Meri Pehli Mohabbat ( Episode 2)

Written by Riddhima, I just corrected the typos.

Third person’s pov

Swara has been sitting on the bed with long veil, still waiting for Sanskar but he hasn’t shown up yet! She thinks about her first night and panics again.

Outside the room, Sanskar is seen walking to and fro in front of his room. He tried every time to enter but step aback in nervousness and starts biting his nails.

“Sanskar, stop this… Urrghh!! She’s your wife and you can do whatever you want. Attack!!..” he murmurs.

He again tries to enter but then ran away.

Sanskar- Ahhh! Lucky help me.

Saying this he went inside the room and then turned immediately and put his hands on his eyes.

“Atleast bolt the room before doing this” Sanskar spoke still facing his back to Laksh and Kavya, who were busy romancing.?

“You could have knocked the door. Huh? But you always want to be a bone in the meat.?? (lol.. Guys in Hindi it’s a saying Kabbab me haddi and Kavya is little crack. She talks like this??)

“Kavya stop ur stupid talks. I need to talk to lucky about something important. Please excuse us..?” Sanskar shows attitude.

“Apni first night se zyada important???? (More important than your first night??)

“Haan….ab jaaaa??…..” (Yes…. Now leave”

Kavya left from there cursing him…..(bichari ke romance ki band bajayi ab galli khayi)…?? Kavya was passing through swasan’s room

“Ahhaaa….. I got a good chance. Thank you Sanky! Today I will take revenge of all those years??….” she thinks.

Inside the laksh’s room, after Kavya left sanskar almost jumped on Laksh and hugged him tightly.

“Bhai, What should I do? I dont know. I’m unable to enter my room” Sankskar spoke crying like a baby.

He departed himself from him and showed him his nails.

“See I ate them all..??… What I’ll do now??. I am so much tensed help me.

Laksh was laughing inside his mind seeing his state but somehow controlled it and thought of a game.

“Bhai it’s normal dont worry. It’s your first time, first night na….later on u will be habituated” Laksh consoled.

“Oh! Stop! I’m one woman man. I will only have my first night for one time” Laksh chuckled a bit on his statement.

“Help me bhai. Give me some tips and not the ones which you gave”

“Okk but say this with love” Laksh shrugged.

“Bhai please help me na. Your bhai is in trouble help me” he pleaded.

“Okk lets do a practice session” Laksh spoke.


“Stop giving those expressions I will not help you otheriwise”

“Ohkkk?? Start….”

Laksh went towards cupboard and took out a scarf of kavya and handed it over to sanskar and then very intelligently placed a camera??

“Take this and keep on ur head and then dont call me with my name. Okay?”

“Why???” Sanskar asks.

Laksh passes him a glare and then kept the scarf on his head as laksh throwed it after that he switched the camera on and immediately turned towards him. Such that he is not seen but only sanskar can be seen.

Laksh moved towads him and held his hand and starred caressing his thumb over it. While sanskar was sweating more and more….??….. He was hell nervoused.

“Aap yeh kya kr rhe ho…???” (What are you doing?)

“You are looking so damn pretty. The most beautiful bride anyone could get” Laksh lifted the veil and stared him lustfully. ?

Sanskar was trying to get away as he was sweating like anything.??

Laksh was coming close to him and was a few inches apart from his lips while sanskar pushed him with all force and he fell on bed while he stood up immediately.

“Apni suhagrat wale din mujhe apne bhai se rape nhi karvana apna….aur chiiii lucky tu aisa kab se hua??…(On my first night I don’t want to get raped by my brother…. chiii lucky when you turned like this??…)

While laksh was laughing silently, holding his stomach and mouth still on the bed.?

“See I want a help. If you can’t then speak up. I don’t want to loose my virginity??” he placed his hands across his chest as if trying to protect his reputation.

Laksh came forward and kept something in his pocket “This will give you alot of help. I was just pulling your leg. Vaise bhai you are so hot!!.. I have seen ur abs” he strted to touch his chest seductively while sanskar ran from there being afraid.?

Kavya came inside and asked laksh about sanskar running like a marathon. Then laksh showed her the video and both laughed madly.

But kavya raised her eyebrow “Oh this was just fun. I am straight seriously!!” he spoke as she doubted him.

“But what u gave him???”

“C*nd*m?” he winked.

“But he will not need one”

“why…?????” Laksh looked her in shock.


**Flashback starts**

Kavya was seen standing in front of sanskar’s room. She entered and saw the bride sitting on the bed in the veil playing with her fingers nervously…??….

“Swaraaa….” she went towads her and lifted her veil Swara was looking so beautiful.

“You look so stunning beautiful” Swara blushed a little but again she get tensed. Kavya saw her being tensed and thought something.

“You are tensed??..” she asks.

Swara nodded her head in all possible directions. Kavya held her hands and calmed her down “It’s ok Swara, everyone is tensed on there first night” Swara looked at her and nodded.

“You know sanskar from start that he is very perfct in everything and a bit arrogant too. He gets angry too quickly” Swara nodded again.

“You know what happens on first night?” Swara nods in no.

“Are you scared? Do u want to know what will happen?” Swara noddes positively.

Kavya showed her something seeing her swara’s eyes widened and she placed hands on her eyes.

“What is this??”

“This is what happenesbon first night” Kavya showed her something on youtube.

“It must be painful na?” she spoke scared.

“Wo main kaise batao?” Kavya spoke. Then swara saw some nail marks on Kavya’s wrist.

“What is this??”

“Woo….wo Laksh” she bows her head down.

“Please bhabhi you can tell me am afraid”

“Ab ayega maza devar ji” she thought and smirks “It is soo much painful Swara. You dont know you are only 22 still young. It leaves lots of marks on body but men are least bothered about this. You will not be able to walk for some days” Swara was now much more nervous.

Kavya saw this “But if u want i can help u”


“Take this and mix in sanskar’s milk”

“What is this…???”

“For your safety”

“Why dont you use this for laksh??”

Kavya was no dumbfounded “Wooo…..actually… Wo he knows about this. He knows as I used it earlier, he caught me but sanskar is new na? Haan? Ok bye. Good night. Best of luck”

“Thank you” Swara gestured.

**Flashback ends**

KavLak were laughing badly on seeing the condition of swasan.

“The biggest business tycoon, Sanskar Maheshwari is afraid of his wife” Laksh laughs.

“And Swara, the most intelligent CEO was talking like a child. Teenagers are far better”

On the other side, in the Swasan’s room, finally sanskar entered the room and Swara trembled in fear. She handed him the glass. He drank the milk on the side table then started walking towards Swara. While Swara’s heart was beating fast.

He finally reached bed and fell down.?

Swara was shocked to see this. She slowly yet nervously went towards him and seeing his closed eyes and then got afraid thinking he is dead.

“What happened to him?? His eyes are closed?? Is he dead? What did Kavya give me?? If he will die then his spirit?? Will haunt me? Mummy what I will do know?” she starts crying.

Aftrr some time she heard some kind of sounds. Then she went near him and realised he has slept and was snooring.

Then she lied on her side of bed and dozzed off thanking god for her safety.

Precap: Sanskar gets to know about Swara’s trick of mixing sleeping pills in the milk. ??

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