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Episode 11

Recap: swara joined Sanskar office as his PA. Raglak goes to ooty with Manik. Manik missed the way and stays in Orphanage and got introduction of Arjun, a blind boy. He decided to help him and got introduction of Lavanya. Raglak and Manik arrived Kolkatta.
The next day Morning
RAGLAK and MANIK wakes up lately around 11 AM.
Laksh takes the NewsPaper and shocked seeing this.
Laksh: Manik, chacha appointed me as a Vice Chairman and CEO of Maheshwari Industries. Why he decided without consulting me?
Manik: Lets go to company. I think something is hidden from us.
They arrived to company and directly go to Ram Prasad Room.
While they entering the room,
PA: Sir, your medical reports are here.
Laksh: chacha I want to see your reports.
RamPrasad: it’s not so important dev.
Manik: laksh we should see the report.
Laksh takes the report and read it. it says about Ram Prasad Heart’s blocks.
Laksh: chacha, you need anchioplasty.
Ram Prasad: before that I want to train you . so I appointed as ceo and vice chairman.
Laksh: but, sanskar is there na. He should be the CEO.
Sanskar: no bhaiya, you are the one suitable for that position. Please accept it.
Laksh stares Sanskar for a minute and accept it.
Days start to roll.
Laksh takes incharge of the company have a gradual growth. His decisions are sensitive and results in steady growth.

Today is Manik’s operation
Everyone prays to god.
Doctor coming from operation theater.
Doctor: operation is successful. He will wake up in to hours. We remove the bandages by tomorrow morning.
The next morning
Every one tensed to know the result.
Ragini holds Laksh hands.
Doctor removes the bandages from eyes.
Doctor: Manik open your eyes slowly.
Manik opened his eyes.
Doctor: can you see anything?
Manik: no doctor. It’s filled with dark.
By hearing this, Ragini starts to cry.
Manik: rago, you holds laksh bhai hands then why are you crying?
Doctor: you liar manik. You tensed me. And taps his head.
Doctor became a friend of manik due to Maheshwari’s sequential arrival.
Ragini: you give heart attack to me.
Ragini beats him in shoulder. Everyone is happy.
Manik discharged from hospital from evening.
Eldes decide the engagement date of SWASAN and ADITTRA after a week.

Two days after
In dining hall
Manik: I want to go ooty to see Arjun.
Laksh: but you need rest
Shekar: who is arjun?
Ragini: arjun is a kid who helped Manik in ooty and Manik helped him to get back his vision.
Manik: I wish that I should sponsor him for his studies. He is so intelligent.
Ram Prasad: you can go, but you return within two days.
Manik:kk papa.
Manik goes to ooty.
Laksh takes Ragini to Maheshwari industries. She gets training in Legal advising Department.
The next day
Rag lak invites all in Maheshwari industries for SWASAN and ADITTRA engagement .
Ragini: they are so happy for inviting them .
Laksh: rago, they are the base of Maheshwari’s success. So , we should respect them .
Ragini:tonight, Manik will be returned from Ooty. He messaged me.
Laksh: haan rago. But, he didn’t call me from morning.
Ragini: I think he busy with orphanage kids.

The next day morning
All are assembled in Dining Hall.
At that time, a boy comes to dining hall.
Ragini: arjun beta, come in. have your breakfast .(says in English. Arjun don’t know Bengali)
Arjun: haan badimaa
Everyone is surprised .
Ram Prasad: whats your name?
Arjun: Arjun Manik Mehra.
All the one are shocked.
Sanskar runs here.
Ragini: calm Sanskar. Why are running here?
Sanskar: a lady is sleeping in our room with Manik. Manik holds her hand.
Laksh: she is Lavanya, Manik’s wife sanskar.
Everyone hell shocked.
Ragni signs everyone not to speak and signs arjuns presence.
Arjun eats food.
Arjun: food is very delicious Badi maa(in English)
Ragini: I will take to your papa’s room.
Arjun nods.
Every one gathered in Hall and waiting for RAGLAK and MANIK.

