Meri Manjil Maa ki Sapna Aur Anjan Rishtey Mae Bandh Ho Gayi Meri Kahani Part-5 (Twist in tale)

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The story starts,
Saanchi in her hostel room :
Saanchi was crying and crying continously.All her face turns red.On her one cheek she got 3 finger marks of kabir.She doesn’t eat anything after that incident.Pragya,Isha too didn’t eat any thing.
Isha,Pragya hugs her and consoles her for long time.Trio didn’t slept for whole night.
In Morning Dr.Kabir’s Cabin 6.00a.m. :
Dr.kabir call Miss Fernandes and said her to bring Saanchi to his cabin.
Miss Fernandes went to Saanchi hostel room :
Miss Fernandes knocked the door.
Isha,Pragya wonders who would come at this time?They opened the door and shocked to see Fernandes.
Pragya,Isha : Miss Fernandes u at this time?
Miss Fernandes : Yes i am here.Actually Dr.kabir call Dr.Saanchi to his cabin.
Pragya,Isha : But why mam?This much early i mean it’s just 6.00a.m.College is for 8.00a.m.know?
Miss Fernandes : I don’t know doctors.
But Dr.kabir said to bring her along with me that’s it.
Saanchi listened to whole conversation.
She changed her night clothes and wear salwar.
Saanchi : Mam i am ready.Let’s go.
Miss Fernandes : Ok Dr.Saanchi.
Saanchi give signal to Pragya,Isha that she was going.They nod their heads and pray god to set every thing alright just like before.
Dr.Kabir’s cabin :
Miss Fernandes : Sir Dr.Saanchi.
Dr.Kabir : Thank u Miss Fernandes.I will call u if any thing needed.
Miss Fernandes : Ok Dr.kabir.She left the
Saanchi stood there bending her head down.
(Dr.Kabir in mind : I am sorry Saanchi.Oh god her face,eyes r red.This shows she doesn’t sleep for whole night?And also shows how much i hurt her?How much she suffer for the thing,she didn’t did?No
i can’t see her like this?I want that bold lady cop back and sweet smily Saanchi. Kabir to himself,Kabir enough is enough now break this silence and apologize her.)
Dr.Kabir : Dr.Saanchi.
Saanchi : Tears rolling down from her eyes.She said with fear and pain Y…e…s Dr.K..a..b..i..r.
Dr.Kabir comes near her.She moved back. Dr.kabir felt bad.Every drop of her tears killing him from inside and questioning him?Why he blame that innocent face?He was totally in guilt.
Dr.Kabir : Dr.Saanchi i cancelled ur Dismissing letter.
Saanchi looked at him with question mark face?
Dr.Kabir : He cleared his throat and says,I am sorry Dr.Saanchi.I am sorry for yesterday what i did?I think u gave wrong injections to patient.And i…i slaped u hard.I am sorry.U saved one patient’s life.
Saanchi : Really sir.U said 3 words I am sorry and u end this matter here.Sir from starting to till now u scold me.I never felt bad.Because u r my teacher u know what is good?and what is bad for me?But yesterday whatever u said i can’t forget in my whole life sir.Because u blame me for the reason/thing which i didn’t did?
(Dr.Kabir was now in dilemma.He was dumbstruck by her words.)
Dr.Kabir : U r right on ur side Dr.Saanchi.
No more words to say.U can join ur duty.
Saanchi : Thank u Dr.Kabir.Thanks for knowing truth.
Saanchi said this with full Tadi baazi  (Tadi baazi means full attitude) : Dr.Kabir
Last but not least please listen to others when they want to say something.Give them one chance to prove themselves what they are?If my words hurt u i am extremely sorry.She left the place.
Dr.Kabir in mind : Oh god now she is on. She said this just like JHANSI KI RANI.I saw the shade of truth in her eyes.Any ways i said sorry.Now some extent it relieves me from pain.But i am not satisfied.I don’t want to pull me on her,for accepting my sorry.It takes time.Let her take her own time.I will wait for that moment she forgives me from the core of her heart.

Pragya,Isha Hostel room :
Seeing Saanchi at the entrance of their hostel room.Pragya,Isha ran to her and hugged her.Saanchi reciprocates the hug.
Saanchi : Guys i am alright.Don’t cry.She said softly.
Pragya : Abhae…wo…Why that Khadoos,
Hitler called u.If he scold u another time
Mein uskhi mooh thodh dhungi(I will give one punch on his face.)
Saanchi : No pragya it’s bad.Whatever Dr.Kabir did with me is wrong?But he is our elder.We must respect him.
Pragya holds her ears and says sorry.
Saanchi hugs her.
Isha : Yaar Saanchi i can’t see u like that yaar.I fear for u.She starts crying.
Saanchi consoles her and hugged her.
Isha was crying continously.
Pragya : Abhae…wo…Some one said me if we take much stress,wrinkles will appear as relatives on our face.Am i right Saanchi.
Saanchi : Of course Pragya.
Isha bursts into laughter.Saanchi,Pragya too laughs.
All trio hugs and shares unbreakable bond.
Later Saanchi narrate whole story.Pragya,
Isha says thank god u listen to our prayers.U set every thing right.Please always stay with us and help us god.
Saanchi smiles seeing their antics.

The Love war will starts.

Precap : Saanchi and Veer dance in rain on song CHAM CHAM.Pragya,Isha too joins them.Kabir feel jealous seeing Saanchi and Veer closeness.
Suddenly Saanchi slips and falls on Kabir.
Kabir holds her by waist.

The CHAM CHAM SONG lyrics will be in English.So that u can understand each and every line.And u can feel the song.

I hope u all like the way Kabir apologize to Saanchi.
I am trying my level best to give u a happy smile on ur face.I just want all ur support that’s it.Without u all i am incomplete.

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