Meri prem kahani (Episode 2)


thnxs friends…for encouraging me…i will give priority to ragini&swasan

they have taken ragini to hospital..she got conscious…she goes to akshay who taking in phone near car

ragini:hello mr…don’t u know how to drive car,bcoz of u i lost my salary today,do u know how much those money is important to me…&extra this medical bill&what can i tell to my parents…

akshay:(looking angrily)to pa(keeping pa name as sharath)give her money&everything but tell her that don’t take to me…

ragini:hey!!hello what do u think of urself …i am not a beggar to take u r money,i will take money only when do somework …understand

akshay:sarath what the hell is dis i am leaving to home,he takes the car and went away

sarath:madam,already we paid u r bill,and sir has given our loss of pay also…he hates girls that’s why he is like that but is good at heart

ragini:(he is interesting)it’s ok ,bye

she moves to one place and had work completed,and then too home…

sumi opened the door she is shocked see ragini like that..

sumi:ragu!!beta what happened to u..r u alright
ragini:cups sumi face..maa i am fine…it was just a small accident,but mom i was very hungry..
sumi:ok beta,i will get something for u to eat,u go and freshup
ragini:ok mom she kisses sumi
sumi smiless

ragini’s room at 12 clock in the night

ragini is wearing white top and pink legging she looks too good…she is opening her video chat…

suddenly sanskar appears infront of her
ragini:sanskar is everything ready
sanskar:yes ragini…wait..
sanskar picks up swara bedsheet…bow..
swara was shocked
he closes swara’s eyes..sansakr what is happening??
everyone comes too swasan room to wish her…including laksh…but kavya did not come..she very conscious about her beauty than relationships..laksh came there as formality on willingly

sanskar:chup hoga swara…someone is waiting for u…he placed ragini in video chat infront of her

ragini:”SWARA MANY MANY HAPPY RETURNS OF THE DAY” sumi also wishes her…
by seeing them swara gets emotional…sumi&ragini also gets emotional…
swara i brought some gift for u….here is u r gift…
swara is so excited to see it…even everyone is excited…
swara u pls go to upstairs…everyone moves to upstairs…see north side..u will find one star there…which is little but it is always there…
from today onwards that beautiful stars name is “SWARASANSKAR MAHESWARI”…
just like our in our hearts…it will always be there in sky…never ending one…this is your star certificate ..
sanskar wow…nice ragini…
everyone praised ragini…swara eyes with happy tears…
ragini:swara what is this birthday baby should not cry…
waise…jijju by trusting upon u we had leaved our swara with but what r u dng??see my sweetheart is crying..

sanskar:jijju(shocked)who ragini??
swara:(laughs heartfully)buddhu u only..
she is my younger sister na that’s y she is called u jijju
sanskar laughs hugging swara..looking to ragini&sumi..
ragini &sumi felt very happy looking that
swara notifies ragini’s wound
swara:ragini…what happened to u…(she is worried )
ragini:ohhh hoo swara it is a small accident
swara:what small accident tell me what happened straightly
ragini:starts telling everything

swara:interesting wow..he hate girls…very funny…
sumi sees shekhar coming..she kisses swara in phone …ends the chat

swara in sanskar’s arms…
swara:i am veryhappy sanskar ..but i am missing my family alot
sanskar:don’t worry swara everything will be allright

it is akshay’s house…
akshay’s mom and chachi is doing prayers…
akshay waked and camed down…
just then police enters the mansion…
inspector told that they had a permission to arrest akshay…regarding the murder case of “suraj malhotra”
everyone is shocked…
they told they call their lawyer and then can take him…but police did n’t listen that..the had taken akshay from there…

the whole seen was telecasted in tv…sumi is seeing tv while eating breakfast…ragini came take breakfast and left too room
and was shocked

precap:we have to see what will happen next

Credit to: SNIGDHA

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