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Precap: Ram Prasad appoints Laksh as vice chairman and CEO. Manik marries Lavanya and adopts Arjun as his son. Family accepts them. Remarriage of RAGLAK, ADITTRA,LAVIK and marriage of SWASAN . at night, Ragini is suffers frombreath problem when laksh approaching her . Laksh admitted in hospital.
Laksh is standing before ICU and continuously tears coming from his eyes. He never expected this.
Nurse is coming from ICU with some papers and she needs sign from Laksh.
Laksh get anger while reading the paper.
Laksh:what’s the need for virginity test and hypnotesis?
Nurse: sir please calm down. We needs this to predict your wife’s condition.
Laksh signs the papers.
After an hour doctor is coming from ICU.
Laksh:doctor, what happened to my rago?
Doctor: she is ok, now. Come to my cabin.
In doctor cabin,
Laksh: what happened to her?please tell me.
Doctor: I want to ask some question whish is so personal to you. So, don’t be tensed.
Laksh:yes sir.
Doctor: I think you tried to have s*x with your wife. It’s the reason for her current condition. Your wife have borderline personality disorder .
Laksh is shocked by hearing this. Doctor continues.
Doctor: while hypnotizing her we know that she kidnapped when she was 13. And one of the kidnapper try to rape her. But, the another kidnapper stops him and saved your wife. But,this incident clearly memorized in her sub conscious mind. She behaves normally at other times. But when you try something, it may result in breath problem and leads to heart arrest, death of your wife.
Laksh is hell shocked by hearing this.
Laksh: is there any possibility to cure this disorder?
Doctor: sorry Mr.Laksh.only one way to cure this disease is she should forget about this incident. But , it’s very difficult. And if her mind accepts your touch once, then there is no problem. And remember one thing, she is so weak now. Don’t let her to do hard works. She should take rest for atleast three days.
Laksh: doctor I want a favour from you.
Doctor: yes
Laksh: please don’t reveal her condition to her. Please
Doctor:kk. You can discharge her.
Ragini wake up and worried to see her in hospital bed.
Laksh come to Ragini ward.
Ragini: what happened to me laksh?
Laksh: you are very weak, rago because of marriage works. So, you fainted.(lied)
Laksh discharged her and they returned home at next day morning 6 am.
Laksh holds Ragini hands and help her to get inside the house.
Sumi sees them and worried to see ragini.
Sumi: what happened rago?
Laksh: nothing to worry aunty. She is so weak because of marriage works. If she take rest for three days, she will be normal.
Laksh take her to bed and make her to sleep. Ragini placed her head in Laksh’s chest and starts to sleep, peacefully.

Laksh’s POV:
I can’t know what happening on my life. I thought that everything will be ok after uniting my family. But, god has written my fate so different. Why my Rago suffering so much? . How many days I can hide the truth? If she try to closer to me, how can I avoid? I can’t risk her life . For my whole life, her love and care is sufficient for me. I want do something. I can’t let her to know the the truth. If she know the truth, she can’t bear it. she never know about the truth.
After two hours,
Laksh places Ragini’s head in bed from his chest.
He goes to dining table for breakfast.
It was the Rasoi for Uttara, Swara and Lavanya.
Swara makes Halwa and chappithi, Uttara makes basanti and paneer butter masala and Lavanya makes kesari, Idly , vada and Sambar.
Arjun: Lavi maa, Breakfast is delicious. Lavanya kisses her in his cheek.
Manik : I love Idli sambar very much, lavi. The taste is very good. Manik presents his mother Haram to lavanya.
Sanskar: Halwa is very sweet, shona. I loved it. Sanskar presents necklace to Swara.
Aadi: your Basati is very tasty,uthi. Aadi gifts his mother’s ring to Uttara.
Laksh is happy while seeing his family happiness and forget about his problems.
Laksh sits in a chair and sumi serves him.
Aadi: bhaiya, where is bhabhi?
Sumi: she is so weak , aadi. Doctor advised her to take rest. Laksh even not informed me before going to hospital.
Swasan, Adittra and Lavik, suji,Ram Prasad, shekar ,Ram Kapoor rushes to see swara . But, Laksh stops them.
Laksh: she is sleeping now. So , you can see her after some, finish your breakfast.
Sanskar:bhai, what happened to bhabhi?
Laksh: don’t worry Sanskar. She will be fine.
Laksh takes some covers from his pockets and give it to his brothers.
Sanskar, Manik and Aadi(unison): what’s this bhai?
Laksh: your honeymoon tickets. It’s for full Europe .
They are surprised.

