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Now I start part 11.
Sanskar arrived Kapoor’s house.
Sanskar sees Manik try to cross the street to go Gadodia’s house.(Gadodia & Kapoor’s house are opposite to each other)
He was hit by a cycle.
Manik was lying in the street and steadied himself , searching his cooling glass by his hand..
Sanskar rushes goes to near him and helps him to stand without making words and gives his class.
Hitted boy comes towards Manik.

Boy: sorry uncle, I can’t control my cycle . sorry .
Manik:it’s ok beta. You can go. Take care.
Manik: thanks sir.(to sanskar)
Sanskar internally collapsed when he searches his glasses.Sanskar hugs him.
Sanskar: sorry Manik. We should have trusted you. because of me, you lost your vision. Please forgive me.
Manik stunned to hear this words .
Manik: sanssskar!
Sanskar holds his hands and sobs.
Manik: you are not responsible for this sanskar. Why are you saying sorry? I am like a fool when I attempt suicide. Don’t blame on you. Come inside. Aditya(shouts)
Aditya comes outside and sees Sanskar.
Aditya: sanskar are you here? In this time.
Sanskar: why are you resigned your job, aadi?
Aditya: come inside

Sanskar get inside the house and calls Uttara.
Manik is shocked because he don’t know Uttara is in Kapoor’s house.
Manik: Uttaraaa
Uttara comes to hall.
Manik: till you not trusted me na Uthi, even in the same house you even not tried to speak with me?.(with so much pain in voice)
Sanskar is shocked .
Uttara: no no not like that Manik. I don’t have the confidence to speak with you.
Manik: aadi I want to know what happened ? why Laksh is not in Maheshwari house? Please tell me.
Aditya explains how Maheshwari family is broken, Ragini’s anger and her decisions.
Manik: I never expect my decision would affect this much. Kk it is not easy to reduce her anger. I will try. First I should divert her focus from me.
Aditya: Manik don’t strain about this. Bhaiya will take care for this. I will take you to sumi maa’s house.
Sanskar wait a minute.
After 5 minutes,

Aditya: now tell me sanskar . why are you here at this time?
Sanskar: why did you resigned your job?
Aadi: because, I want to take care of manik.
Sanskar: then you take leave na.
Aadi: no sanskar. I already taken too much of leave. So I decided to resign. Please don’t take stress about that. I will come s Uttara (calls)
Uttara comes with a file and aadi givesit to Sanskar.
Aadi: I shifted all the rights of properties to Ram Prasad Uncle.
Sanskar become numb
Sanskar: what is the importance of this?
Aadi: it’s uttara decision. So you can ask her.
Uttara gives a smile and leaves from hall.
Sanskar comes outside the house and wipes his eyes. The guilty feeling increases in Sanskar.
In Gadodia’s house
Manik go to kitchen by using Walking stick.

Sumi made him sit in a chair.
Manik told about his funny college incidents and make her laugh. Swara sees that.
In dinner all are present in Gadodia’s house
Ragini and Uttara serves dishes to all.
Laksh feeds Manik. Manik eats two spoons then he holds Laksh hands.
Manik: rago, water.
Ragini rushes towards him and bents to feed water. Manik takes Laksh hands and feeds Ragini with Laksh hands.
Manik: Bhai, it’s time to feed your wife. Not me, otherwise, Ragini will get Jealous over me.(teasing tone) and he starts to eat by own.
Ragini blushes and moves away from that place. Laksh takes plate and follows her.
Everyone laughs after a long time.
In Ragini room

Ragini sits in a bed. Laksh comes here.
Ragini hugs him and places her head in his chest.
Laksh: Rago, allow uttara to take care of Manik. She suffers so much due to guilty feelings. She want to ask forgiveness from Manik. Because of you, she avoids to speak with Manik. I know that the pain in Uttara also gives pain in your heart.
Ragini cries” the pain I saw her in eyes also gives me pain . but when I see Manik sufferings, I can’s control my anger. But I allow her to take care of Manik”
Laksh: that’s my rago and tightly hugs her and wipes her tears.
Ragini hugs tighter and have an intense eye lock. They lost in one another eyes. They start to search one in another eyes. Ragini breaks eye lock first and go to bed.
Laksh lay on another side of bed. Ragini holds his hands and Laksh hugs ragini and starts to sleep.
The next day
Ragini is in kitchen and pours coffee in Cups.
Uttara enters the kitchen.
Ragini: Uttara take this to Manik and wake up him.

