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Recap: Aditya resigns his job in Maheshwari Industries and return all the properties to Ram Prasad Maheshwari. Ragini forgives Uttara . Sujatha met a Accident which is a trap made by Karan Mehra . Manik saves his family from Karan . Ram Prasad accepted Manik as his son. Sanskar guilt increases. Swara decided to Marry Manik for the sake of family. Sanskar accepts swara’s decision. Manik make swara to realize his feeling towards swara is only a friend. Sujatha and Maheshwari’s stay in Ram Kapoor’s House.
Let I start Part 12.
Everyone in the family members are happy now.
Swara blushes by hearing Sanskar answer and run to her room.
Shekar, sumi , sujatha , Ram Kapoor and Ram Prasad are discussing about SWASAN engagement.
Manik: suji maa, before doing SWASAN engagement we have an important work.
Suji : what beta?
Manik: RAGLAK and ADITTRA remarriage with all the rituals.
RAGLAK and ADITTRA is shocked.
Laksh: what is the need for that, Manik?
Manik: sumi aunty, have you seen your Daughter’s marriage?
Sumu took a deep breath.
Sumi: no beta. I am also your side.
All the elders are come to Manik’s side.
Uttara: kk. We accept Manik’s condition but after 2 months we can start the rituals.
Manik: what’s the need of two months?
Laksh: because , we wish that our bhai also watch our Marriage.
Manik stands and start to walk to his room without uttering a word.
Laksh and Ragini go towards him.
In Manik room
Manik sit is the bed .
Raglak holds his hand.
Ragini: what disturbs you manik?
Manik: please don’t mess up your things me rago. Even there is also a chance that I can’t return my vision.
Laksh: you will definitely get back your vision. Don’t speak like this.
Manik: but bhai
Laksh: come get ready. we have to go kali maa temple.
In evening
Manik murmurs Something in Sanskar’s ears.
Sanskar: done(smirks)
Everyone gathered in hall.
Sanskar: Dad, I need PA. Why I appoint Swara as my PA?
Ram Prasad: if she is your PA, then how can you concentrate on your works? You just stare her for whole day.(teasing tone)
Sanskar: papa
Ram Prasad: kk. What’s your opinion shaker ji?
Shekar: I have no problem if swara accepts
Swara: I accept this uncle. But, no one in office should not know that I am Sanskar fiancée. And if anyone knows, I quit the job.
Sanskar: double ok, shona.
Manik: sanskar, is it ready?
Sanskar: ready and handover two covers to Manik.
Manik: this one for you Aditya.
Aditya: what’s this? Movie tickets
Manik: go & see movie. If you have stepped inside before 9 pm, then you would stay in sumi aunty house tonight alone.
Manik: and rest of us go to temple.
Ragini: I will get ready to go temple.
Manik: not need Ragini.
Ragini&Laksh: what?
Manik: you both prepare food for us chappathi and Chenna Masala.
Ragini: it’s not fair Manik.
Laksh: haan, it’s forgery.
Manik: enjoy cooking. suji maa, lets go.
Everyone leaves the House except RAGLAK .
It’s 7 PM
Ragini goes to kitchen and laksh follows her.
Ragini gives some vegetables and ask him to cut.
Ragini starts to pour water in flour and knead it. Laksh comes backside of the Ragini and places his head in Ragini shoulder. And kisses in her neck.
Ragini:let me work(blushes)
Laksh: I will help you.
Laksh takes ragini hands in his hands and starts to knead floor.
The floor is somewhat ready to thread.
Laksh cuts vegetables and keep staring Ragini and cut in finger.
Ragini sees blood in Laksh hands and sip blood in his finger. Both have a cute eyelock.
Ragini: harray Laksh cut vegetables not your finger.
Laksh laughs.
Ragini: why are you laughing Laksh?
Laksh: I just imagine Sanskar‘s state while working with swara. I don’t know how he manage?
Ragini hits him in shoulder.
Ragini:come on, cut the vegetable .
Laksh(made puppy face): I just forgot how to cut vegetables. Please teach me rago.
Ragini: aahaan!! Kk.ragini takes laksh hands in her hands along with knife in Laksh’s hand and cuts veggies. Laksh breathes the smell from ragini and whispers in her ear” I love you Rago”
Ragini”I love you too Laksh”
Both staring each other and Laksh kisses her in his lip . it lasts for minutes until they need a breathe and Laksh released her.
Ragini pushes him outside the kitchen.