Manik: but, bhai(he thinks about Ragini)
Laksh:I will take care for her. So don’t worry.
SWASAN, ADITTRA AND LAVIK with Arjun leave the home at 10 AM.
Laksh takes food for Ragini and goes to their room.
Laksh: rago rago
Ragini: laksh let me to sleep
Laksh: (smiles) Rago time is already 10.30
Ragini suddenly wakes up. “what?”
Laksh: go and fresh up.
Laksh takes her to bath room.
After Ragini freshened up, Laksh starts to feed her.
Ragini: I am not a child. I can eat myself.
Laksh: rago
Ragini starts to eat without uttering a word and have a smile by seeing Laksh’s care.
Laksh gives her medicine and let her to take rest.
Sumi and suji are happy by seeing her children happiness.
Laksh goes to office and calls a private detective.
Laksh: hello
Caller:yes, Mr. Dev Prasad Maheshwari
Laksh: I want to see you . come to xxx coffee shop by evening.(bossy tone)
Laksh cuts the call and try to concentrate on office work.

In coffee shop at evening
Person: how can I help you, Mr.Maheshwari?
Laksh: before 12 years , My wife is kidnapped when she was a child. I want to know the culprits details as soon as possible.
Person: kk. Mr.Maheshwari. see you soon.
Laksh returned to house.
Sumi and suji are seeing serials with tears.
Laksh: suji maa, are you crying by seeing serials?
Suji: haan beta, today in this seraia my favourite hero is accidented by his rivals.
Laksh: suji maa, come and give me some snacks.
Suji and sumi goes to kitchen to ready some snacks.
Laksh go to his room and staring Ragini.
Ragini is sleeping in bed. Laksh caresses her hair and then holds her hand, murmurs” I can do anything for you”
Laksh wake up Ragini and Ragini goes to see Sumi and suji.

In kitchen
Ragini: sorry suji maa and maa, I had slept much time due to my tiredness. I can’t know why I got so much tiredness.
Suji: now, how are beta? Fina naa sumi caresses Ragini hair.
Ragini: I feel little bit better now.kk where is uttara , swara , arjun
Sumi: stop stop they are went to honeymoon.
Ragini: (places her hand in her waist) without uttering a word, how can they go?
Laksh smiles by seeing her childish behavior.
Laksh: what can they do? You were sleep like a kumbakarn.
Ragini glares Laksh
Laksh:kk. I convinced them to go honeymoon. So don’t get anger on them.
Ragini smiles and Laksh mesmerized by seeing their smile.
Later they finished their dinner.

In RAGLAK room
Ragini hugs Lakshand places her head in his arms and sleeps.
Laksh is comtinuosly staring Ragini and Ragini feels Laksh staring her.
Ragini opens her eyes and signs Laksh to sleep and Laksh closed his eyes.
Laksh didn’t sleep for a whole night.
The next day morning,
Laksh feeds Ragini and goes to office.

After two hours,
Ragini’s phone starts to ring.
Ragini: hello
Caller: is this Mrs. Dev Prasad Maheshwari?
Ragini: yes
Caller: mam, we are from xxx Hospital. Your husband car met accident and he admitted in xxx hospital.
Ragini(murmurs) laksh and missed her phone.
Sumi and suji comes here by hearing phone breaking sound.
Suji: what happened rago? Why are you looking shocked?
Ragini: maa(stammers) laksh ko accident XXX hospital
Ragini can’t able to complete sentence.
Sumi understands .
They rushed to go hospital.
Ragini goes to near Receptionint: mam Mr. Maheshwari accident
Receptionist: mam, go to ICU
Ragini runs to ICU
Doctor comes from ICU.
Ragini, sumi, suji,Ram Prasad , Ram Kapoor and Shekar goes near Doctor.
Ram Kapoor: doctor my son
Doctor: he is safe now. He is having Fractures in leg. So he can’t walk for a month .you can see him after 6 hours. who is his wife?
Ragini: doctor
Doctor: please come to my cabin.

