Meri Problem Solver – Mrs Malhotra (Shot 1)


hi guys . i am here with a two shot os . guys if u wnna know he couple so lets read the story .so plz read , i am sure u will like it .

sanskar malhotra : 28 yrs , handsome , young man , fun loving boy , bestie of swalak .
ragini kapoor : 28 yrs , model , beautiful hot chick , fun loving girl and understand situations .
swara oberoi : 28 yrs , business women , beautiful , understanding , hot and s*xy
laksh. maheshwari : 28 yrs, handsome , young man . beautiful , loving boy

so guys story revolves around a 3 frnds no no no best frnds , they were very close to each other . they wer each othe’s back bone . there families were living together , one day laksh went to abroad with his family , he was really upset , he was just 15 yrs old then . he understood the business problem . they talked chatt . swasan were too close . sanskar slowly fell for swara . swara was unaware of his feeling . rags is sanky’s fiance . she is attracted towards sanky not a serios wala love , it is a arrange marriage for them , rags is aware of sanskar love , both are pressurized by family . laksh is returning from uk and his parents have send proposal to swara for lucky . lucky is in love with swara .

rags : jaanu , i am saying u either u propose ur love or i am ready to marry u .
sanky : rags first of all stop saying me that and secondly i am just going to her house , so bye . ( he left the room and rags is happy for him but sad for herself )
rags : ginu control ur self u cant fell for him when u know he is someone’s else .

sanky reach there and the news he heard he was overwhelmed with many emottions . luck ! yes lucky is returning . he went to swara with a bright smile and tapped her shoulder . she tured and hugged him .

swara : sanky lucky is returning ( she litterly screemed ) ( but the thing which he heard next made his world appear up side down .swara’s poposal he quickle made an excuse ) ( fresh tear were developing in his eyes but he wiped them and went inside )
sanky : omg swara u r grownup . u r going t marry .congo baby .
swara : smiled . thank u ( slightly blushed ) …

in garden

sanky : u never told me that u love hi .
swara : it was a mere attraction . but when he send proposal i accepted .
sanky : im happy for u . ( he made an excuse and went )

next morning …………

sanky’s parent and his fiance and swara’s parents were present on airport to pick maheshwari’s .
sanky hugged sansjkar , he firstlty kicked him and punished him to not to tell him his love about swara . they spent quality time together

********************************* ( guys i dont wanna drag this part more engagement is already done , sanky is too heart broken . he rries alot one day in club all four were present ***********************************************************

sanky was over . swara was in senses . rags was enjoying with her frnds . lucky wwent to his car to get his phone which he left ..

swara : i am finding ur behaviour weird sanky . and why the hell r u drinking too much .r u out of mind , i any thing bothering u ( she keep o saying him
)sanky : stop ( he shouted ) ( he holds her from shoulder and saud ) u know what i am totaly broken . u hv broken me . i loved u so much . but u betrayed my feeligs and marying lucky . but u know what love lucky alot . i will never came in ur way . ( his harsh words were effecting swara lot ) . ( ragini was very doubtful with expressions and actions of both . she went behind sanky and )

sanky : ( drunken state ) rags u know what she betrayed me . she lied , she is bad . with this he fall on her .
rags : sanky u r too much drunk .i think we should leave .

in club

swara was in utte shock . she was stresed when laksh come he saw her depressed face and went .

laksh : swara what happene and where are they both .
swara ( managing herself ) : they left we should also leave lets go .

2 days left at mid night

. swara was damn depressed . she was crying and cursing herself . she wore a scarf , covered her face took car keys and went to somewhere .

wedding day

sanky was crying in his room . he was to uch hppered . his room was all messed up . rags was out for 4 days . so she was not with sanky .
she came and was shocked to see sanky’s state . she somehow made him understand . she was finding sanky in all mansion . but couldn’t . finally she came to the his room and fing him there .

she was wearinng a jumpsuit . she caame and cupped his face .
rags : ( her eyes were also welled up seeing hs state ) sanky wat happen ? dont cru , now someone else have to cry .she wiped his tears with her duppatta and hold her hand and was going down when saky stopped her . plz rags u know what i loved her trully i dont wana destroy her life . she loves him . i am ready to scifice my love for her . shee should be happy . plz wait for a while ere . i wanna tak to u smthing imp .

he went to washroom washed his face came back made rags sit on bed and himself kneel down . he wiped her tears . ” rags , i want to marry .i know u love me alot . i dont lovve u but we both will love each other soon . i will try to be best fiance bf and husband . plz marry me ” . she smiled and noddd .

marriage was done sanky cried but this time rags was there to console him .


swalak were on there honeymoon to Maldives . they were enjoying . sanky left to work in uk branch of their office , ragsan use to talk lot . 3 months passed . today sanky was going to meet swalakrag afetr 3 months . sanky was now totaly recovered , ragsan proposed each other on facetime . there was a small family dinner . so all were there . swara was in a black saree and rags was in

Click Here
blue dress which was above knees link is above give .

swalak were happy and ragsan

rags : i missed u too uch sweetheart . ( she hugged him )
sanky : me too baby ……….
they were romancing and finally sanskar gets everyone attention .

sanky : mom dad u aall were right , i am ready to arry rags . he gets her on stage and proposed her

ragini i dont want to drag and just wanna say that i love u were always there for me in my hard times . i wanna spend my whoe life with u . ( he bends on his knees and said ) ” will you marry me ragini kapoor and be ragini malhotra forever .
rags : yes . with this she hugged him and he pecked her lips tightly . that was a short yet passionate lip lock . all hooted and whisted .

huff donr . i hopr ragsan fan like it . guys i will give a epilogue on this tomorrow . so bye sweet dreas and yeah plz comment

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    bye …. β£β£πŸ’ŒπŸ’ŒπŸ’—πŸ’—

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