Laksh(again made puppy face): rago, I don’t disturb you again. Please allow me in the kitchen.please
Ragini: no way laksh
Ragini starts to cook with a smile in her face. Laksh cleans the dining table and arranges the plates and glasses.
Ragini arranges the food in dining table.
Everyone arrived to house.
Adittra seems to be very happy.
Ragini serves to all.
Shekar: today, food is very tasty.Rago
Manik: because Rago cooked food with special love na, rago
Sanskar: and Bhabhi definitely get a help from special person. Haan na Bhaiya(winks at laksh)
Laksr remembers their kiss and little bit blushes and says unknowingly” haan sanskar”
Ragini blushes and act to go kitchen to get more chappathis
Everyone laugh by seeing Laksh and suji taps sanskar head.
In Kapoor’s house , there are only five rooms except kitchen and store room.
So, Sanskar and Manik shares the room.
In RagLak room
Ragini: laksh I am sorry laksh . something resists me .
Laksh: no problem Ragini. Take your own time. I will wait for you.
Ragini places her head in Laksh’s chest and Laksh holds Ragini’s hand with his left and hug her by right and sleeps in same state.
The Next morning,
Swara and sanskar goes to office.
Swara takes incharge as Sanskar PA.
Sanskar introduces swara to all the employees as her PA.
She have a CABIN near Sanskar cabin. Sanskar and swara can see each other.
Sanskar already taught her work and assign the work to her.
Swara starts to work and she concentrated deeply in her work.
Sanskar work for few minute and then stares swara. Do it’s as a cyclic.
Swara observes that Sanskar not concentrating on his work. She takes a file and knocks the door.
Sanskar: yes come in.
Swara gives him a file and start to speak. If anyone sees their speak, then don’t doubt them..
Swara: sir, if you continuously stares me and not concentrating on your work then I will resign my job. So the decision is yours.
Swara leaves the room.
Sanskar calls Aditya.
Sanskar: aadi, I can’t work with Swara. She easily distracts me from work by her cute smile.
Aadi laughs.
Aadi: sanskar you wished it. so enjoy your difficulties. Bye
He cuts the call.
Sanskar try to concentrate on his work .
Swara quickly learns the process and her work.
Evening they leaves.
Two weeks after
There is no change in RAGLAK&SWASAN life
Swara also taking practice in HR (human resource) and works as a PA for Laksh. In company, Swara is known as DEV Prasad Maheshwari(Laksh)’s saali and Aditya Kapoor’s Neighbour.
The morning
It’s Manik birthday.
All are happy and decorated the whole house with jasmine because Manik loves jasmine a lot.
Suji make a special badam halwa for Manik , Sumi makes Kachori , Swattarargni makes a special lunch for Manik and Ragini sang a special song for Manik after a long day.
Cake cutting session
Manik cuts the cake with the help of Laksh and feeds Laksh first and then to all family.
Manik is overwhelmed with so much of happiness.
Shekar: what’s your wish, Manik?
Manik: uncle, I want to go OOTY, TAMILNADU .
Uttara whispers in Shekar’s ear” Manik’s mom died in OOTY because of car accident when she went as a tourist and her TOMB is in ooty”
Shekar: ok Manik. Laksh do the arrangements.
Manik: Papa, I want RAGLAK accompany with me.
Laksh: you need not to ask Manik. and RAGLAK sees each other.
RAGINI &LAKSH(in unison): we always with you wherever you go, Manik.
By evening RAGLAK and Manik takes flight for Coimbatore and then takes taxi to reach ooty.
They reached at night They stayed in Hotel.
In ooty, there are separate villas for tourists which have three rooms with TV.
The next day morning
RAGLAK took Manik to his mother’s tomb.
Manik spreads jasmine flowers in his mother’s tomb with the help of RAGLAK.
Manik bents and cries by remembering his mom.
Ragini and Laksh consoles him and leave that place .
They arrived hotel at noon and have lunch together.
Manik hears a message tone from Laksh’s phone.
Manik : bhai, sanskar messaged you a time schedule. See it.
It’s scheduled for tourist places.
Manik: you not enter this room until the time is 7 PM. Get ready and Go.
Laksh: you also come with me.
Manik: bhaiya, I am not feeling well. So, you go wiyh Bhabhi.
Ragini: but… manik
Manik: please rago
RAGLAK leaves the Hotel.
They first go to THOTTABETTA the highest cliff in sout India.
