Meri Kahani – Women Power (Prologue / Characters’ POV)


Meri Kahani – Women Power (prologue)

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Hi guys…. I’m really glad after reading your comments for the introduction my story. Actually I did a mistake in the previous post. Ragini’s age is 24 not 23. Sorry for the inconvenience.
In today’s episode, I will write the Point of View @ POV of the characters in my story…… So, brace yourselves…..

POV of the characters…….

Ragini: It have been 25 years….. 25 years since you left Ma and Bhai along with me who was still unborn at that moment. You didn’t even think about what will I go through when I will come to know the reason you left us was…….. me. Me because I was a girl. What if I’m a girl? Ma is a girl…. Even your mother was a girl….. why you didn’t leave her? Why just me? You have been really unfair to me, Ma and Bhai. I hate you….. I hate you since the day I knew that you were my father. I hope that I’ll never meet you in my life.

Sarita: It all started 25 years back. That day….. that day was the black day of my life. You left me with our son…… actually my son and my unborn daughter. You thought her as a bad omen….. but you never knew that she’s the luck of my life. But, if you never left me that day, I wouldn’t have known my own strength. The weak, innocent Sarita was dead that day. I walked the same path like my mother. I raised my two gems single handed. And, now…. I’m having my head raised in proudness because of them. They proved me that I don’t need you in my life….. not now and not anymore.

Ananth: 25 years, 10 months, 15 days, 7 hours, 45 minutes and 30 seconds. I counted all the duration of your betrayal, Mr. Sumit Khanna. You left a small boy and his mother with his sister who was about to come into the world. You are not eligible to be called as a father or a husband. You hated my Princess and in returns, I hate you. Ma and Princess hopes and prays daily to god that they shouldn’t meet you. But, I want to. I want to meet you, Mr. Khanna. I want you to answer all my question that is still fresh in my mind from the day you left us.

Rajeshwari: You left me with our daughter who was just five at that time. I married you as I loved you, that too after coming to know that you are alcoholic. Only, with the hope that I can change you, but I was wrong. No…… you proved me wrong. You never took the responsibility of either a father nor a daughter. I was a single mother for our daughter, Sarita when you were alive and death. After 20 years from there, my daughter faced the same kind of problem in a different way. My grandchildren were stranded along with my daughter by that betrayer. I hate the way I hated you.

Sanskar: What do you think of yourself? What if you disowned me? I was an independent guy and will always be one. And I proved it already, that too in front of your sight. SA News Channel, the number one channel in Delhi. You threw me out of the house, away from my Ma and sister only because I refused to take over the family business, but why can’t you see my least interest in it. I’m an adventurous guy and not a kind of person who can sit in one place & become systematic. And you, Meera? What if I was thrown by my family? I could have always give you a luxurious life, but you dumped me for just being disown by my family. I feel really shameful that I used to love you.

Sunil: Money is everything for me. And the most important thing of all is my reputation. Family doesn’t matter to me when it comes to my reputation. I don’t care if it’s because of my children or wife…. My reputation matters the most to me. I have not regret a day for disowning my son. I still have my brother and nephew as my pillar of support.

Sakshi: My family happiness was snatched by someone’s bad sight. My son is no more with me. We was forced to stay away from each other for such a silly reason. Sanskar, my son….. how are you staying away from your mother? Luckily, Meena, Aditi and Ananya are with me…. If not…. I don’t know how’ll I live. I miss you, beta. Come back to your mother, please.

Nikhil: My brother’s family is a bunch of fools. They trust strangers more than their own family members. My brother brought my family into this house being pitiful of my previous condition. But, my real intention is to ruin his family and snatch their property and company. Money matters the most to me not family.

Meena: What have gone into my husband? He is betraying his own brother and his family who gave us so much love. Poor Sakshi di. She have to go through so much of pain in her life. Sunil Bhai is not caring towards her. Sanskar and Aditi was her pillar of support but….. because of my husband, Bhai threw Sanskar from this house….. He made both Bhai’s children against their father…. I hope that he’ll change one day.

Yuvraj: In this world, there two things that matters to me…… only the two. Money and girls….. that’s it. I’m always onto my father. I will always help in his intention….. the end of Sunil Arora and family. Uff…. I just hate him….. especially, Sanskar. I will take my revenge for sure.

Ananya: Ananth Malhotra, one of the leading and youngest lawyer of Delhi. The son of my boss, Miss Malhotra. I don’t know why but, he is always in mind since the day we met. Every girl will fall for him, but….. he seems to be not interested for a relation. I will surely get him as I don’t accept my defeat easily.

Aditi: Arghh!! I’m useless…. Just useless. To this Delhi, I’m a great criminal lawyer but, I become nothing when I step back into my house. My mother is being tortured and insulted by my father daily. My Bhai is alone, away from his own family. All because of my dad’s stupidity and blind fate on Yuvi bhaiyya. Why can’t he open his eyes and see the truth that he is being betrayed by his “trustworthy” nephew.

Sumit Khanna: I left my first wife and son because of the unborn child in her womb 25 years ago. She was the reason of our separation. She became the bad omen of the family before she was even born. Now, after 25 years, I’m going back to the same city where I left them….. with my new family. In this years, I never knew anything about their whereabouts. I just hope I won’t know anything after this.

Madhvi : My family is my world. Sumit and Meera are my life. 25 years ago, Sumit came into my life and made it. I trust with my eyes closed. He’ll never betray me as he loves me and our daughter, Meara so much. We are going back to Delhi to meet up with my brother, Sunil….. and fix our daughter’s marriage with their son.

Meera: Yes, I loved Sanskar…. But only because he is my Mamaji’s son and he is rich. In today’s world, money matters the most… not love. For me, money is love. I dumped Sanskar as I can’t live a simple life with him. I tried to make him understand the importance of taking over his family business but all that was effortless. So. I dumped him. I want to live as Queen not a simple housewife.

So, this are the overall point of view of the characters in my story. From here, I think that you can figure out the characteristics of all the charaters. So, now… Sri is signing out and soon will meet you guys with that first episode. As I said, please don’t expect regular post from me…. I’ll post when I have my free time. Thank you.

Credit to: Sri

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