RAGLAK enters the hall along with Arjun.
Ragini: swara, take arjun to the park.
Swara: haan didi, Arjun I am your chachi. Can you come with me?
Arjun sees ragini and Ragini signs to go.
Arjun speaks in English and all the one replies in English.
Arjun: your name is very different, Chachi. Till now, I don’t hear such a name. CHACHI
Everyone smiles by hearing Arjun’s talk.
Swara: no beta, my name is swara, but you can call me chachi. It’s special for you.
Arjun: why are you have special names to call you?
Ragini: because you are very special to me. Lets go with swara chachi . she wishes to play with you.
Arjun nods.
Swara and arjun goes to park.
Shekar: what happening here? I can’t get the situation.
RamPrasad: han ragini beta. Who is manik’s wife? Why he married suddenly?
Flash back
Laksh hears ringtone from phone.
Manik: bhai, I am waiting outside house. Please unlock the door.
Laksh: haan manik, we are coming.
Laksh opens the door. Raginicomes behind Laksh.
Laksh opens the door and shocked by seeing Manik with boy in hand and a lady whose Hand is holded by manik.
Manik: I married her Lavanya and adopted Arjun as my son.
Ragini: Manik go to sleep . we can talk about it tomorrow .
Ragini takes Laksh.
Arjun: papa, who is this?
Manik: this is your Badepapa and Badi maa.
Arjun in half sleep and he places his head in Ragini shoulder and starts to sleep.
Flashback ends

Ragini: I don’t know the reason. Why he married Lavanya? But he have a strong reason.
Manik and Lavanya enters the Hall.
Sumi sees a yellow string in her neck and sindoor in her forehead.
Manik holds his hand before” I am sorry I married Lavanya without you all. Because I loved her a lot. I don’t want to lose her”
Lavanya stops him and start to speak in English.because Lavanya is Tamilian.
Lavanya: my name is Lavanya. I am the victim of Gangrape. I went to Pune because of my job and I got an enmity of local roudy. That guy and his friends try to rape me. Eventhough I rescued by police at the correct time, it saves my virginity but I lost my dignity. I attempt suicides two times but I saved by my friends and sent me to orphanage. I got into deep depression. I tried to attempt suicide again. At that time, Manik is arrived orphanage to see Arjun and he married me and adopted Arjun as our son. If you won’t accept me, I will leave from Manik’s life and I will not interfere his life again. Because any one don’t want a rape victim as her daughter-in law.
Sumi and Suji observes the pain in her voice.

Manik’s pov:
I feels the pain in her voice. It piercing my heart. I don’t know when I heard her voice first time, I thought that she is very closer to me and I love her and arjun . when I saw her in a such state, I break down internally. I decided to marry her. I don’t know why I considered them as my family. But they are important to me in my life. Arjun don’t know the meaning of papa and he considers as my special name . I am waiting for him to accept me as his father.
Suji come near Lavanya.” It’s not your fault beta” and hugs her , take her bangles in her hand and put it in Lavanya’s hand.
Lavanya: “maa “and bursts to cry.
Everyone eyes become moist by seeing this.
Sumi, Suji , Ragini and Uttara tries to console her.
Manik: maa, let her cry. She feels better.
After few minutes
Suji: beta, we have a request.
Suji: I wish to see my son’s marriage. So ,can you accept remarry my san infront of us?
Lavanya hugs her.

The next day
SWASAN,ADITTRA and LAVIK(lavanya-manik) engagaement.
Swara wears a red leganga and sanskar wears a sandal sherwani.
Aditya wears blue sherwani and uttara wears a sandal red leganga.
Lavanya wears red green shade Kanchipuram silk saree and Manik wears golden colour sharwani.
Ragini takes Arjun with her and laksh do all the arrangements.
Sanskar is mesmerized by Swara’s beauty.
While sanskar put a ring in Swara’s finger, they have a cute eyelock for a minute.
Then Aditya put a ring in Uttara’s finger, uttara have a smile in her face. Aditya is mesmerized by seeing her smile and continuously staring her.
Manik put a ring in Lavanya’s finger and Lavanya starts to blush.
RAGLAK sees their bond and Laksh feels very happy when seeing his family happiness.
Arjun won all their heart by his cuteness and naughtiness.
The next day is sangeeth. All the pairs rocks the dances floor.
SWASAN dances for RANG lage deera. They just locked their eyes while dancing.
Ragini sings a special song for Laksh.
Lavanya sang a tamil song. Even though her family don’t know Tamil, they enjoying her voice sweetness.

