meri pyaari bhabhi (swasan) 5


Raglak room Ragini povwhy papa want the revenge from sanskaar maheswari. he is a nice guy. bhabhi she is also great personality. she care me alot like a sis. haa I never allow Lucky to come near me. becz after revenge im going back. kavya is my sis kavya gadodiya .but they dont know. im here to kill swara maheswari. the ultimate happiness of Sanky. but I can’t kill her. how can I hurt her. how selfless she is. I will talk to papa rag: hello dad its meshek; haa beta bolrag: I can’t kill swara bhabhi. I like her and I love sanky bhai. morethan that Lucky. how I can do such a big sin. once when she fall from terrace due to me I feel to kill my self for putting her life in danger.
she: ok beta u are right we are wrong to hurt that pure soul.
rag: ok bye
thud a sound of door opening. swalak standing there. Lucky grab the neck of ragini.

swara try to release Ragini.
Atlast susceed in it.
rag: sorry bhabhi iam ready to die beciz im a traitor.
Swara: no ur not wrong may be your circumstances made you wrong. Lucky: bhabhi are u mad she is going to kill u.Swara: but she realize her mistake so.Lucky: if any thing happen to u how I live more to that bhai. his oxygen system is you.Swara: pls forgive her she loves even I know you love her. now think to share your live with her because she is the one who have more right in u.rag: tq bhabhi. swara left the room. rag: I know now u hate ny face im leaving. Lucky took her into a warm hug.Lucky: u and bhabhi are imp for me without both in nothing. pls ….never hurt hr she is my life. ….if ur papa wamt to do revenge kil me never try to harm her.eveningSanky returns. swara calmly explain everything and ask him to forget the past. sanky agree but a unknown fear crreep in mind. that’s the lost of shona forever. Raglak room. silence prevail there. its shatterd by a knock. lucky open the door. swasan come in.Swara: why u guys are looking pale. aSanky check Lucky and Swara check Ragini. both annoucrd Raglak havfever. swara took 2 water bag. and make them lie.ragini did look into the eyes of sanky.Sanky: cutie dont feel sad. I am not angry with u.Ragini:sachiSanky: muchi. but never repaeat this.Swara: why chotu u get dis fever.Sanky: shona u know na fever is infectious. so romance are not allowed bothRaglak blush hardly
Swara: tomorrow we are going to gm. ok throughout night swara look after Lucky and sanskaar look after ragu.

To be continued

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    Im sorry I will swara soon . Because some one lost is so much needed to concey the value of relationship

    1. Nandhininandhu

      So swara will die but there also some twist is waiting

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