Meri Manjil Maa Ki Sapna – Season – 2* – Part – 7…

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The story starts :


A flash back is shown in the place KODAIKANAL.In which kabir got call from his friends(Shiv and Shilpi) about his reports.So Kaanchi went to Hospital to meet them.Saanchi checks Kabir reports and was happy that everything is fine.All spend some quality of time together.After that,she saw Savitri Devi in same Hospital.Saanchi shocks and informs Dr.Kabir about Savitri devi and she took Kabir to Temple.
She revealed her identity.Kabir accepted Saanchi as his wife whole heartedly.Both confess that they love each other.


The story starts :


All reached Kodaikanal

Kabir receives Kusum.

Kabir and Kusum shares emotional Maa and Son hug.

Their conversation starts in the Garden…

Kusum : Kabir…What had happened?Why you called me suddenly to come here?

Kabir : Woh…Maa…

Kusum : Beta!I trust you.First,tell me what had happened?

Kabir : Maa…I married Saanchi.

Kusum stood up in shock and says,

Kusum : What am i listening to Kabir???

Kabir : Maa…I am so sorry.Please stay calm.

Kusum : Gollu i can’t stay calm.Finally my Gollu got married that too with Saanchi.I want her as my DIL(Daughter-in-law).You fulfilled my dream.Where is my DIL?I want to meet her.

Kabir : Maa you only listened to half truth?

Kusum : Now what Gollu?

Kabir tells everything to Kusum about Saanchi.

Kusum shocked to the core and says,

Kusum : I want to meet Jaya.Please take me to the place,where you are staying?Please kabir drive the car fastly.

[Kabir in mind : Why Maa reacting like this?]

Kabir : Ok maa.You please calm down.

Kusum : Ok beta.


Saanchi receives Jaya,Veer,Isha and Pragya.

Jaya and Saanchi shares emotional Maa and Daughter hug.

After some time,

Veer,Pragya,Isha shares emotional friendly hug with Saanchi.

Saanchi tells everything to Jaya and all her friends.

Saanchi is waiting for Jaya’s reaction…

Jaya smiles and hugs Saanchi.

Jaya : I am happy for you Saanchi.I trust you beta.

Veer : What you married that Khadoos?I mean Dr.Kabir.

Pragya : Abhae…wo…yaar…Saanchi you married that Khadoos Kumar?

Isha : Oh my God!You married that Khadoos Kapoor.

Jaya and Saanchi laughs seeing at their expressions.

Saanchi (with smile) : Guys!Relax…And please,Shut your mouths.Otherwise mosquitoes will go inside.

Veer,Pragya,Isha comes out of shock.

Veer : Any ways Mr.Khadoos got his Mr.s Khadoos.

Saanchi shows fake anger and says,

Saanchi : Veer!!!I won’t leave you.Wait!!!

Saanchi runs behind Veer.

Pragya : I agree to what Veer said?

Isha : Even i too.

Saanchi : Oh for you two also what Veer said is right?Then you two also wait!!!

Now,Saanchi runs behind Pragya and Isha.

Jaya laughs…

After some time,all gets tired and sat on sofa.

All are laughing,recalling past few minutes.

All are happy.


Finally Kabir reached the place,where they are staying from past few days.

Kabir and Kusum entered into the house.

Jaya shocked to the core seeing Kusum there.

Jaya : Kusum!!!

Kusum : Jaya!!!

Both shares emotional hug.

All stood there with blank faces.

Jaya : Kusum…I searched you every where?Where did you stayed in these years?

Kusum : After Khailash ji’s death,we lost everything.Then Anandh bhai sabh became everything.

Jaya : Wah…So you don’t know anything about that EVIL MALOHTRA?

Kusum : What do you mean Jaya?

Jaya with teary eyes says,

Jaya : He is the one who killed Sunil and Khailash bhai sabh for Savitri Devi Hospital.

All shocked to the core.

Especially Veer,Kabir and Saanchi.

Kusum was about to fall down,

Kabir holds her and made her sit on sofa.

Jaya sat beside kusum.

Kusum keeps her hand on Jaya’s shoulder and asked Jaya to tell whole truth.

Jaya : I got call from Savitri that Anandh killed Sunil and Khailash Bhai Sabh.

After listening to her words,my world became up and down.

I didn’t came out of shock.Before that,i got another shocking news that Savitri died in an accident.

Jaya : He snatched everything Kusum.

I tried a lot to find clue against Anandh.But i failed to do so?Because he buyed everyone with money.


Veer left the place with shock.

Pragya followed him.

In park,he sat under tree.

He’s crying badly.

Seeing Veer’s condition,Pragya’s eyes became wet.

Pragya comes there and sat beside Veer.

Pragya keeps her hand on Veer’s shoulder to calm him.

Pragya in a very low tone said,

Pragya : Veer…

Veer stops crying and try to acts like he is normal.

