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“Abhi the rockstar is gonaa do a concert at Malaysia ” was the only news echoing in all areas.abhi was in his car on the way to airport.while going in car he remembered his mess in life with his wife.He closed his eyes and thought his madness.FB……a very big mansion is showed where he and his dadi was living. dadi was speaking to him about his marriage which is gonaa happen next week.He thought that how innocent his dadi is thinking about a gold digger as a good bahu.He and aliya planned to marry pragya for revenge thinking that she is in love with purab he was also in Affair with tanu.he married her on the day of wedding he was attracted by her beauty and innocence.They bought the marriage to next level .pragya was soo happy that she got a wonderful family but her dreams shattered on her next day of marraige.she came to know about his revenge and affair with tanu .that tooo he claimed himself.she called purab and sorted out all matters and gave divorce and went out of the house .she was a airhostress she left her all family and working as an independent women on own.Fb….ends

suddenly car stops and came out from his three months past story.he thought about his destiny he was not in love with tanu and left her after pragya went and still remains as single .He came to boarding and went to his seat .There was 3 airhostress standing he could feel pragya presence but he ignored and put on his earphones.suddenly he heard a familiar voice thats our pragya both were shocked .she talked to him formally and went.He was starring at her in full journey.He was admiring her beauty and cursed himself for leaving a wonderful wife.and suddenly he called his personal lawyer and asked about his divorce case the lawyer said that papers ll reach court after month .abhi without waiting for a minute said to him to close the case.Abhi thought to himself that he should make pragya convince and bring her back to home.

flight landed abhi was about to call her but she ignored and went with his powers he found out where she is living and went there.It was midnight he pressed the bell she opened the door and shocked to see him .he hugged her tightly and said I’m sorry i ll never leave you but she broke the hug and asked wat about ur tanu r u bored with her .He said i broke up with her the day wen u left me and i didn’t even passed our divorce papers to court and still we are married.she was suprised but controlled herself and said how can i trust u i have trusted you and gave everthing of mine but you..just broke it let me say after sometime and went to sleep asking him to come inside.

Next moring pragya woke up and saw him sleeping next to her .she went and made coffee he woke up and took the coffee she got ready for her work .he thought how hot she is and was trying hard to control himself.suddenly she fainted he rushed to her and sprinkled water on her face .she woke up and he asked wat happend she told she is feeling dizzy for past 10 days .without speaking a word he took her to hospital and doctor confirmed that she is pregnant and she is very week so needs more care in these times both were happy and hugged eachother.she said I’m not apologizing you for my sake I’m doing for my child and says because of my happiness i can’t be selfish to seperate you from my child as it need father.she says she is also having heart that broken on her next day of marriage.she told that the remaining days of my life i ll live with you as a mother of this child not as your wife and left.Abhi felt broken and thought how it would be if he was in her position and cursed himself for thinking that she ll move on……the end

A mother ll sacrifice her whole life for her child .she ll leave all her small desires to her child happiness. after the child grow up the child would asks wat you did for me but she ll ignore that and do much more for her children.

Credit to: virat

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    Awesomeee OS Virat! Loved it!

  13. It was awesome bro I loved this os to the core and the point mother will sacrifice her whole life for her child it was fabulous. Really it was 100% correct

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