meri pyaari bhabhi (swasan) 3


Ragini: lucky came to know abt that how he digest the past.

Lucky began to run towards road .swasan ran behind him. Atlast sanky hold him.
Sanky: I fight for u . But you are just leaving me alone.
Lucky: noo bhai im an orphan who is vulnerable burden for u iam going to die.
Sanky: I will also join.
Lucky: bhai pls understand what I mean u just leave me.
Sanky: i want to die with you.
Swara: pls guys just stop this. Sry laksh its my fault. I hurt you guys may be iam the one suit to die.
Swara began to walk back ward aimlessly. A truck is rushing towards her. Laksh suddenly grab her towards him.
Lucky: bhabhi pls dont hurt urself for this orphan.
Swa: u are not a orphan you are the son of swara sanskaar maheswari.
Lucky: bhabhi thank you so much for accepting me.
Swara: chotu tum phi naa.
Sanky: you stupids for get me with out me how can u became swara sanskaar maheswari.

Ragini; wat a lovely bond.

Sanky: yes off course
Swalak enter there
Lucky: wats going on wifey . Bhai I think she disturbed you very much.
Sanky: noonoo way
Swara: Sanskaar do u haven’t ur medicines.
San (sheepishly smile); sorry forget.
Swar: accha agar tume kuch ho jate toh.
Sanky: chill may be I die more than that wat will happen.
Lucky: vhai wat that…
Swara: chotu tell ur bhai if any thing happen swara will be no more.
Swara left the place cryingly.
Sanky: swara suno
Lucky: pls go and convince her.

Raglak room
Ragini: u becomes child before bhabhi.
Lucky: ooh my wife feel shame because im behave like child. Dont worry im not mentally unstable. Im fit and fine. I want to be his devar and son at sometime so I behave like that. Forgot Ragini preparation of that deal is going on pls dont tell about that abt bhabhi and bhai. Because they never allow me to take risk.
Ragini: but be careful
Swasan room.
Sanky: im sorry swara . Pls I never hurt you.
Swara: its ok . But I feel very hurt so pls leavr the room.
Sanky: but shona.
Swara left the room towards garden.
Rag: we will help you bhai.
Sanskaar: are u guys helping me thank much
Next day swara gets ready but did not see Sanky.

Dining room
Lucky: bhabhi where is bhai?
Swara dont reply. Just began to leave the room.before leaving
Swara: lucky drink the milk. Dont forget
Raglak in room.
Rag: kavya did Sanky bhai message the placewhere bhabhi want to meet him
Kavya (pa of Lucky) xyz placre.
Raglak left.
Kavya: look laksh how I fill hurt your bhabhi. U slap me for her. Now see she will hate u hell.
Raglak ask swara to go to xyz place.
Swara reach the place. She when enter there goobs began to touch her with lust. Swara began to protest.
Sanky; where is swara I wait in park for 11 min .

Lucky:park but kavya tell me you were in xyz place.
Sanky: noo where is my shona.
Xyz place.
Swara saw kavya.
Kavya: its all lucky sir plan to trap u maam sorry maam I cant help u.
Swara: lucky will not do dis
Kavya: if u got pregnant then the share splits. And he is very sure that if u die Sanky sir will go to depression.
Swara is shock ed
To be continues

Precap: swara drink the poison . Raglak and sanky reach there bur shock to saw swara lying lifeless.
Swa:I hate u Lucky

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