Meri Manjil Maa ki Sapna Aur Anjan Rishtey Mae Bandh Ho Gayi Meri Kahani Part-4 (Twist in tale).

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I am introducing new character name Dr.Akash : Good man,experienced doctor.
It is necessary to bring this imaginary character for some time.First read the FF.
Don’t go back by seeing this new person.
He won’t come in between Dr.Kabir and Saanchi.That’s my Pakka promise.

The story starts :
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Saanchi : Ok aunty ji.I am leaving.This is break time.I will come after 30 minutes.
If i miss this break Mr.Khadhoos Kumar won’t give another break.
Kusum : Ok beta.Go and have a break with ur friends.But come fast,i miss u.
Saanchi : Ok aunty ji.I will come fast.I miss u too.
Suddenly Dr.Kabir comes and says,
Dr.kabir : Dr.Saanchi i appointed u here to take care of patients not for chit-chatting.
Saanchi going to turns back in shock listening to Dr.Kabir words.
Kusum slowly keeps her leg cross,when Saanchi going to face kabir side,then Saanchi lose her balance(Grip)and she falls on kabir.Kabir holds her by waist. They both share eye lock.Kabir lost in her beauty and her beautiful eyes which indicates truth and only knows,how to help others without any bad intensions.
Kusum in mind : Kusum smiles.Finally my gollu got a girl.They are looking just like
perfect,heavenly made couple made for each other.God bless them and send this saanchi to my house as my daughter-in-law.
Just then veer passing the way saw them
and whistles to make them realize their position.
Saanchi and Dr.kabir came to their senses.Saanchi and Dr.kabir slowly gets up and comes back to their original position from their dream land.
Dr.kabir : Dr.Saanchi can’t u walk properly?
Saanchi : Sorry sir.(Mr.Khadhoos kumar again started.Now he will do ganga ram of my brain i.e..,brain wash)
Dr.kabir : Its ok.Go and have a break. Already u waste 10 minutes time here. Now i don’t give u extra time?Go Fast and come Fast?
Saanchi : Ok sir.
In Canteen with Friends :
Pragya : Abhae…wo…Kaha phas gayi tum itna samay laga dhi tu nae?
(Abhae…wo…Where u strucked?this much time u had taken to come?
Isha : Haan Saanchi!What happened?Is everything ok?
Saanchi : (Angrily)No.I am not ok.
Pragya,Isha sit besides Saanchi and asked her,what had happened?
Saanchi narrates whole story.
Saanchi : This Khadhoos be na what he thinks of himself?I don’t have that much interest to fall on him intentionally?Any ways he will kill me with his eyes if i get late.
(Dr.kabir passing the way listens to Saanchi’s conversation with her friends?
He smiles and left the place.)
Pragya,Isha smiles.They consoles Saanchi.After sometime she comes from angry bird mode to normal mode.
Trio eats some snacks together.All bid bye and they went back to their respective works.
Saanchi comes to kusum’s room and shocked to see kusum lying on the floor.
She immediately call nurse.With the help of nurse she again made her sleep on bed.
Kusum’s face become pale.Saanchi checked her with stethoscope.Looking at her symptoms.She identify it as food poison.She immediately give some injections which helps to stop poison entering/spreading in to the whole body.

Nurse ran to Dr.Kabir’s cabin and report  him whole situation.Dr.kabir ran hurriedly to kusum’s ward.His eyes become wet seeing his mother’s condition.Tears rolling down on his cheeks.
     Suddenly kusum’s condition start turning worse.Her body becoming cool.
Saanchi trying to give her warmth by rubbing her hands and legs.
     Dr.Kabir shouts at nurse that who gave injections to Kusum?
Nurse(Fears) : Sir Dr.Saanchi.
     His world become up and down.He don’t know what he was doing?And how he was behaving?He only know one thing to save his mom’s life at any cost?