Atlast Sumi ,shekar, Ram Prasad , Suji gives the special performance.
The next day is Haldi
Laksh wishes to apply haldi in Ragini’s face. But, groom is not allowed in bride’s haldi function.
Sanskar: Bhaiya, I wish to apply haldi in Swara’s face.
Aditya: bhaiya I want to see Uttara .
Manik: I wish to see Lavanya’s face.what can we do?
Laksh: we should plan something.
All the grooms decide to wear lady’s wear and go to Haldi function.
Brides are in Gadodia’s house. groom are in Kapoor’s house. Arjun is in Gadodia’s house.
SANLAK, Aadi and Manik wears ladies clothes and put a gunghat to cover their face and goes to Gadodia’s house.
Here they started the haldi function.
Some women sings and dances.
Laksh is mesmerized by seeing Ragini.
Sanskar hits Laksh in shoulder to realize the surrounding.
Laksh takes haldi in his hand and applies in Ragini’s face. Other groom does the same to respective Brides.
SWARAGINI feels SANLAK presence. Uttara and Lavanya feels Aadi and Manik presence. Arjun sit near to lavanya.
While MANIK applying haldi, Arjun sees Manik ring.
Arjun(in mind): it’s papa ring naa.
Arjun removes Gunghat of Manik.

Every one is shocked by seeing Manik in saree.
Swattaragini do the same.
All the one hell shocked by seeing grooms in saree in Haldi function and starts to laugh.
Sumi holds Laksh and Aadi ears and suji holds Manik and Sanskar ears.
Sumi & Suji: what are you doing here?
SANLAK,Aadi and Manik(unison): maa, it’s paining.
Swara takes the photo of grooms in saree.
Suji: don’t dare to come here. Arjun , you can go with papa and don’t allow him inside this house.
Arjun: kk dadi maa.
Suji and sumi took them out of the house.
Manik crosses the road with the smile while staring Arjun smile.
Suddenly he was hit by a bike and he fall down in road.
Arjun sees that.
Arjun: (shouts) APPA and faints.
The whole family comes outside and shocked by seeing unconscious arjun and Manik in road.
Laksh: aadi call the doctor.
Sanskar takes Arjun inside the house and Laksh help manik to get into the house.
Doctor treats Arjun and then Manik.
Doctor: he is in shock. So he fainted. Give this medicine and he will wake up in half an hour.
Manik holds Arjun hand and recalls the word”Appa”. Lavanya sits near to him.
Arjun wake up and sees MANIK, hugs him.
Arjun: appa, don’t leave me. Don’t.
Manik(tights the hug and then releases the hug): arjun see me. Nothing happen to your Appa. Calm down.
Arjun again start to sleep in Manik’s lap.
Manik is ver happy and overwhelmed . Arjun finally accepted him as his father. Manik sleeps in same state.
The next day is Mehandi and then Marriage.
Sumi, Shekar, Suji, Ram Prasad, Ram Kapoor eyes become moist by seeing their children marriage.
After completing Marriage Rituals, they go to KULDEV temple.
Here, Manik and Lavanya do the pooja for adopting Arjun as their son.

Then all are arrived to Kapoor’s house.
Elders are stayed in Gadodia’s house with Arjun.
Laksh entered in to their room.
Ragini sats in their bed.
Laksh takes her gunghat and Ragini blushes.
Laksh kisses her in forehead , cheeks and places his head in Ragini’s neck and lays on Ragini.
Suddenly Ragini pushes him and Laksh falls down on floor.
Ragini takes long breaths and her eyes become red.
Laksh is shocked by Ragini’s behavior and worried for Ragini’s condition.
Laksh shakes Ragini’ rago rago see me”
Ragini didn’t respond to Laksh.
Laksh takes Ragini in Hand and put her in car ,rushes to hospital.
Doctor admits Ragini in ICU .
Laksh sses Ragini through the small mirror in the door and tears coming from his eyes.

Precap: Last episode
Guys I am going to end my ff. sorry for giving less RAGLAK scenes. In tamilnadu, child call their father as appa.

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