Meri Kahani – Women Power (Episode 1)


Meri Kahani – Women Power (Episode 1)

Sunrise was shown along with the beach. Then, a huge mansion with the a board on the gate indicating it as the Arora Villa was shown. The camera moves into the house and the main door was opened. The situation there was very busy as the servants were running here and there with trays of flowers. A lady’s voice was heard from the inhouse temple, giving orders to the servants. It was Sakshi.

Sakshi: Arey, don’t keep that tray over there. Put it here. Where is the other tray and did you pour oil in the diya.
Meena: Didi, please calm down a bit. Why this much hurry?
Ananya: Because, Bade papa will be coming back from his business trip in a while and the puja for Sanskar bhaiyya’s birthday should be completed before Bade papa returns, right Bade ma?
Sakshi: Abh bas karo and we’ll start the puja. Come on.
Yuvraj: Puja? For whom, Bade ma?
Sunil: Who else, Yuvi? For her beloved son, right Sakshi?
Sakshi: Woh… woh….
Sunil: Just cut the crap, Sakshi! I have told you before itself that no one will take his name in this house…. Or else they will also be out of this house, understand? You better understand.

Before leaving to his room at upstairs, Sunil went inside the inhouse temple and threw away all the prayer items and leaves to his room upstairs, followed by Nikhil and Yuvraj. Sakshi sits on the sofa and starts to weeping about what Sunil said. Someone was watching the whole scenario from the upstairs. It was Aditi… she immediately goes into her room and closes her hardly, shocking Sakshi, Ananya and Meena who was downstairs.

Inside Aditi’s room, the threw a file on the bed and sat on it.

Aditi: How dare he? I’m Aditi Arora, one of the best lawyers in the city but everytime he makes me feel that I am nothing but a zero. He keeps on insulting my mother in front of me and I can’t do anything about it. I help many women get justice but I can’t even get the respect which is my mum’s rights for her.

Suddenly, the phone starts to ring. the word “Bhai” flashes on the screen. Aditi immediately takes the call.

Aditi: Hello, Bhai. How are you?
Sanskar: I’m fine, Choti. How are you? And Ma, Chachi and Anu?
Aditi: We are fine, bhai.
Sanskar: Come on, Choti. Until Mr, Arora is there, Ma cannot be either happy or fine. Tell me the truth. The usual thing happened today also, right?
Aditi: Yes, Bhai. Mr. Arora again scolded Ma for preparing puja for you today. Oh shit! Happy Birthday, Bhai.
Sanskar: Thank you, Choti. Is Ma beside you?
Aditi: No, bhai. I’m in my room, getting ready to the firm. What about you, bhai.
Sanskar: Well, I’m on my way to office and later I need to go to a crime scene for news update.
Aditi: Achcha, bhai. I’ll talk to you later.

Aditi cuts the call and takes back the file she threw on the bed. She looks at herself on the mirror and corrects her shirt properly and walks out her room with her handbag on one hand and the file in the other. Coming down the stairs, she sees Sunil and the others sitting at the dining table.

Sakshi: Aditi beta, come and have your breakfast with us.
Aditi: No, ma. If I come and sit there, then your husband will get up half way from his tiffin. I don’t want to do such sin. I’ll have mine at the office canteen.

Aditi goes out from the house while Sakshi looks on.

Sunil: Badtameez ladki. Look, Sakshi. This is your upbringing. You’ve failed as a mother and your son and daughter are the prove for it.

Sunil gets up from there with Nikhil and Yuvraj. The trio leave to office.

Sakshi: Pata nehi…. When my family’s happiness will return?
Ananya: Don’t worry, Bade ma. Soon everything will be fine. Now, I’m leaving for work. Goodbye, my beautiful ladies.

The scene shifts to another big mansion. The camera goes inside the house and moves towards the a room, upstairs. A man was getting ready in a white shirt and black pants, standing in front of the mirror. A knock was heard in the door and he asks the someone to come in. it was the servant, Ramu kaka.

Ramu: Good morning, beta.
Ananth: Morning, Kaka. Where is Ma and Nani?
Ramu: Malik is at her room and Bade Malik went for jogging with Laado.
Ananth: Achcha? Nani can do jogging with Princess but why not with me. Let them come, I’ll talk to them.
Ramu: Beta, before that…. Drink your green tea.
Ananth: Sure, kaka. I will.

Ananth comes out of the room and goes inside another.

Ananth: Ma, are you ready?
Sarita: This is the question that I should ask you. Are you ready?
Ananth: I am, Ma. You don’t worry. That aunty will sure get the justice. After all, my partner Aditi is taking the case.
Sarita: I have no doubt in Aditi’s arguments. She is one of the best lawyers just like you. The first hearing will be the last one as well. So, you are going to the court with her today?
Ananth: Yes, ma. I’ll pick the aunty from the NGO and go to the court.
Sarita: Fine, then. By the way, where is your Nani and Princess.
Ananth: Both of them went for jogging. They must be on the way by now. Waise bhi Princess have to go for a coverage to a crime scene.
Voice at the door: We are already here, Bhai.

Both Sarita and Ananth turned towards door. And the screen freezes on them.

To be continued……….

Precap: Aditi’s case first hearing. Princess and Sanskar at the crime scene.

Credit to: Sri

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