In that confusion and anger without thinking anything.Dr.kabir gave a tight slap to Saanchi.Because he thinks,that Saanchi gave a wrong injections to Kusum.

Saanchi never saw him this much angry before?This look fears her most.Tears rolling down continuously without break.
Her cheek becomes red.

Dr.kabir ordered nurse to take care of kusum.And inform Dr.Akash(senior doctor).
Dr.kabir holds Saanchi’s hand and went to other side.He pinned her to wall forcly and said,
Dr.kabir : How dare u?Who gave u right to do experiments on patients life Saanchi? U already gave injections without informing ur senior doctor?Now we can’t give any injections?
Saanchi : S…i…r…Let me explain?
Dr.kabir(In a loud angry tone) : Explain my foot.Just Shut up saanchi.
Dr.kabir eyes become red.His face is red in colour just like LAL MIRCHI.
Saanchi : (With fear)Kabir sir just listen to me for once.Then whatever ur decision will be?I will accept it.
Dr.kabir : Enough is Enough.I am dismissing u for 1 week.Don’t show ur face again to me.Get lost damn it.
Saanchi cries and ran to her friends pragya,isha.Saanchi hugged them tightly.
Pragya,Isha fears seeing Saanchi’s condition.
She narrates whole matter what had happened?Pragya,Isha taunt kabir for his behavior.Veer too listens their conversation and felt bad for his Golgappa.He too joins them and taunt Dr.kabir.Saanchi’s eyes become red.Her face becomes red.They all try to keep her
normal.But Dr.Kabir’s words r killing her from inside.
Dr.kabir went to Kusum’s ward :
Dr.kabir : Maa r u alright.
Dr.Akash : Yes Dr.kabir it’s miracle.The one who gave injections is great.He/she gave on correct time correct dose.Other wise it becomes hard to handle.
Dr.kabir : When i saw my mom’s condition? Her body becomes cool?And i think she gave wrong injections?
Dr.Akash : No Dr.kabir.It only temporarily keeps the patient body cool.If patient body becomes cool that means the liquid injections which she had given is working.And the poison will comes out in vomiting form.I know u r a excellent doctor.But i am giving explanation that’s it.
Dr.kabir shake his hands with Dr.Akash and thanked him.
Dr.Akash : Don’t thank me.Don’t forgot to thank and appreciate the doctor one who saved ur mother’s life?
Dr.kabir : Sure.
Dr.Akash : Left the place.
Dr.kabir hugs his mom and cries like a child.Kusum consoles him.
Kusum ask about Saanchi?Dr.kabir says he gave her new duty.Dr.kabir give some medicines to kusum and made her sleep.
Dr.kabir appointed Miss.Fernande to take care of his mother and went back to his cabin.

Saanch in mind : Why Dr.kabir react that much for a patient?Why he feels that much for aunty?

Kabir in mind : I did wrong with Saanchi.
She saved my mom.I blame her.One minute how this food poison happens?
I must find out?I am sorry Saanchi.I am shame on myself to slap a girl?

I know todays part is sad and worst part but it is full of emotions.Kabir is correct in his place.In his place in that condition our brain doesn’t works,So please don’t hate kabir.Because he only lives for her mom.
I will reveal his past-dark-story in my up
Coming FF’s

Precap : Dr.kabir cancel Dismissed letter and call Saanchi back.Dr.kabir apologize Saanchi.Saanchi avoids him.And Veer becomes Saanchi’s best friend. Pragya, Isha,Saanchi & Veer 4 becomes best friends.

The Love war will starts.

Did any one like photo.I mean cover photo of my FF..Saanchi’s rain photo.


I am trying my level best to give u a happy smile on ur face.But i promise,soon u will get to see Twist in tale.I just want all ur support that’s it.Without u all i am incomplete.

I hope u all like it.Please give ur valuable comments.U can share ur feelings & u can give your opinions & suggestions on FF.Any doubt just comment me.
       Keep smiling have a good day.

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