Meri Manjil Maa Ki Sapna – Season – 2* – Part – 6…[MYSTERY UNFOLDS]…

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The story starts :

Someone pulled Saanchi inside the room.

“The person is none other than DR.KABIR”.

Saanchi : Kabir you here?When you came here?

Kabir : I am following you from the second you got phone from Vikram.I don’t want to take any risk Saanchi.So i followed you.

Saanchi hugs Kabir.

Tears flowing continuously from her eyes.

Kabir broke the hug and made her sit on sofa.

Kabir : Why are you crying Saanchi?What had happened?Please tell me i can’t see tears in your eyes.

Saanchi : Kabir i won’t leave that Dr.Malohtra for SAVITRI AUNTY’S condition.After 7 years she is slowly recovering.

Kabir wipes off her tears softly with tissue paper and says,

Kabir : Saanchi i can feel the pain in your heart.But this is not a single fight of Your’s?This is our fight.
And we are successful in collecting many proofs against Dr.Malohtra.

Saanchi smiles and says,

Saanchi : I know Kabir without you it’s impossible.

Saanchi keeps her hand on his shoulder and says,

Saanchi : Kabir if i ask you something means will you give me?

Kabir : What’s this question?Like seriously?Whatever you will ask me,i will give you Saanchi.

“It’s my duty to fulfill my Beauty’s wish”.

Saanchi blushes.

Kabir : See my beauty is blushing.

Saanchi : Stop it Kabir.

Kabir : Ok.Now tell me what you want?

Saanchi : Kabir not now.I will ask you when right time comes…Ok…

Kabir : Ok as you wish.

Saanchi : Do you remember that day?

Kabir : Yes.It’s unforgottable day in our lives.


Place – Kodaikanal…

One day Dr.Kabir got phone call from Dr.Shiv and Dr.Shilpi.

—Phone conversation starts—

Shiv : Hello Kabir.

Kabir : Hello Shiv.

Shiv : Actually we came to Kodaikanal on some special case.

Kabir : Oh that’s great.

Shiv : I will message you present Hospital address you come here.All your reports came.

Kabir : Is everything alright?

Shiv : Don’t worry everything is normal.

Kabir : Fine then?

Shiv : Bring Saanchi with you.Otherwise Shilpi will kill me.

Kabir laughs.

Shilpi takes phone from Shiv and says,

Shilpi : Shiv said true.Bring Saanchi with you.

Kabir : Of course i will bring yaar.

Shilpi : That’s like a good boy.

Kabir laughs.

Kabir : Then fine.See you there.Bye.Take care.

Shilpi : Alright.Bye.Take care.

—Phone conversation ends—

Kabir tells whole conversation to Saanchi.

Saanchi laughs.

Both went to room to get ready.

Kabir : Hey Saanchi wait!I will go first.

Saanchi : No i will go first.

Kabir : No ways.You takes much time to get ready.So let me go?

Saanchi : Dr.Kabir…Ladies first…

Kabir : Not always Saanchi.Now i am going.

Saanchi : Ok we will do one thing!

Kabir : What?

Saanchi : We will play one simple game.See this,one rupee coin.Tell me which side you want to choose HEADS or TAILS.

Kabir : I don’t play these kind of childish games Saanchi.

Saanchi : Ok then.I will go first.

Kabir : Ok fine.Stop!

Saanchi smiles and says,

Saanchi : HEADS or TAILS.

Kabir : HEADS.

Saanchi : Ok then,mine TAILS.

She throws the coin in air.

She catches it on time and slowly opens.


Saanchi : Hey!I won i won.I got TAILS.Now i will go first.

Kabir laughs seeing her antics.

Suddenly,Saanchi kisses Kabir on his cheek and ran away from there.

Kabir shocked to the core by her sudden move.

He keeps his hand on cheek and smiles.

After some time Saanchi comes out.

Her eyes are looking for Kabir.But he is no where.Suddenly he back hugs her and kisses her on her cheek.

“Saanchi shocks Kabir rocks”.

Saanchi blushes.

After some time they received Shiv’s message.

So finally Kaanchi reached Hospital.

Hospital :

Shiv,Shilpi : How are you Kabir?

Kabir : I am fine friends.

Trio shares emotional hug.

Saanchi recalls Veer,Pragya & Isha.

Saanchi’s eyes became wet.

Shilpi observed Saanchi.So she went near her and hugged her tightly.Saanchi hugged her back tightly.

Shiv and Kabir were happy seeing their wives bond.

After some time,they ate some snacks.

Shiv : Kabir your reports.

Saanchi took the reports.A wide smile appeared on her face.

Saanchi : Thank God!My husband is safe.Everything is normal.

