Meri Heartbeat-Avneil Episode 1

hi guys,i hope all like the introduction epi and thank u so much for the comments and keep commenting guys…,

Avni thinks Lord muruga be with me,today is my first day to the office and i should do any mistake and be with me and bless me always..She enters the office..She goes into the CEO cabin..The CEO is Mr.Sushant singh,the owner of Singh companies..,
Avni:may i come in sir
Avni:sir i am Avni newly appointed as ur Personal asistant sir
Singh:oh beta u r..,is this ur first experience
Avni:yes sir,but i will put all my effort sir
Singh:hm i will see adn ur work is now prepare all my scehdules and say me with in 2 hours adn update it in the computer and ms.Naina will show ur cabin.
Singh calls Naina and ask her to show AVni’s cabin…,
Avni does her work in full speed and compeletes her work fastly adn within one day she impresses MR.sushant singh…

Riya:avni come on i am hungry
Avni:yeah coming comin..,
They get out of the office..
Avni:shall we eat paani poori
Riya:avni that’s
Avni:that’s not good for health rght,riya nothing is good for health so come on
Riya:avni u…ok come.
They walk and goes..

Sidhu and karthi goes speedly in Neil’s bike and the dirty water splashes on Riya and Avni.
Avni shouts dont u have sense,idiot how stupidly going..,riya
Riya:avni i noticed their bike number
Avni:ahaan riya hm done,give it..,

Riya:avni did u get the bike number details
Avni:ahh riya today we will go
Riya:no avni i think u and swetha go because i have to manage the office till u come and this isthe second day so
Avni:ok i understand,where is swetha
RAchu:she is bathing
Swetha:hare yaar i am coming,ok where we want to go
AVni:to a special place to give a special surprise..
RAchu:avni whom
Riya:ahh s avni what’s his name
Avni:his name is NEIL SIngh,and i got his address adn riya how dare he splashed the water and i will nt levae this
Riya:yeha avni we didnt have any fun,hmm now we will
Rachu:guys is this not so much,r u going show ur tricks to someoen who splased water
Swetha:yeah she is right
Avni:rachu and swe actually he done mistake and didnt ask sorry so.., u know i dont like persons who do mistake and simply goes
Riya:ok ok ok leave it i am going,rachu come
Rachu:yeah ok come
Avni and swetha goes…,Riya and rachu goes..,
Avni and swetha reaches Neil’s place..,
THey ring the bell..,
KArthi opens the door..,
KArthi:what do u want
Avni:is there Mr.Neil singh

KArthi thinks what a wonder a girl came searching for neil
Avni:we neede to talk to him,we are his friends..,
Karthi sees and swetha and thinks hm anything for this gorgeous..
Karthi:yeah of couse…,
Avni goes inside.,Swetha while crossing karthi mr,its flirting so wipe it.Swetha smiles and goes..,KArthi thinks what she knows that i am seeing her,god i dont even know to see a girl without knowing her..,
NEil:ahhh what
Karthi:two girls came searching for u
Avni thinks why he ask like that?doesnt he know girls
Neil:i am coming..,
Karthi:tea coffee anything
Swetha:no thank u..,
NEil comes..,
AVni :are u neil singh
Neil:yeah,and who u r
Avni:dont u remeber me,yesterday u splashed that dirty water on me and now u r asking who u r
Avni:My name is avni
NEil:whatever Ms.avni i didnt splash water on anyone
Avni takes the pepper spray from her bag silently and keeps it in her hand
Avni says the bike number and asks is this ur number
Neil says yes
AVni :Crow inside the house
Neil turns back…,When he turns toward avni.Avni sprays the pepper spray in the eyes of neil.
NEil:idiot dont u have sense
AVni:i am not a idiot u r a idiot okay nd dont dare to even play with me
Neil:i will not leave u avni
Swetha drags avni..,
Avni:u do whatever but u cant do anything to me..
Swetha drags and her and goes outside
Avni:swetha u reduced the fun,i had many things with me but uu….
Swetha:avni this is not right
Avni:swe,i should not called u here,riya is my partner in crime
Swetha:avni hear me,this will lead u in danger,understand
Avni:swe leave it,i will drop u in t he hospital
Swetha:avni when u r going to hear me
Avni smiles and swetha thinks god help please..,


hi guys,hows it and plzzz comment ur views and tell me about my mistakes,i will rectify it in next episode and plz comments and thank u soo much for ur support….,

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    Loved it..

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    It’s superbbbbbbb yar ???….
    Neil avni fi8 will always awesome ???
    Keep writing….

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