Pragya : Veer…I just want to say you one thing that I AM THERE FOR YOU.Cry your heart out.You will feel better.

Veer hugs Pragya and cries.

Veer : You know what Pragya?Priya and me suffered a lot in our childhood.For name we are kids of great Dr.Anandh Malohtra.In our childhood we don’t know,why Maa is not coming?We asks Dadi means,She says that God called her.So she went far away from us.We used to see stars and shouts MAA PLEASE COME BACK.A small hope that she will come back to us and make everything fine.After my maa’s death.We only expected one thing from him.That is FATHERLY LOVE.My great father said us,only one thing after my maa’s death i.e..,(that is)he will gives us best education,best life(Rich and Luxury) everything.But he didn’t said that i will become everything for you.Except Dadi,no one there for us in this world.One day,this so called father married his P.A(Personal Assistant Gayathri).Our world became up and down.Daily,she used to create some new drama.We won’t got any affection and love neither from her(Gayathri) nor from him(Anandh).That’s the reason i never called him Dad.He only wants Money and Money…But he don’t know what he lost?We can’t buy everything with money.There are some relations in this world,which we can’t buy with money.Like Maa and Daugter’s relation,Maa and Son’s relation and many more relations…

After 1 hour,

Veer holds Pragya’s hands and asks,

Veer : Pragya…I don’t know whether this is the right time to ask you or not?But i want to say you one thing that is…that is…that is…

Pragya with teary eyes : Abhae…wo…yaar suspense kae saath mat maro?Bol do na?
(Pragya with teary eyes : Abhae…wo…yaar don’t kill me with suspense.Please say it?)

Veer looks into Pragya’s eyes and says,


Veer waiting for her reaction.

Pragya jumps in happiness.

Veer stood up.

Pragya kisses him on his cheek.

Veer shocked to the core by her sudden move.

Veer : You Love me?

Pragya : Stupid!Ek number ka stupid!Yes i love you so much.If i won’t love you,why i will kiss you?

Veer jumps in happiness and kisses pragya on her cheeks.

All claps seeing them…

Actually when Veer was about to go away from that place,all followed him.All gets emotional by listening to Veer words.


All came back to home.

Jaya and Kusum : Veer…Beta you are like my own son.We all there for you.Always stay happy.

After that,

Veer and Kabir shares emotional BROTHER’S hug.

Saanchi and Isha hugs her and says CONGRATULATIONS…And it’s time to celebrate…

Isha with fake anger : I am disappointed.

Saanchi,Pragya with shock : But why?What had happened?

Isha : I am only single here.

Saanchi and Pragya laughs.

Saanchi : Don’t worry beta!You will get best bandha(Boy).

Pragya : Abhae…wo…yaar…We will search best bandha for you.

Saanchi,Pragya,Isha laughs and shares friendly hug.

All are happy.

Kusum : Veer…You are like my small gollu?

All at a time : Who is Gollu?

Kusum : Gollu is kabir’s nick name.

Kabir with anger : Maa…How many times i must tell you don’t call me Gollu?

Saanchi : Awwwww…Gollu…Sweet name…

Kusum : Yes naa Saanchi…

Saanchi : Of course Aunty…My side double “Yes”…

Kusum : No…No…Aunty nahi chalaega(Aunty won’t works).Call me “MAA”…

Saanchi : Ok Maa.

Kabir with angry look : Saanchi don’t call me like that?I am your senior.I will give you RECORD ROOM punishment.

Saanchi with fear : Please sir…I forgot you are my senior.Please don’t give me punishment.

Kabir with smile : That’s like a good girl.

Saanchi : You thought i will say like that?I will call you Gollu not one time…Gollu…Gollu…Gollu Gollu Gollu…

Saanchi runs saying this to bed room,

Kabir runs behind her.


Kabir : Stop running…

Saanchi : If i stop running means,You will catch me na?Then i won’t stop running “PATHIDEV”…

Kabir : I already catched you forever.Then no use of running wifey…

Saanchi stops for a second.

Kabir pinned her to wall.

Saanchi : What are you doing Kabir?

Kabir : Will you call me GOLLU again?

Saanchi : Yes i will call you.

He kisses on her lips.

She too kisses him back.

Both shares passionate “LIP LOCK”.

Pragya knocks the door and says,

Pragya : Saanchi…Jaya Aunty is calling you…

Saanchi was about to go,

Kabir pulls her closer and holds her by waist.

Kabir : You forgot to say?

Saanchi : What?

Kabir : How is your punishment Saanchi?

Saanchi : Nice…

Kabir : Only nice???

Saanchi hits Kabir on his chest lightly and ran away from there saying “It’s amazing”…

Kabir laughs…


Precap : All planned Surprise for Veer’s Birthday.Saanchi and Kabir shows him Savitri Devi.Veer gets emotional by seeing his Maa.


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