Meri Nagin ff (part 2)

Well guys thank you for all your lovely comments. And when I checked now the majority was for ishaana, so as your wish.and yeah

Well guys I know it may sound stupid that Anika is a Nagin , it’s just a imaginary romcom ff yaar nothing else.a nd if you want it to be written in English just comment down


Anika _ accha mai chalthi hu Bye
SouIsh_ Bye Didi/Anika

Just then man in Black suit came before.them
Shivay _ hi uncle
Beta _ Tum yaha ab
Shivay _ ha vo dadi ne bejatha tha kuch Saman rakne keliye air ye.chitti bi Diya tha.aapko
Vikram _ shivay ye meri betiya Hai , ishaana aur Soumya
Sumo _ hi bhaiya
Ishaana_ hello bhaiya
Shivay _ hello girls
Just then he notice a girl near to Vikram looking somewhere else.
Shivay _ aur ye

Vikram _ ye vo vo Meri rishthe me Hai ,Meri Beti jaise hi Hai. Ue hanari sath hi he
Shivay _ hi, mera naam shivay Singh oberio
Aapse milker accha laga
Just after that she looked at him ,his eyes
Anika _ mera naam Anika Hai
(Shivay pov)_ her eyes is so beautiful ,its like calling me . She has a special glow on her face
Shvaay _ aapke parents
Vikram _ they died in a accident.
Shivay _ I am sorry.she just given weak smile
Vikram _ vaise beta aap abhi he ja rahe ho
Shivay _ ha uncle

Just then a rain started fall , it was just like a storm.
Vikram _ lagtha he aap Kal hi jaa sakthe ho,anika beta Sahra shivay ko unka Kamra dikavo.
Anika _ ha Papa aayiye

One their way to his room
Shivay called omru and Said the he can’t come today.
Shivay _ vaise aap ithna chup kyu Hai
Anika _ me aur chup patha Hai mere dost Kya bolthe Hai me kabi chup hi nahi bet saktha
Shivay _ sacch me
Anika _ haha and she continued her talking

Shivay went through some other way
When Anika she didn’t saw instead going through someother way.
She ran to him.
When she reached near him ,he turned and steped both hitted their body each other.shivaay caught her waist and Anika his neck both hit on wall which turned to the other side( you know in many historical stories there are walls like that)

O me bohat bore ho raha ho Rudy cried
Tho me Kya karo Om defended himself
O chalo Na hum shivay bhaiya ke saath chalthe haina , bhaiya bol rahe the vaha theen ladikiya Hai
Om _ hum do din ke bad tho vaaha hi chal rahehe duffer
Rudy _ mufe aabi jaana Hai

Om _ shivay kah raha thana vaha bohot barish Hai
Rudy _ tho phir Kal jathe haina
Om _ ha tikhe he literally screamed
Rudy _ yipeee
Om signed I disbelief


Well guys next episode onwards you will get to see three pairs . Guys any suggestions comment do below and follow me on Instagram _ gangumr
Do comment ????????

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  1. Awesome. You ask so then if possible post in English. Make it little bit longer. Waiting for the next one.


    Dear Gangu
    Shivay Meet AniIshSou? ShivIka Scene?? OmRu Conv? It’s Interesting Part??????

    Take Care And Stay Safe?

  3. Please update in eng. Waiting for d next 1 . It’s too short yaar

  4. Shabnam

    suprb lovely omru conv was sooò funny shivika scene lovely thanks for ishkara paring loved it

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    Superb update

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    It’s awesome dr. Post soon.

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    It Is nice one dear

  8. Pls…. in english..i couldn’t understand

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