Doctor: Mrs. Ragini. Sorry to say this. Your Husband can’t be a father. He lost due to accident and if he try to consummate, it may lead to paralytic attack.
Ragini: doctor and stand due to shock, And tears rolling from her eyes.
Ragini internally collapsed.
Doctor:please calm down Mrs. Maheshwari.
Ragini: please don’t tell him abiut this.
Doctor: I already told about it. now, you can console him.
Ragini rushes to see Laksh. She enters into ICU.
Ragini sees crying laksh.
Ragini: Lakshhh
Laksh: please divorce me rago. I wasted your life. I wasted
Ragini wipes her tears and sit near to Laksh.
Ragini: Laksh .how dare you think about divorce? Listen me. We are married not for only this birth for all seven birth.
Laksh: but,Ragini, I can’t make you as a mother. I can’t give you a child. I am such a waste.
Ragini stops him.
Ragini: s*x is not a only happiness in Marriage life, Laksh. You loves me, cares me and you can do anything for me and my happiness. You loves me a lot. I love you a lot. This is sufficient for rest of our life. We can even adopt a child. But remember one thing if you try to leave me, then I will leave from this world because you are my world. Without you, this world is nothing for me. Take rest.
Ragini comes out from ICU and put a fake smile in her face.
Suji: rago, how is he?
Ragini: he is ok maa. He need some rest. So, we don’t disturb him for an hour.
Ram Prasad: kk ma. I will call sanskar and inform about this.
Ragini: not need uncle. If you inform them, then they will cancel the trip. Please, let them to enjoy their honeymoon.
Ragini: uncle, can you able to handle office alone?
Ram Prasad: I can handle. If needed, I should get help from Shekar ji and Ram kapoor ji.
Ragini: kk uncle

After two hours, Laksh is shifted to General Ward.
All the members go to see laksh.
Suji caresses Laksh hair” don’t try to scare me beta”
Ram Kapoor holds Laksh hands and tears rolling from his eyes.
Laksh: I am ok, suji maa and papa. First go to home and have some food until I would not speak to you.
Ragini observes the clarity in Laksh face.
Everyone except ragini go to home to prepare food for laksh and ragini.
Ragini sits near to laksh and holds his hands.
Ragini: sorry laksh. I behaved so rude to you. Sorry.
Laksh wipes her tears” I made your life as a desert”
Ragini” no laksh. You always made my life as a beautiful garden” and have a little eyelock.
Laksh try to sit and moans in pain. Ragini helps him to sit.

The next day
Ragini comes outside the ward to bring tea and surprised by seeing SWASAN, ADITTRA and LAVIK.
Sanskar, Aadi and Manik: bhabhi, how can you think that we can enjoy honeymoon while my bhai suffers in hospital?
Ragini: cool sanskar. And sees tears in all eyes.
Ragini understands their feelings.
Ragini: he is ok now.but he can’t walk for one month. He is sleeping now. So, you can go to home and return after some time.
Manik: no we wait here, after talking bhai, we will go. They sit in hospital waranda.
After 2 hours Laksh wake up and surprised by seeing his brothers.
Laksh: what are you doing here? Rago, are you informed them?
Sanskar: bhabhi not informed us. We saw it in news.
Laksh: due to my accident, I spoiled your trip.
Aadi: please bhai don’t speak like this. Nothing is important to us instead of you.
Manik: we will take care of bhai. Bhabhi is also weak. So bhabhi you first come with me.
Ragini: no manik. I feel restless while I am not with Laksh.
Swara: Di, if you not take care of you, then jeju should feel guilty. Please
Laksh signs Ragini to go home.
Swattaragini, Lavanya went to home.
Sanskar,Aadi and Manik stays in hospital.
Ragini returned in one hour.
In After noon, Laksh is discharged and returned to Home.
Suji and sumi takes aarti for Laksh. Manik and Sanskar held him by shoulders and take him to his room.
Ragini helps Laksh for changing clothes.

The next day morning
Ragini wakes Laksh and helps him to bath and change clothes.
Ragini takes breakfast and go to their room.
Ragini feeds Laksh .
Laksh sees Ragini eyes and both of them have a long eyelock. Both don’t want to break it.
The words between them are very less. But they understand one another needs without words.
Laksh spends more time with Ragini and Arjun.
Laksh get a seat in KolKatta’s best school for arjun. Arjun and Lavanya learn Bengali.
Days start to roll
RAGLAK loves each other more than before.
Laksh starts to walk with the help of Ragini.
Three months leap
Laksh again starts to go office.
At that day,
Laksh receives a phone call.
Laksh: hello
Caller: sir, your work is over. One kidnapper died in accident and another one is paralytic attacked patient.
Laksh: I deposit money in your account.
Laksh cuts the call and Have a smile in his face.
Laksh’s POV:
I never be happy in other’s sadness. But today I am very happy to know about kidnappers. If they were not suffered, I should show the hell to them.

