meri pyaari bhabhi (swasan) 2

Next day:
Raglak room.
Rag: wake up na lucky. U are not a kid to cuddle like dis.
Lucky: yes am a kid now pls leave me
Swasan enter there.
Rag; bhabhi look naa he is not opening his eyes.
Swara: lucky. Get up and have a bath.
Lucky: haa bhabhi. Aur today I and bhabhi going for shopping to surprise my wifey. Is it naa.
Rag: and me and my jethji is going to enjoy in home.
Lucky taking bath. Swasan+ ragini talking.
Lucky came outside with wet hair.
Swara immediately grab the towel and dry his hair.
Swara: ragini are u jealous of us.

Rag: noo bhabhi but u like ur bond.
Rag: but bhabhi now you guys want to plan about ur future. A baby..
Swara: haa we will plan . Now Lucky can we take leave frim here to mall.
Swalak left
Ragini: bhai pls tell their story.

Sanky starts
I and lucky were in same college . Full masti. We were crime partners . Never ever I allow any one to hurt my baby. That time there enters the flawless glamouress actor swara singhaniya daughter of akshara and natik . Because of the thought any one hurting him I dont prefer GFs. But ur bhabhi win my heart
We became lovey dovey couple. But I always spend Time with lucky. This hurt her a lot. She began to hate Lucky. But he always like her because she is special to she scolds him bad. That was for me . In whole college presence I scold her badly.badly means no one will bear that much insults. Aftr that we leave to house .
Ragini: then wat happen.

Sanky: ahh how can she hurt you.
Lucky: but she is your GF
Sanky: noo more. She is dead for me .
My phone rings.
San: tell arjun wat happen. Pls dont talk abt swara ok
Arjun: on the tv news channel.
I cut the call and take the remote and change channel . The new is
we all rush to hospital. It my fault . Then doctor allow me to meet her.
Sanky: sry swara I hurt you but I can’t hurt Lucky. He is not my real bro. He is adopted son so he is special to me.
Swa: iam sorry.

Sanky: never hurt your self pls.
Thud we hear the closings sound of door and saw lucky running outside. . ………
A fan: Swara maam we love you.
Swara: thank you.
Fan: who is this maam.
Swa; my devar.
Fan ; can u pla move vack we want to take.
Swara: widout him I will not allow you to take pic. He is my brother understand.
Fan: sry

They take swalak pic .
Lucky: one ice cream.
Swara:cold coffee.
After eating so of the cream stick in his face
Swau; chotu cream on your face.
Lucky fail to swipe . Atlast she herself swipe.
Luc: tq.
Swa: am ur bhabhi there is no need of formality Duffy duffer



  1. Vidhi

    I think so plz don’t mind Bt I think lucky is mad in this ff… I think so Ha… Waise update soon dear 😘😍😘😍😘😍

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