Uttara: Bhabhiii and tears roll down from her eyes.
Ragini caresses her hair: sorry Uttara, I should understand your feelings. But , my anger blinded my eyes.
Uttara:I committed big mistake , bhabhi. I deserve this.
Uttara goes to Manik room and after five minutes Manik and Uttara‘s laugh filled the house.
By hearing this, Ragini wipes her tears which is due to Happiness .
Laksh stares Ragini ,Go towards her , hugs and Kisses her in forehead.
Laksh: thanks ragini. I hear my behan’s laugh after so many days.
Ragini places her head in his chest “haan laksh, after so many days I see happiness in her eyes”
One Weak Leap
Manik learn to manage himself and mingled with Kapoor and Gadodia’s family.
Swara becomes a friend of Manik.
Manik bring happiness in home by usinh pranks.
It’s an holiday.
Everyone present here except Manik in Dining table for lunch. Manik takes rest in his room.
Aditya receives a phone from Sanskar.
Aditya: haan bolo sanskar whats the matter?
Sanskar: Maa car met accident. We admitted her in XXX hospital.
Aditya: we come here. And cuts the call.
Aditya informs the family
Everyone except Swara went to hospital. Swara stayed in home to take care of Manik.
After half an hour
Manik wakes up and comes out of his room and calls “Bhabhi”
Swara: suji maa car met accident . all are gone to hospital(sobs)
Manik is shocked and thinks for a minute.
Manik: take me to jail to see Karan Mehra.

Swara is confused but accepts.
In jail
Karan: beta
Manik: why did you hurt suji maa? I know that accident is trap.
Karan: yes it’s my plan. Because of that stupid maheshwari’s, you lost your eyes. I will end their lives(smirks).
Manik(shouts): stop it now your idiot plan. Take it in your mind. Maheshwari’s are my family.
Karan: your family. Ha ha ha (laughs) your so called family , what returned to you? Just they leaded you attempt suicide, they didn’t trust you.
Manik: haan they didn’t trust me. Because of you. Ram Prasad papa trusted you blindly, what you returned? A pure betrayal . then how can they trust me? I attempt suicide because of you. I don’t hear the word “a Murderers son”
Just listen my words. If you try to harm my family, trust ne I will end my life.because I can’t bear if my family is hurt.

Manik took a deep breath.
Manik: papa, I didn’t ask anything from my child hood. But now I beg you. I get a beautiful family they trust me , love me and care me . I don’t want to lose them. Please papa(cries)please let me live.
Karan: Manikkkk. Ok. Now onwards , I don’t disturb you and Maheshwari’s.
Ram Prasad hears this and leaves the place.
FB starts
After admitting Sujatha in hospital, he calls police commissioner to investigate about accident.
A hour rolled
Sujatha is out of danger, police informs RamPrasad that Karan mehra involvement.
Ram Prasad anger beyond the limit and come to see Karan and hears Karan- Manik argument.
FB ends
Swara and Manik comes outside the jail.
Swara gives a tight slap to manik.

Manik: (have his hand in cheeks) why are you slapped me swara?
Swara: do you think that suicide is very easy? Why you can’t think about us? If I hear a word suicide from your mouth, you can’t need to commit suicide. I will kill you.
Manik: cool swara, I am not told like that , karan will not stay away from my family. Please don’t inform about this to our family. Please.
Manik: come. Let’s go to hospital.
In hospital
Ram Prasad arrives the hospital.
Sanskar, uttara , Ragini and Laksh are standing outside the ICU. Swara and Manik comes to hospital and Swara sees laksh.
Swara rushed to laksh.

Manik: suji maa, now ok naa?
Laksh: she is now ok. She will wake up in 2 hours. By evening, we can discharge her.
Ram Prasad comes near to Manik and holds his hand.
Ram Prasad: please forgive me Manik. I trapped you in my Brother’s murder case even though you are innocent. I cursed you as betrayer and murderer’s son. Because of us , you attempted suicide and lost your vision. But you still struggle to protect my family. Please forgive me
Manik: Ram Prasad uncle, don’t feel guilt.
Sanskar: are you trapped him in this case?
Ram Prasad: haan .I did that to take revenge from Karan.
Manik: leave it uncle.

Ram Prasad: manik, can you call me Papa?
Manik is overwhelmed by hearing this.
Sanskar remembers the words when he used at Manik returns Maheshwari mansion.
Sanskar stares Manik with so much of guilt in his eyes.
Swara observes Sanskar feelings.
Swara’s POV:
I can’t see Sanskar in such a state, his heart is fully filled with Guilty about Manik. If such a state continues, he would be a half dead man. Then Ragini and Uttara , till now they not start their life. They are happy when they observes Manik is happy. Now, Manik is an important member of my family . my family revolves him as a center point. Our sad and happiness depends on him. If any good happened to manik, then only my family will be happy. Ragini and Uttara start their life. So, why can’t I Marry Manik? I should do this for my family and my sanskar.
Swara signs to Sanskar to follow her.
They goes to near the corridor.

