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Let I continue the story.
Next day morning
Ragini:(shouts) Maa, I am going to temple
As Laksh heard , He goes to temple and waiting for Ragini.
Ragini sees Laksh and go to near him.
Laksh: why did you decided to be LAWYER? Accounts is your favourite subject naa.
Ragini: why did you go to MAHESHWARI company? you also get offers from other big companies which offers huge salary.
Laksh : question is not an answer for question Rago. I just wanted to start my carrier in Maheshwari. What is connection between this and you?
Ragini: Because I know the reason why you start your carrier in Maheshwari.

Laksh is shocked again.
Ragini: It ‘s your diary. Keep safe .if it read by anyone ,then the result is very dangerous.
Laksh:Ragi…ni (he stammers)
Ragini: I know you are not able to take revenge. but ,I will take revenge instead of you.
Days passed Ragini got seat in South Calcutta Law College
Swara got seat in the same college where Aditya and Sanskar are studying.
College Day 1:
Swara stands opposite of the college and see Aditya stands near enterance.
Swara:Bhai, (by calling him, he crosses the road while a car is coming)
Aditya:Swara.. (shocked)
At the neck of time, A pair of hands pulled her by holding her waist.
Swara is safe and she is frozen
Aditya rushed to near swara and Kissed her in forehead and then slaps her.
Aditya: Have your sense in trouble? If anything happen to you ,how can I bear it?( by saying this he hugs her).
Swara: sorry bhaiya I will be careful.

The person who saved Swara lightly coughs intentionally. Aditya and Swara suddenly realizes the surrounding.
Swara(turned to that person): Thanks sir.
Person: Is this your intelligent sister Aadi? She couldn’t even cross the road.(in Teasing tone in order to make them normal)
Aditya: this PAAGAL is my Swara sanky.
Swara: PAAGAL? By hearing this she started to beat Aditya.
Aditya : ok ok cool, Swara he is sanskar ,my best friend.
Swara: hi sanskar. Again thank you for saving me.
While saying she walk into the college and dragging Aditya with her.
Aditya: we will see in class room sanskar. I will come my own shona.
End of the day

Swara is waiting for Aditya in the ground, Aditya and sanskar comes near to her.
Aditya: come lets go swara
Swara: kk bhaiya.
Sanskar :one minute.(rushed tone). We have a party in our house.i am expecting your presence guys.
Aditya: ok I will try, if my sisters not troubled me, I will come to the party.(in teasing tone)
Swara: bhaiiii(little embarrassed)
Adiytya: kk bye.
Sanskar reached his home and remembered swara and aditya.
Sanskar’s POV:
What happened to me? Why I like her (swara) presence? I am lost when I am seeing her innocent eyes.

No , It is just an attraction and mostly important thing she is the sister of Aditya. Aditya is my one and only friend. Only He can understand me without my words after dev. I loosed dev. But I cannot lose aditya.I never lose him(shouts)
“Bhaiyaa” Uttara worried.
Sanskar :Uttara . I am sorry uttara.
Uttara: What happened bhai? She caresses his hair in order to console him.
Sanskar briefed about swara and aditya.
Uttara: Is this the same girl ?
Sanskar went to Aditya house inorder to get study materials.

He redirected to Gadodia’s house by Ram kapoor.
While he opening the door, he was fully drenched and hit a bucket in his head.
Swara:(rushes) sorry sir . I made this trap for my Bhai. Sorry sorry
While she pleading, Aditya “aah! What happened”
He sees fully drenched sanskar and sanskar starts to glare him. Aditya controls his laughter and leads sanskar to kapoor’s house and give his clothes to change.

Sanskar: who is that devil aadi?
Aditya:she is my sister, sanky. Don’t mistake her. She needed to play with me. But you got trapped.
Then he continued by talking about swaragini’s pranks.
Sanskar: how can you tolerate them?
Aditya:there is no need of word”tolerate” inbetween us sanky. They are my sisters and they have full rights to play with me .
Sanskar starts to realize his mistake for Uttara. She did not have mother and father’s love and affection and I also not show my affection towards her.
From that, he started to share his feelings and views to uttara, and unknowingly he started to fall on swara.

Flashback ends
Uttara: don’t bother bhai. Aadi never misunderstand you. I trust him.
Uttara not saw Aditya . But she have a softcorner for him through Sanskar words.

Precap: swasan in party& Adithra in Temple

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