Meri Kahani – Women Power (Introduction)


Hi guys…… I’m new to writing fan fictions…… so, please bear all my small mistakes…..

Let me introduce myself……. I’m Sri….. and my fan fiction is about RAGSAN….. which will be different from the plot of the serial. Hope all the readers out there will support my work….. <3

Character Introduction:

Tejaswi Prakash Wayangkar as Ragini Malhotra (23 years old). She is a singer by hobby and reporter by profession. Ragini is a brave at the same time a sweet girl. She hates her father as he left her mother when she was pregnant with Ragini 25 years ago. Ragini is the kind of girl who doesn’t want to get into the complication like love and so on. Ragini’s world is mainly her mother, brother, grandma , her profession and passion.
Gauri Pradhan Tejwani as Sarita Malhotra. A very strong woman by nature. She is Ragini and Ananth’s mother. Her Fashion Designing. Sarita also runs a NGO for women who were victim of domestic violence and who were left by their husbands.

Aham Sharma as Ananth Malhotra (28 years old). He is one of the youngest leading lawyers in Delhi. He is a very professional guy. Ananth loves his sister a lot after his mother. He too hate his father as he have seen him mistreating his mother. Ananth is a guy which can make any girl fall in love but he hates love. Ananth’s only hope is one day to meet his so called father and confront him.

Tanushree Kaushal as Rajeshwari Malhotra. Sarita’s mother. Her husband passed away 5 years after Sarita was born. She is the inspiration of Sarita and she runs the NGO with her. Loves both her grandchildren very much. Called as Nani by Ragini and Ananth

Varun Kapoor as Sanskar Arora (28 years old). Comes from a very high class family background but was disowned by his parents as he doesn’t want to take over the family business. He is the MD of the SA News Channel, where Ragini works. He is a very adventurous guy. He hates love as the girl he loved dumped him after he was disowned by his family.
Sooraj Thapar as Sunil Arora. The leading businessman of Delhi. Sanskar and his sister Aditi’s father. He lives in a joint family with his brother’s family. Disowned Sanskar as he declined to take over the family business. He is a very strict and disciplined man. Business comes first to him compared to family.

Poonam Dhillon as Sakshi Arora. She is a complete housewife, an ideal mother and wife. She is insulted by her husband, Sunil in front of the whole family. She was not at all happy to see Sanskar getting thrown away from the house. In that house, only Aditi is her companion.

Bobby Parvez as Nikhil Arora: Sunil’s brother who is after his property. The reason of Sanskar being thrown out from his house. The Antagonist of my Story…..

Deepika Amin as Meena Arora. Nikhil’s wife, Ananya and Yuvraj’s mother. She is a very sweet and calm lady. She is against her husband’s doing. Always supports Sakshi when being insulted by Sunil.

Karan Sharma as Yuvraj Arora. Son of Nikhil and Meena. He is now taking care of the family business with his father and uncle. Flirting with girls is his hobby. The Antagonist of my story…..

Simran Chaudhary as Ananya Arora. A very out spoken and brave girl. He has an affection or crush on Ananth Malhotra, although it is one sided. She has no interest on her father’s dirty plans like her brother. She is very close Sakshi than Meena. She works in Sarita’s company as a designer.

Khyati Mangla as Aditi Arora. Sunil and Sakshi’s daughter. She is really close to Sanskar. So, she hates her father for throwing him out. She doesn’t like her mother being insulted by her father in front of the whole family. She is a lawyer and works in the same firm with Ananth. She is against the violence on women but becomes helpless in her own house. She still keeps in touch with Sanskar.

Hiten Tejwani as Sumit Khanna. Sarita’s husband. Ragini and Ananth’s father. Now, lives in London with his new family. Doesn’t know the whereabout of his first family. He is a good friend of Sunil.

Gungun Uprari as Madhvi Khanna. Second wife of Sumit and Meera’s mother. She is unaware of Sumit’s first family.
Panchi Bora as Meera Khanna. A very carefree girl at the same time she is very money minded. She was about get engaged to Sanskar but she dumped him after he is disowned by his father.

About the Story………..
This story is mainly focused on two people with the same personality who were attracted to each other somehow. But, they are not ready to accept it. This story is also based on women power and strength. And on how they fight against the society for their rights and what are the problems they face throughout that.

Hope you guys like the introduction. I’ll try my level best to entertain you guys. And I can’t promise a regular update as well. Please do share your comments ans thoughts with me….. Thank You.

Credit to: Sri

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