Meri Manjil Maa ki Sapna Aur Anjan Rishtey Mae Bandh Ho Gayi Meri Kahani Sachika -Part -1

Meri Manjil Maa ki Sapna Aur Anjan Rishtey Mae Bandh Ho Gayi Meri Kahani……Sachika – 1.

Hi i am Sakash.Love u all.I am new to write SAVITHRI DEVI COLLEGE AND HOSPITAL FF.Hi Friends,Sisters & Brothers.Glad to meet u all.If u like my FF,Please give ur valuable comments.A warm welcome to my FF.U can share ur feelings.U can give ur suggestions & opinions.I promise i make u feel glad when u read my FF.

I love the story of Savithri devi college and hospital.Its a meaningful story full of Sincerity,Emotions,Pranks,Cunning, Fight between Truth & False & Love.
But if u all like,then only i will continue story dears.Please give ur support & love.
The story starts :

The story is about how sacchi become doctor?is she fullfill her mother’s & father’s dream or not?whom she fall in love (Kabir or veer)& who comes in her life unexpectedly?and in which relationship she strucked?

This is introduction part.And i gave all characters name below.

Jaya Mishra, saanchi’s mother.Jaya wows to destroy Dr.Malohtra for his bad deeds.

Dr. Saanchi Mishra(Main female lead).

The story is about a girl Sacchi an intern,who is Ambitious,traditional, intelligent,respect elders,love family & friends. Sacchi has 1 brother his name was Sunny.Her ambition is to fulfill her mother’s wish to become an Doctor. Sacchi’s aim is to do service for poor people without taking single penny (Money)according to her Father’s wish.In her life journey she came across many good & bad people & she learn many things.She learn good things from her senior Doctor-Mr.Kabir.In this journey Kabir always stands as savior for Saachi as well as Veer too.
Sacchi’s opposite – Kabir & Veer(I will reveal later).

Dr. Kabir(Main male lead).
Kabir : The heart throb of all girls.
Kabir is an Main lead role.He is an sincere-serious strict, efficient,young, dynamic,practical Doctor.He always want the things around him to be perfect as well as his interns.His aim to give Savitri devi hospitals as best as he can!Kabir is the main pillar of Savithri devi hospitals and college without him Dr.Anandh Malohtra is nothing.Kabir doesn’t know about evil Malohtra & his tricks.Kabir’s maa force him to marry & bring her bahu.Kabir always change the topic & escapes from her.His mother is every thing to him & he always laughs in her presence.In his journey he love one girl she is Sacchi.

He like Sacchi & her obedience towards work & always her attitude,fighting tasks attracts him more.Riya loves him.He only speak Riya softly because she was Malohtra’s daughter nothing else between them other than Teacher-Student relationship.

Dr. Veer Anand Malhotra(Main male lead).
Villan in sacchi’s life.He cheat sacchi’s father.He snatched Sacchi’s father plan of Savithri devi college and hospital.He destroy Sacchi’s identity & her family too ?

Savitri Devi Anand Malhotra, Veer and Priya’s mother, and Anand’s first wife.

Veer : Prankster.He love to do parties & pranks.Especially pranks with Sacchi. From heart he was a nice person.He love his sister Priya & his Dadi.He hate Dr.Malohtra & his 2nd wife Gayathri & Gayathri’s maa(Evil persons always create problems in priya’s life).He love Sacchi.

Riya Malhotra, Neeta and Adarsh Malhotra’s Daughter.

Riya(Villan) : She is a bad girl who always back at kabir.She loves Kabir.She hates Sacchi.
Riya fears of loosing Kabir because of sacchi is an intelligent & good intern.

Pragya Yadav, Saanchi’s friend.
Isha Negi, Saanchi’s friend.

Pragya & Isha : These 2 r also pranksters.
Best friends of Sacchi from childhood. These 3 share unbreakable friend ship bond.They always stand forward to support sacchi in her good & bad times.Sacchi too love & trust her friends more.Pragya is daring girl.She doesn’t like to become an doctor due to force of her father (Minister)she joins in college.Isha too doesn’t like to become an doctor,she want to become an model due to her father’s force she joins in college.
Pragya & Isha too likes Dr.Kabir.

Priya Vikrant Chawla,née Malhotra,Veer’s sister, and Anand’s daughter.

Sanket Sharma, Priya’s x boyfriend.

Priya is a nice girl.She is a Law student.She loves sanket a middle class boy.Dr.Malohtra denies her love & marry her with Vikrant Chawla a rich man, business partner.Vikrant is a physco.He torchers priya on name of love.He is a dangerous person.No one aware about Vikrant condition other than Mrs.Malohtra & his family.

Gayatri Anand Malhotra(Villan) Anand’s second wife, Riya’s mother, Veer’sand Priya’s step mother.

Vaidehi, Gayatri’s mother(Villan).

Ashish Kaul as Mr.Chawla .

Sheena Bajaj as a doctor.

Priya Malik as Ms. Fernande.

All characters r same like in serial.

I hope u all understand introduction part.
Please give ur valuable comments.U can share ur feelings & u can give your opinions & suggestions on FF.Any doubt just comment me.
Keep smiling have a good day.

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