Meri Kahani – Women Power (Episode 2)


Hi guys. So, without wasting your time, let’s move into the story.

Malhotra Mansion.

Ananth: Finally, both of you came.
Sarita: Ma, since when you and Ragini started to go for jogging?
Rajeswari: Sarita, you are talking as if I really wanted to go for it…. Here, your daughter woke me up early in the morning and forced me to join her.
Ananth: Princess, is that true?
Ragini: Yes, I did. Come on, Nani…. Just sitting at home makes you fat…. And I want my ever beautiful Nani to be fit as fiddle.
Rajeswari: What is the use of being fit now….. by the way Miss Ragini Malhotra I was way more fit than you are at this age of yours.
Ananth: Nani… very bad. You can’t tease my princess like this…. One day she’ll have to leave for her sasural, then what will you do?
A voice at the door: Simple…. Find someone who can be a ghar jamai.
Ragini: Aditi!! Kaise ho tum (how are you?). It’s been a while since we met. How’s everyone at home….. Sakshi aunty and Meena aunty?
Aditi: Everyone is fine there…. And yeh kya? You are not ready for work yet?
Ananth: What about you? Aaj case ka first hearing hai (Today’s the first hearing of the case).
Ragini: Bhai? Have you any idea whom you are asking such question? Bhai, it’s Aditi Arora… the best lawyer…..
Ananth: HMmm?
Ragini: I mean one of the best lawyers in the city….. Anyways, I’m gonna go and get freshen up.
Sarita: Come quick. You’ll only leave after having your breakfast. And Aditi, come beta… we’ll have tiffin together.
Aditi: For sure, aunty. It’s been a long time I haven’t drink your filter coffee.
Ananth: Bukkad…..

Aditi turns to him and show her tongue to him. He tries to catch her but she runs behind Sarita.


SA News Channel.

A white Mercedes stops in front of the glass building. A young, tall and handsome man comes out from the driver’s seat and walks into the building. The security guard salutes him while he corrects the guard’s name tag. The camera was following him from back…… he then opens the door and seeing him, everyone stands up and greets him.

Nodding to their greetings, the man went into the MD’s cabin. Inside the cabin, he sits on his chair and calls his PA in.

PA: Good morning, sir.
Man: Morning… so, what’s the schedule?
PA: Sir, who a going for the coverage in the crime scene that you went two days ago.
Man: Ok, then. Who’s the reporter coming with me there?
PA: It’s our senior reporter, Ms. Ragini Malhotra. I think she must be on the way.
Man: Fine, inform me when she has arrived. You may leave now.


Delhi High Court

Aditi: Aunty, you just don’t worry. I promise you the justice and I will get it for you at any cost.
Aunty: I wish I had a daughter like you or a son like Ananth. Both your mothers are really blessed.
Ananth: Aunty, even we are like your children. Now, let’s go in…. it’s about time.

The aunty went in followed by Aditi, but Ananth holds her hand.

Aditi: Ananth????
Ananth: Good luck. I just want to hear the news of your win, understand.

Aditi gives her answer in a nod and goes inside the courtroom while, Ananth goes to wait at the parking.


Ragini reaches the office. The MD’s PA informs her about the schedule and asks her to meet the boss. Ragini keeps her bag at her table and goes inside the MD’s cabin.

She knocks on the glass door of the cabin and heard a voice asking her come in.

Ragini: Good morning, Sanskar.
Sanskar: So, finally you are here. Why late, Miss Punctual?
Ragini: Actually, I took my Nani for jogging then, ma forced me to leave only after having my breakfast…. Toh main kya karoon.
Sanskar: Wow! Itni lambi explanation? But, it’s ok as it is always better than never. Now, concentrate….. we have to….
Ragini: I know we need to go the same crime scene again. Then, why are you still sitting, chalona. And by the way, Ma asked you drop by at our place for dinner.
Sanskar: Sure.

Sanskar and Ragini comes out of the cabin. Ragini goes to table and brings her bag.


At the Court.

Aditi: Aunty, you don’t worry. The result will be announced in the next hearing…. And it’s two days from today. You don’t worry…… we’ll win it for sure.

She sends the aunty towards the parking while she goes back inside to meet her friend (another lawyer)

Man: Excuse me?
Aditi: Are you that aunty’s son? What do you want?
Man: Listen to me…. Just back out from this case. I’ll pay you whatever the amount you want.
Aditi: How dare you? First, you named all the properties on yours and threw away your own mother. And now, you want me to back off from the case for money? Do you really have any idea to whom you are talking to?
Man: Look! Whoever you are… back off from this case or else…..
Aditi: Or else, what? Huh…. What will you do? What can you do?
Man: Anything….. I’ll do anything to get back you off this case. You better understand one thing……… it will your biggest mistake for being against me.
Aditi: It’s way much better to stand by the justice than being with a jerk like you.

Aditi goes from there…. While the man calls up someone and tell something which was muted.


Ragini and Sanskar were coming back from the crime scene when a few people stops their car.

Ragini: Sanskar??
Sanskar (getting out of the car): Wait I’ll ask them. Hello? What are doing in front of the car.
Man 1: So you are Sanskar Arora?
Sanskar: Yes, I am. But, who are you?
Man 2: Your death!!

The Man 2 takes out a knife and tries to stab Sanskar.

Ragini: Sanskar!!!!

The screen freezes on Ragini’s shocked face.

To be continued………

Precap: Did he stabbed Sanskar? Danger on the way for Aditi. Will she sense it before it’s too late?

Credit to: Sri

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