Meri Nagin ff (part 3)

Hey guys ,thanks for all the love you given me . Sorry I couldn’t reply .
And I am writing in English and imagine that they are speaking in Hindi .

Om_ see only for you I am driving all the long to meet your girls.

Not my girls I am going to make one from that the rest 2 your guys can take.but I bet the hanging around me because I am hottt.r udra said with full pride

Om signed in disbelief.

Anika was lying down and shivay on top of her looking into her eyes.
Whereas Anika was struggling to get up which alerted shivay and he Got up.

You weigh so much ,aahhh my body is paining and who told you go somewhere without telling me and who asked you step forward when I was running and see we don’t know how get out from this place Anika said in One breath.

Ohh my gosh ,you were so silent til now was calling with so much of respect.and now you turned into jhasi rani ,shivaay responded

Woo actually I got frustrated because now will get out from here ,we don’t from which place anika said with a sorry face.

We can wait and call someone because I have my phone with me ,he tried calling Vikram but he was busy .

So we talk about something and talk until he finishes his talk,shivaay took this opportunity to know her.

Anika _ okay

Hey look at that thing, Anika tried to run but ended up his arms because she slipped.

Shivaay just started her lovely keeping his hand on her waist and other tugging her hair behind her ear.

Atlast we reached here , what a haweli o look so royal rudra said tapping om’s shoulder

Yeah ,so peaceful and elegant designs Om said being an artist

Who are you people a voice came from behind

Hello Lady , my name is rudra Singh oberio,naam tho Sunna hi hoga

Hi ,om, omkara Singh oberios

Ishaana_, hi ishaana , ishaanaRaheja
Soumya_hi SoumyaRaheja
Om _ wo hamara Bhai , shivay actually yahaaya ha .
Ishaana_ haa that’s ok but why now ,it’s raining
Om _ wo actually our chotti ma asked us to come here
Flash back
Pinky _ omm where is my sons
Rudy _ chotti ma Bhai is alone in that haweli,you know alone,stressing the word alone
Pinky _ omm alones
Om _ it’s ok chotti ma
Pinky _ Om you go to that haweli with rudra and Stay with my heera beta
Om _ ok

Ishaana _ come with us we will take you to your room
Om _ par shivay
Ishaana _ shivay bhaiya is with Anika Didi
Rudy _ whispering in om’s year omm o bhaiya just came in and he started his leela
Om _ shut up rudra
Soumya _ come
Rudy _ yaa why not

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