will do sanskar. I will”
She hugs him and sanskar is shocked and felt very happy.
A person touches swara’s shoulder.
Swara breaks the hug and turned to see the person.
Swara:bhai i(little bit shocked and her head sees ground)
Aadi:don’t worry swara. I wll be always your side. But, you need to finish your studies first . I will speak about it to our family after finishing your studies.
Aadi turned to sanskar.
Aadi:you don’t disturb swara until her studies are finished.
Sanskar: I should not disturb her. I promise you, aadi.
They leave from temple and move towards their respective houses.
In Kapoor’s house
Aditya told Laksh about SWASAN love.
Swara starts to blush.
ADITYA: did I make anything wrong Bhai?
Laksh: no aadi, you take the correct decision. But, the Final decision is taken by elders. We have to convince them and Don’t tell to ragini about this.
Aditya: why bhai?
Swara:why jeju?
Laksh: trust me aadi. Ragini should not know about this.
Aadi & swaraconfused with Laksh’s decision . but finally he agreed and decided that the truth about swasan will not be exposed to family members until Swara finishes her studies.
In Maheshwari Mansion
Sanskar told uttara about his confession and aadi’s approval. Uttara is very happy when she feels the joyness of his bhai.
Uttara: Bhai, I want to see Bhabhi.
Sanskar: kk .


Credit to: BALAJI

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