Let I start the first episode.
The girl who feels the cold breeze , she thought that her mother giving blessings to her through air.
That Girl P.O.V:
Maa, today is my birthday. I just wanted your blessings ma. Chacha and chachi make me feel like a princess. But I really miss you maa. I just wanted to sleep your lap. I need your care and your love.
Even I have so many members chacha ,chachi and sanskar bhaiya and dadi, I just feel loneliness.
I miss u maa.
Someone knocked her door and called “UTTARA” .
Uttara: I am coming chachi.
Sujatha wipens her tears .
Sujatha:Happy birthday uttara .Go and take blessings.
Uttara stand before the picture of Durgaprasath and Annapurna and make her wish. And then touches the feet of her DADI to take her blessings and then she goes to Dining hall.

Sanskar and Ramprasad both wishes Uttara.
Uttara:Thanks Chacha and Bhaiya.
Sujatha: I made this Halwa specially for you Uttara.
Sanskar: this is my small gift.
Uttara receives the gift with smile. She opened the box. It have the key of new Scooty.
UTTARA: scooty for me. Thanks bhaiya.
Then she left to the temple
Sujatha: why my beti faces so much loss , Kalimaa. Please help her to lead peaceful life.
At Gadodia’s house
Sharmishta : Both swara and ragini wake up yaar. Get ready and come to pooja.Today your exam result will be announced.
Swara&Ragini: maa , don’t be tensed. We would get good marks.
Shekar: Haah! What a confidence. That’s my Swaragini.

At that time Aditya Kapoor entered the Gadodia’s house with prasath.
Aditya: (Shouts) shami maa,(Aditya always calls Sharmishta as Shami maa)
Sharmishta: come on beta.
Aditya: maa, where are the devils?
Swaragini: we are here adi bhaiya. And what u called us?
Aditya suddenly makes puppy face to shami maa and gave the prasath and in teasing tone to Swaragini ” Devils” and started to run.
Swaragini try to chase him and caught him.
All the family members started to laugh and Get happy about their bonding.

In fore noon , Results are announced . Swaragini was the Topper in the State. Kapoor and Gadodia’s are very happy and distribute sweets to the neighbours.
At night , Kapoor’s and Gadodia’s family are gathered in Park.
Ram kapoor(Father of Aditya Kapoor): swaragini, have you both decided about your degree?
Swara: I want become AUDITOR uncle.
Ragini: I want to become a Lawyer.
Everyone is surprised by Ragini’s answer . Laksh. is shocked when hearing ragini’s decision.
Ragini:(in mind) I should be a lawyer to support you in your struggle laksh.


Credit to: BALAJI

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