Kabir,Shiv,Shilpi laughs.

Kabir : I think we must leave.

Saanchi : Why won’t you two come with us?

Kabir : They will come at evening.

Shilpi : Yes Saanchi…Kabir is right.We came here on some important case.So we can’t come now?

Saanchi : It’s Ok.I can understand.I am happy atleast you two will come at evening.

Kabir : Let’s go…

Saanchi : Ok.

They came to parking area.

Saanchi : Kabir?

Kabir : What had happened?

Saanchi : I forgot my purse in that room.

Kabir : Ok you go.I will wait here.Come fast.

Saanchi : Ok thanks.

Saanchi went there.She took her purse and was about to go?

To the shock,She saw SAVITRI DEVI there.

Saanchi immediately called Dr.Kabir.

Dr.Kabir came there.

Saanchi : Dr.Kabir…Savitri aunty is alive.

Dr.Kabir : I am so happy.I think we must inform to Dr.Anandh Malohtra about this?

Saanchi : No.Please don’t do that?

Dr.Kabir : Saanchi…But why?

Saanchi : I want to tell the biggest truth of my life.First,please listen to me Kabir.

Kabir : Tell me?I trust you.

Saanchi : Not here.

They went to temple.

Saanchi : Kabir i am not the person whom you are thinking?

Dr.Kabir : What do you mean Saanchi?

Saanchi : First listen to me please?After that whatever your decision will be?I am ok with it.And i am ready to face the consequences.I can’t hide the truth anymore.

Dr.Kabir stand there silently and was curious to know about Saanchi.

Saanchi :I am Saanchi Mishra,daughter of Sunil and Jaya Mishra.I took fake identity of Saanchi Agarwal and entered into Savitri Devi Hospital.I know i did wrong. But that EVIL MALOHTRA removed my name from the list.My mother only want me to complete my internship in Savitri Devi Hospital.My friends helped me a lot. Sir,my aim is to do service for poor people without taking single penny (Money) according to my Father’s wish.I came across many good and bad people. But i learn many good things from you.In this journey you always stands as savior. My mother said that Dr.Malohtra killed my father to become owner of Savitri Devi College & Hospitals.He created a story that Savitri Aunty died in an accident.God is there.That’s the reason he showed me the other way.Only Savitri Aunty know about all this?She only can solve this PUZZLE GAME.Sir i said everything about me and my family.If you don’t want to keep any relation with me.It’s ok i won’t force you.I will go far away from your life and i will never show my face again.I hide all these things from you because after my father’s death i lost trust on people.Last but not least sir,I LOVE YOU SO MUCH DR.KABIR.I will keep on loving you upto my last breath.Now your wish sir.

Saanchi fall down on her knees.And she’s crying continuously.

Dr.Kabir was in dilemma.

Dr.Kabir went near her and made Saanchi stand on her legs.He wipes off her tears softly and said,

Dr.Kabir : Saanchi I AM WITH YOU.This is not a single fight of your’s?It’s our fight.I can feel your pain.How could you even think to go far away from me?I want to keep this relation upto my last breath.
You and my Mother are my two reasons and eyes to live.I can understand your position at that time.I kept me in your position and i imagined everything.It’s too difficult to handle.I lost my dad at the age of 11 years.I suffered and struggled a lot for food,clothes,shelter and studies.At that time Dr.Malohtra became everything. That’s the reason i never said a word against him.I know he is bad.But i never even dream that he is this much bad. Saanchi i never said you one thing i.e.., (that is) the moment i saw you for the first time i fall for you.Daily there starts a big war between my MIND and HEART.My mind says you are my STUDENT.My heart says I LOVE YOU SO MUCH.So finally i choose my HEART not my MIND.I am not much expressive.So i never said you.I can’t see you with any other guy.Yes in your language.It’s jealousy.I agree.

Saanchi hugged him tightly.Kabir reciprocated the hug.

They got all their answers.

Kabir took Sindhoor and filled her forehead.All bells in temple rings,they took blessings of Panditji and GOD.

Shiv and Shilpi came to temple.They came to know everything.

So all went back to house.

Precap : Saanchi calls Jaya and her friends to Kodailkanal.Kabir calls Kusum to Kodaikanal.Veer gets emotional after seeing his Maa(Savitri).

They made believe all that they are seperated.Because to divert Dr.Malohtra and Riya’s attention.I will reveal it in my next update.I will give some more updates.In that updates you all will get your answers.

I hope you all like it.I know it’s a little bit shocking Flash Back.Please give your valuable comments and likes if you like.. Silent readers please do comment and share your views.And there are some other Mysteries to unfold.Keep reading…I will post soon…

Keep smiling have a good day.Love you all.Take care.Bye…


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