Ragini feels so bored. She starts to clean their room. She starts to arrange the files in cupboard and sees her medical report and Laksh’s medical report.
Ragini read her report and see the disorder name and prescription.
She is confused and start to read Laksh’s medical report. The report clearly says about fractures in Laksh leg and not a sentence about Laksh’s inability.
Ragini is more confused and goes to hospital.
In Doctor’s cabin
Ragini: doctor you treated me and laksh. I have some doubts in reports. First I need to clear about Laksh condition.
Doctor: Mrs.Maheshwari. I will tell you everything. You are affected by borderline personality disorder first stage. When you kidnapped by someone in your childhood, they tried to abuse you. This is clearly memorized in your subconscious mind. Whenever Laksh approaches you, you remember it unknowingly and your body will go abnormal state. Some times, it may lead to your death.
Ragini shocked and Tears rolling from her eyes.
Doctor: please calm down Mrs. Ragini. I know it’s not easy to digest. The next day, your husband admitted here due to accident. He wanted me to lie like this. First I denied it. but, it makes his condition worst and his body not accept the medicine. So, I accepted to lie.
Ragini get up from chair and starts to walk and forget about surrounding.
Doctor calls Laksh and informed about Ragini’s arrival. Laksh rushed to go home.

Ragini’s POV:
No no. Laksh not deserve this. He loves me a lot more than the world. What can I return to him? I can’t fulfil his needs as a wife. I can’t give a birth to a child. He loves Arjun. He longs for his child.
Laksh gives me a lot of happiness to me. But what I returned to him? sorrow, tears and stress. I am not suitable for him.
Ragini returned to her house and sit in bed and continuously sobs.
Laksh returned house and go to see Ragini.
In RAGLAK room
Laksh: rago
Ragini sees him with tears welled in her eyes.
Laksh go near to her and hugs her.
Laksh:rago don’t cry.
Ragini: please marry any other girl. I don’t deserve you.
Laksh holds her face and sees her eyes.
Laksh: remember one thing. For all my birth, you are my wife. I never marry any other girl. I love you and I know you loves me a lot. It’s sufficient for my life, rago. You are enough to me for entire life.
You told this words to me rago when I am in hospital. So don’t feel and say like this.
Ragini: then make me unconscious and take me( cold tone)
While finishing this, Ragini feels burnt pain in her right cheek. Laksh slapped her first time in their life.
By hearing this word,Laksh can’t control his anger and hold her face hardly
Laksh: are you thinking I am an animal? I not loved your external beauty. I love your innocence. I love your struggles for me. I love your care towards me. I love your jealous towards me. I love your kindness. I love your mothership towards arjun.I loved your care and respect to my family. I love you for your heart not your beauty. Don’t dare to leave me otherwise you will see me as a lifeless body.
Laksh pushes her in bed and Laksh go out of the room and drives his bike recklessly.
Ragini cries .
Then time rolls, she is worried about Laksh.
Ragini(in mind): kali maa, meri laksh ko kuch nahi ooha(kali maa, nothing bad happen to my laksh). Please save him.
She prays continuously.
Laksh stops in temple and remembers his slap and feels guilt for slapping Ragini and returns to home.
After half an hour
In RAGLAK room,
Laksh: rago
Ragini rushes to him and hugs hin and kisses him .
She forgets about surrounding, world and all. In her mind, she thinks about only Laksh.
They arrived near bed and Ragini lays over Laksh and they consummated.

The next day morning
Laksh wake up and sees Ragini is sleeping by hugging him and her head in his arms.
Ragini sleeps peacefully and Laksh caresses her hair and kisses her in cheeks.
Ragini wake up and blushes by seeing Laksh.
They get ready and Ragini goes to kitchen to make break fast.
After her Swara, Uttara, and Lavanya comes to Kitchen.
They do the breakfast by chit chating with one another. After so many days, Ragini laughs from her heart.
In Park
Laksh: chacha I have taken some decisions.
Ram Prasad: what laksh?
Laksh: I decides to make Manik as COO and Aditya as CFO of Mahestwari Industries and Sanskar as Vice President.
Ram Prasad: good decision laksh
Five years rolled
Today , Maheshwari, Kapoor and Gadodia’s celebrating the birthday of their first grandson – Arjun Mehra’s birth day.
Swara have Sanra and Shiv (the twins) in her hands and Arjun have Manya (Lavanya- Manik ) child and Uttara have Udaya and Sooraj in their hand.
Laksh is very happy by seeing his family happiness and side hugs Ragini who have Nirmal Pradsad in her hand and laksh have Durga in his hand.
Finally Laksh get a beautiful family a understanding wife, beloved brothers sanskar,aditya & Manik and caring sister and sister in laws Swara ,Uttara , Lavanya, loving mothers suji and sumi and always adorable fathers Shekar, Ram Kapoor and Ram Prasad and charming sons and daughters Nirmal, Durga, Sanra, Shiv, Manya , Udaya and Sooraj.

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