meri pyaari bhabhi (swasan) 8


Recap: swara re entry . Toda sa masti
Next scene
Sanky: sanju u go up stairs may be something new is there for u.
She left.
Sanky: I need my shona back live so far it is impossible because of the kavhil so I fake d death of swara without ur permission. I know lucky it hurt you all I need is swara alive. And about sanju she is on ur bhabhi fragile to handle. But our hope of ray. Dew drop which I directly get in my hand. She need time wait for that much.
Lucky: bhabhi aap kuch nahi bolungi.
Sanju from stair: maa dont talk to him. Ok u said naa strangers are not good to be talked.
Swa: he is not a stranger infact those who present here are not strangers. Got it
Sanju:you are support ing them thats bad.
Sanky: I ask u to stay upsidr beta but u are here…
Sanju; so that only I can witness this bharadwaj drama. Hai naa papa* with puppy face*
Swa:ok do one thing go to garden and play.

Before that dont run (sanju move other side) are u listening.
Sanju: ji maa
Swa: dont jump ok (again sanju attention on something else).
Swa:(unknowingly) whats this beta I will not be there with u to tell dis all time got it.
Swara raised face shock to see tears on sanjus eyes.
Swa ( concernly) kya hua?
Sanju: are u going to leave me maa. No pls never ever. When u faint on party I feel hell scared maa
Its becomes sentimental so to smoothen it sanl: swara is it new nivae cream ad. A blue tin.
All brust into laughter tp see Sanju’s face.
Raglak room
Lucky: bhabhi changed a lot . Now she did not care for me. I think she for get me.
Rag: nothing like that dont stress urself.ok

Dinner time.
Swara serving all. She is also feeding sanju.
Lucky need water but its near swara. He hesitate to ask but due to thirsty he began to cough hardly.
Swara instantly ran to him. Made him drink water. Sanju burn with jealous.
Swa: dribk water.
Lucky: its ok swara bhabhi
Swara: Swara bhabhi this much distance between us. Ur are still my chotu.
Lucky: sry bhabhi. Never repeat dis
Swa:good boy.
All fell happy.
Sanju; you have ur maa dont try to come near her .
Lucky: she is like my maa u little devil.
Sanju: dont have ur own mother.
That made lucky to hit his reality.
Lucky: yes an orphan saying dis he leave.
All feel sad.
Swa: Ragini join with him.
Ragini left. Sanjy feel sad to see Lucky crying . She also left to room.

Late night.
Swara came to Raglak room.
Lucky crying clutching pillow Ragini near him.swara caress his fore head.
Swa: chotu she is child shr dont know iam ur mother. Dont take her word seriouz.
Lucky: bhabhi its night. Go to sanju she need u.
Swa: I think u need me more. Swara slowly make h sleep and left the room with Ragini.
Lucky feel somr one is caressing his fore head . He open eyes
Lucky:sanju tum.
Sanju hug him. Kiss him .
Sanju: sorry chachu. I love u. I hurt u th don’t give me chocolate for 1 week.
Lucky grab her into a hug.
Lucky: I forgiven u.
Sanju: sachhi
Luck: muchhi.
Swasan and all enter and happy to see sanjlak.
Swasan said gud ni8 and began to leave. Sanju turn back and show thumbs up to lucky

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