Laksh buys Tea for Ragini.
Ragini enjoys the cold breeze of Ooty.
Ragini: this place is awesome, laksh.
Laksh gives Tea to Ragini.
Laksh: haan Rago and sips the Tea.
Ragini holds Laksh hands and goes to suicide point and admires the beauty of ooty.
Then the buys chenna, carrots and spiced cornfor Manik.
They go to Tea Museum, and Chocolate factory.
They buys Home made chocolates and enjoys a lot in Ooty flower Garden.
In hotel
Manik feel so bored. So ,he decided to go a walk inside the hotel.
He is so disturbed mentally because of the memories of his mother.
He started to walk and takes a wrong way which leads to outside of the hotel.
He just walks using his walking stick by remembering his memoriesand he hits a boy.
(guys in TamilNadu most of peoples not know hindi they uses English as a common language to speak with our state persons)
Manik:sorry beta. I am not observed your presence.(says in English)
Manik(in mind): I feel that I have walk so much distance
Boy:it’s ok uncle. I am also not observed your presence.
Manik: (knows that boy is also blind)what’s your sweet name?
Boy: Arjun uncle
Manik: beta,can you say the way to XXYY cottages?
Boy: uncle, it’s 12 Kilometre far from this place and now time is evening 6 PM . it’s not safe for you. You come with me . I living in a orphanage. Our father will help you.
That boy named Arjun leads Manik to the orphanage.
At that time
RAGLAK arrived the Cottage. They are shocked by Manik absence.
Ragini: I will search this side. You go to that side.
After fifteen minutes
Laksh: he is not there.
Ragini: he is not there in this side also. What will we do?
Ragini starts to cry and Laksh tries to console her. But he is also so much worried.
Manik welcomed by Father and explains his situation.
Father promised to help him.
Manik tells Laksh number and Father make a call and give the phone to Manik.
Laksh attends the call.
Laksh: hello
Manik:laksh bhaiya
Laksh: where are you, manik? We are so much worried. First tell me the place.
Manik: bhaiya don’t be tensed. I am safe now. I am XXC orphanage . it’s 12 km far from Cottage.
Father takes phone from Manik.
Father: I am Father Joseph . This time is risk to travel this way. You can get him in morning. I will take care for him.
Laksh: thanks Father.please take core for him.
RAGLAK relieved from Manik’s tension.
In orphanage
Father: lavanya (calls)
Lavanya: father
Father: arrange a bed for him. He will stay here tonight. Arjun help him.
Soon, Manik arrived in a room ,a group of little kids surrounds him.
Boy1: who is he, arjun?
Girl 1:what is your name, uncle?
The kids speak in tamil. Manik can’t understand Tamil. Some kids understand English. Some kids may not.
Arjun: he does not know tamil.
Manik asked Arjun to translate.
Arjun: They asks your name.
Manik: My name is Manik.
Arjun translates to kids.
Manik enjoys a lot with Kids and soon Lavanya is also involved in Game.
Manik(in mind): why I think that girl is so much closer to me ? I am now blind. No no.
The kids go to sleep
Manik: lavanya, I want to speak with Father.
Lavanya:kk. I will lead you.
Lavanya leads Manik to Father.
Father: my dear son, what do you want?
Manik: I want to know about arjun, father.
Father: arjun lost his parents and his eyes in an accident when he was 5. Now he was 7, and he adopted this environment.
Manik: is there any chance to get his vision back?
Father: there is a possibility. But, the operation is very costly near 5 lakhs.
Manik: kk.
In cottage, RAGLAK didn’t sleep. Laksh just walks in the room for the whole night.
The next day morning,
RAGLAK arrives orphanage at 7 AM. Lavanya welcomes them and leads to Father.
Father: god may bless you both.
Laksh:father I am Laksh brother of Manik and she is my wife.
Lavanya wakes up Manik and informed about RAGLAK arrival.
Manik rushed to go there. Arjun helps him.
Manik: laksh bhaiya
Laksh and ragini hugs him.
RAGLAK:you scared me.
Manik:sorry bhaiya and sorry rago
Manik: Bhai he is arjun.
Arjun: hello sir
Manik murmurs something in Laksh ears.
Laksh: father, I will give arjun’s operation cost.
He signs a check worth of 10 lakhs for Arjun’s operation cost.
They leaves ooty and arrives Kolkatta at night.
The next day
Laksh sees Newspaper and shocked.

Precap: Manik’s operation .
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