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meri pyaari bhabhi (swasan) 7


Aftr 2 year
Sanskaar standing with a child in front of swara’ s image in his house in london.
Sanju: papa maa kitni khubsooraat hai.
Sanky: more than all. She is a actress who care s the beauty and… .
Sanju: beast is it papa.
Sanky: puri tarah maa paar gayi
Op: because she is on me. U are not gona take this credit with you because. ..
Sanky: hey wait because of me she is here.
Swar:me also . Otherwise aaj swara is a picture to hang in wall with garland.
Sank: if I am alive u will be also.
Sanju: selfish papa saara time maa se romance karne ke alava koyi kaam nahi.
Sanky: dis wrong I dont need tax to romance with better half. Got it champ.
Swa: besharam.
Sanky: how much am I will show it in night.
Swa:over all today also
**** Aaj raat sharmi ki height
Ek tu aur mein hai dim dim
Hai light ****

Sanky: you sing well especially dis song princess
Sanju: maa I want to sleep .
Swara sung lori and she sleep peacefully.
Sanskaar: shona did u see lucky I cant see him like this can wego back to india
Swa: I also think abt it .
San: dont worry shona jab tak iam with you noone dare to touch you. I faked ur death news to keep u away from kavya and sahil
If she can her ow sister then she can kill u more easily. But for making it reality i want to lie to raglak. U know lucky . He was broken. Now he is in depression but you brung him back. Kavhil are arrested for kavitha u can step back shona. I book the ticket.
Swa: a surprise for pochipayi. Is it sound good naa. Hey look there moon I wana look it.
Sank: dont tell about moon because I love the word moon only when it come after honeymoon.
Telling dis Sanky slowly but yet passionately came towards her and place the lip in her lips. She moaned his name with pleasure which make him made.
Swa: we want to……..go to….india so sleep
Telling dis she ran sway to bed.

Next day mm
Ragini serving food. Lucky is not all involving in any thing.
Dp: beta kuch toh kalo.
Ap: haa beta u can’t be like this for ever.
Sumi ( gm are also with mm) : haa beta.
Lucky: man proposes god disposes is it maa. I cant never imagine a life without happy wali sanky bhai and swara bhabhi. But he snatch swara bhabhi and push my bhai to hell sentimental situation.
How cab he survive maa because its hell pain to live with the memory of dearone.death is once but dis pain kill us more than one time.
Rag: sanky bhai u here.
Ragini ran to his embrace
Rag: misd u bhai . Where were u. Y u left us in dis grief time alone.
Sanju: who is that papa? Hey lady me and mama have the right hug him ok.
All are shock to see sanju.
Sanky: my daughter. Sanju
Sanju: for my mummy papa and for u sanyukta maheswari.
Lucky : where is ur mom
Sanju: do you also want hug my mother no its impossible.
Sanskaar giggles
Lucky: pakka promise I will not hug her where is she.

Lucky ran and hug her. But he feel some in thing un his hand. When he look down sanju is bitting him.
Sanj: u traitor cheater how dare u hug her. Papa are u a numb headrd to stand like this when some one hugging ur wife . Dharpok
Swara and othr Chuckles. Sanky shocked.
Sanju: in uddan sooraj kicked the one who dare to touch chakor.
Sanky: am more powerful than sooraj wait and watch who will help u to skip milk daily
Sanju; not only numb headed but also a duffer now face the consequences.
When sanky turn back saw angry swara.
Sanky: sorry. For hrr
Swar: u wait and now ownwards I will serve u milk each hour

Precap: more masti swalak bond sanjulucky tashan

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    confused ho gayi is the kady is she swara or shonali? promo mein u said she will die and sanskaar gng to marry swara.. sorry mein full confusion mein after reading this part leap kaha se aaya.. did i miss any part.. plz clear me

  6. nyc
    confused ho gayi is the kady is she swara or shonali? promo mein u said she will die and sanskaar gng to marry swara.. sorry mein full confusion mein after reading this part leap kaha se aaya.. did i miss any part.. plz clear me

    1. sorry typo misatake

      1. Nandhininandhu

        I just mean a news about swaras death but how can a look like came and becomes mrs maheswari . So just take a u turn and make her alive

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