Meri Manjil Maa ki Sapna Aur Anjan Rishtey Mae Bandh Ho Gayi Meri Kahani Sachika -Part -2

Meri Manjil Maa ki Sapna Aur Anjan Rishtey Mae Bandh Ho Gayi Meri Kahani……Sachika Chapter – 1.

Title Meaning : “My Target is to Fulfill my
Mom’s dream And i strucked in unknown

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The story starts :
Saanchi : Pragya,Isha get up girls.It’s already 7.00a.m.
Pragya : Abhae… wo…Sonae dho bae! College is for 8.00 na?
(Abhae…wo…Let me sleep for sometime bae!College is for 8.00 know?)
Saanchi : Isha atleast u get up yaar.

Isha : Let me Sleep for sometime Saanchi my face looks fresh.Then i looks more beautiful.
Pragya : Chudail ki bacchi stop ur beauty drama.
Saanchi : Guys stop ur drama.Get up if u 2 late to class Dr.Kabir will kill both of u.
Pragya,Isha get up with jerk at a time listening Kabir’s name and says Saanchi u r ready.
Saanchi : Yes i am ready.U 2 go and get ready.I will wait for u.
Pragya,Isha freshened and comes out.
Pragya,Isha : Saanchi,we r ready,Let’s go.

Saanchi : Ok.
Saanchi : Pragya,Isha i am going to Dr.Kabir’s cabin.He said me to come at sharp 8.00 O’ clock.So i will meet u both later.
Pragya : Abhae…wo…isha listen some one’s face is glowing like sunflower to meet Dr.Kabir.
Isha : Haan Pragya.U r right.Now-a-days Saanchi’s face glowing seeing Dr.Kabir.
Saanchi : Stop it guys.U 2 start again.
Pragya,Isha Dr.Kabir is my senior.We both share Teacher-student relationship.That’s it.Nothing more than that.
Pragya,Isha : Ok Saanchi.Bye.See u at canteen.
Saanchi : Me too.Bye.
Dr.kabir’s cabin :
Saanchi : May i come in sir.

Dr.kabir : Come in Dr.Saanchi.
Saanchi : Good morning sir.
Dr.kabir : Good morning.U r on time Saanchi.Today u will assist me in the next surgery.Take this file and study the case perfectly.
Saanchi : Yes sir.(In mind Yay…Yippie…
Yay today i will assist Dr.kabir).

Dr.kabir : Saanchi as a Head intern u must balance ur responsibilities as well as studies.Is that clear.
Saanch : Yes sir.I will.Thanks for ur care towards me.
Dr.kabir : It’s my responsibility to guide u in each and every step.No need to thank me.Anyways meet me at sharp 11.00a.m.
Saanchi : Yes sir.

She left the place.
Saanchi is going to meet Isha and Pragya, in middle way stopped by Veer.
Veer : Hi Golgappa.
Saanchi : First a fall,Veer as a head intern my first order for u being an assistant intern is to call me Saanchi Mam or Mam.
Veer : He laughs and says,What Saanchi mam?That to u?No ways Miss.Golgappa,U r Golgappa for me so i will call u. Golgappa…Golgappa…Golgappa…

Saanchi : Stop it Veer.Enough is Enough if u call me Golgappa again.Not good for u.
Veer : What u will do Miss.Gol…ga…ppa?
Saanchi got angry and says i will complain about u to Dr.kabir?
Veer : No.Please Saanchi Mam.I am extremely sorry.Don’t complain to that Hitler.He will kill me.
Saanchi : Veer what u said?
Veer : I mean Kabir sir.

From Far Dr.kabir watching Veer and Saanchi together.
Dr.kabir in mind : Why this Veer always at back of Saanchi?Is these 2 are Friends or more than any thing between them?I must find out?

Saanchi and Veer left the place after Tom and Jerry fight.
Dr.kabir too left the place.
In canteen :
She study the file perfectly which was given by Dr.Kabir.
Saanchi : Pragya,Isha today i am going to assist Dr.Kabir in surgery.
Pragya,Isha :That’s great Saanchi.
Pragya : Abhae…wo…Saanchi Let’s celebrate.
Saanchi : Ok.
Isha : I want pizza.
Pragya : I too.

Saanchi : Ok guys.I will go and get pizzas for us.
Pragya,Isha : Ok Saanchi.
Saanchi : Pizzas r ready.
Saanchi,Pragya & Isha smiles & eats pizza & enjoying.They all r happy.
In hurry :
Saanchi : Pragya,Isha yaar it’s already 10.50a.m.I am leaving other wise Dr.kabir will scold me.
Pragya,Isha : All the best for Surgery Saanchi.
Saanchi : Thank u.Bye.

Precap : Dr.Kabir appreciate Dr.Saanchi. Saanchi going to fall down but Dr.Kabir holds her.Both shares an eye lock.Dr.kabir brings his Mother Kusum to S.D.C&H. Kusum impressed with Saanchi.Saanchi doesn’t know Kusum was Dr.Kabir’s mother.


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