Swara: I decided to marry Manik, Sanskar. It is the only way to bring happiness to our family.
Sanskar is shocked first and thinks about Manik.
Sanskar: He deserves you Swara. He is innocent and pure from his heart. Today, our family revolves him as a centre. He is suffered a lot. Please bring all the happiness to him.
Suddenly Sanskar hugs swara and break the hug in a minute.
Sanskar:sorry swara and he leaves. Swara feels that her soul leaves from her.
Swara wipes her tears .
A person hears the conversation and shows curve on his face.
Sujatha wake up.
Ragini rushes to see her.
Ragini: suji maa
Sujatha:rago beta
Ragini holds her hands and just staring each other.

Manik coughs intentionally
Manik: suji maa, I am also here.
Sujatha:Manik please mumma ka maaf karo beta.
Manik: if you speak like this, then I will not speak with you( behaves childishly)
Sujatha: kk . I never speak like this,
Manik: don’t scare us maa.
Sujatha: Rago, when you return to home?
Ragini: maa, we need a time. Please
Sujatha: kk beta
After some hours roll, Sujatha discharged from hospital.
Then Kapoor and Gadodia’s leave the hospital.
The Next Morning
All the one gathered for break fast.
Ragini,sumi and Uttara serves them.
Swara: papa, after breakfast I need a pool meeting in hall.
The hall of Gadodia’s house
Everyone gathered in Hall including Manik.
Swara:papa, I decided to marry Manik.
All the one are hell shocked .

Shekar: but beta..sumi presses shekar’s shoulder.
Sumi: did ,sanskar know about your decision?
Swara: he accepts my decision.
Ram Kapoor: what’s your decision Manik?
Manik: I want to speak swara, alone.
Shekar accepts and swara takes Manik to her room.
At that time , Sujatha enters the house along with Sanskar and Ram Prasad.
Shekar and sumi welcomes them. RAGLAK and ADITTRA get blessings from them. Sanskar get blessings from Shekar and sumi.
Sujatha: Ram Kapoor ji, can we stay our rest of life in your house? Can you accept us as your family?
The whole family surprised by hearing sujatha’s words.
Ram Kapoor(over whelmed): behanji, it’s our house. why are you asking permission ?
Ragini: suji maa

Sujatha: I understand you rago. I can’t have any rights to separate dev(Laksh) from Ram Kapoor ji and Aditya. Se we come to stay here.
Ragini hugs Sujatha.
Ragini: thanks you maa. Thank you.
Ram Prasad: what happening here? All are gathered in hall. Sanskar said that if anyone takes important decision, then you all gathered in hall and vote about it. Is there is anything important today?
Laksh: chacha, we are talking about Swara and Manik’s Marriage.
But, Maheshwari didn’t shocked , sanskar already informed it.
Sujatha: it’s a very good decision.
Swara and Manik comes to hall with a smile .
Manik: I accept swara’s decision uncle.
Sujatha comes hugs Manik”congrats beta”
Manik: thanks maa

Then Sanskar hugs Manik and manik breaks the hug and touches Sanskar Cheeks.
Sanskar:what happened Manik?
Manik slapped Sanskar hardly. A little bit blood from lip.
All are shocked.
Sanskar: Manik!!!!
Manik: are you think yourself as a MAHAN? How can I accept my brother’s lover as my wife? How dare you think like that?
Sanskar: But Manik
Manik: Laksh bhai, I think he again needs a slap.
FB starts
In swara room
Manik: I will ask some questions to you, swara. you tell me truth only.
Swara: kk
Manik: why did you decided to marry me?
Swara: because I like your nature and attitude.

Manik: you are lying to me swara. You decided to marry me for the sake of Sanskar, ragini and uttara. Sanskar guilty feelings will make him half dead. And Ragini and uttara didn’t start their life because of me. It’s your problem na, swara.
Swara sobs
Manik continues
Manik: swara first understand one thing. The Base of relationship is love and trust. But you try build our relationship with sacrifice and guilty. I accept you also trust me and love me. But it’s in the level of Friendship. We can’t extend our relationship beyond this level.
Manik: And the second one , Sanskar guilt make him half dead. I accept this. But without you, he is a lifeless man. He never marry another women. His life is ruined, swara. and if Ragini and Uttara knows that you decide to marry me for the sake of them, they can’t bear it. And now see me, I also happy with my beloved caring family.
Swara hugs him” you are my best friend Manik”
Manik: kk. Go and do little make up and you can’t speak a word until I say.
Fb ends
Manik: Suji maa, just postpone his Marriage date. It’s his punishment to think leave swara,
Sanskar: maa, don’t do like that,(exclaims unknowingly bcoz he still shocked by Manik’s slap)
Everyone laughs

Swara bushes

Precap: swasan Engagement and Raglak and Adittra honeymoon.

Guys I hope you like this episode. From next episode, I concentrated on RAGLAK and SWASAN. Sorry for not giving importance to SWASAN bcoz my main leads are Laksh & Ragini. A boy who lost his parents ,struggles to save his family and his incidents in life. The persons who he meeting and their importance in his life is my Basic story line.

Credit to: BALAJI

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