Meri har dhadkan mein tumhara naam hai..swasan ss (part 3)


Thanks for your response guys….I am not stopping this for the people who are reading this…especially my silent readers….this is the last episode..

Swasan starts to live in the opp.sides of the house…they used to pick fight unnecessarily…
Sanky used to call his friends to house for having party and irritate swara….swara use to bring her friends to irritate sanky…

Few days later…



Sanky-wo sahil sir is coming….


Soon they here bell ringing…..sanky opens the door…

Sanky-sir come in ….welcome..

Swara-what a pleasant surprise….fake smile..

Sahil walks to swara’s place…

Swara-sir please sit down I will serve food..


Sanskaar was still standing In his side…

Sahil-sanskaar why are you standing there…come have food…

Sanky-yes afcource sir……goes happily because he did not make food for him..

Swara sees this and burns in anger…

Swara serves food to all..they talk for sometime..then sahil leaves..

Swara-why did you come to my side..

Sanky-if I did not come won’t he feel suspicious..

Swara atoms her foot angrily and goes…

sanky immitates her and says-pagal..

Days pass by…in collage swara gets a notice..
In the notice its written that swara has to pay the gees for her studying as the term is over and she is late to pay….swara was worried…she didn’t know from where to get the money…..

She came home worriedly….when sanky reaches home he finds her worried…he slowly went to her…this time she did not even shout at him..he sensed something wrong…

Sanky-what hapen swara…


Sanky-swara please at least consider me as your friend…

Swara tells him the problem….

Sanky thinks for sometime..

Sanky-swara you go tomorrow to collage..I will bring the money..

Swara-how will you bring this much of money..

Sanly-dont ask Amy question just tell me what is the fees..



He goes…

(Guys I forgot to say some ting sanky is a stu t man…He is an expert to play with bikes…so once he had got an offer from a producer to do a dangerous stunt for three lakhs but he refused seeing it is dangerous)…

Sanky goes to that producer…

Sanky-sir that day you had offered me for a stunt…can I do that please…

Pro-that is over but I have something else for you..

Sanky-I will do it sir…

Pro-beware its very dangerous..

Sanky-I will do it..

Producer takes him to a location …and someone explains what he has to do….he had to ride a bike over a lordy with fire around….he accepted…he got hurt many time but he did not mind he kept on trying…at last the shot came perfectly…

The producer gave him three lakhs and appreciated him…

Sanskaar rushes to the collage and gives it to swara…

Swara-from where did you get the money…

Sanky-dont talk about it…just take the money…

Swara-sanky where did you get the money from..

Sanky-i borrowed some money from my boss..

Swara was not satisfied with the answer but believed him…

Following months sanky used to give the money to swara without fail by doing all these stunts..

At last swara got suspicious because she knew that no boss would give a lot of money this way..

She confronted Laksh…

Swara-lucky tell me from where does he get all this money..

Lucky-wo..wo from boss…

Swara-tell the truth…otherwise I will make ragini split the truth from your mouth and you know how angry she gets..

Lucky-nooo I will tell…..and explains every thing..

Swara was shocked…she did not understand why he risked his life only for her studies…

Swara confronted sanky….they fought a lot..

Swara-why did you do this..huh..what do you think k of yourself..if something happened to you then what about me……she realized what she said she was confused why she said so…she just ran to her room..

Sanky also was confused why he felt happy seeing her care towards him..

Both were confused with their feelings..

Days passed…both started loving eo…they felt that eo were their better half…they felt they could not live without eo..swara’s concentration on studies started declining…

Raglak decided to get married…ragini’s parents did not allow she left the house…they had register marriage so swasan planned a party for them with all their friends at their house…

They had a lot of fun…sanlakrag forced swara to Have some beer…she denied bit then they made her agree…she had some beer…but then she could not control….she had more beer….sanky saw this and laughed….sanlak had vodka while swaragini were busy competing with eo drinking beer…all were tired…

At last all left the house….only swasan and raglak were left…raglak were to drunk to go home….

Lucky-sanky yaar I don’t think I can drive back..I am taking your room and today is my First night…don’t disturb…come ragu..

Ragini. who was playing like a kid with Swara-where..

Laksh-first night…

Ragini-first night wow…yay and runs…while Laksh looking at her as if she is a weirdo..

They go…

Swara was sitting on the ground and doing some stupid antics..

Sanky-swara come let’s sleep…he took my room so I will sleep with you..get up let’s go..

Swara-nahii…nahii….please I want to have more beer….beer ji ji jay..

Sanskaar goes to her and picked her…

Sanky-god she is so heavy…

Swara-haww….you called me a fatty…you bad boy and pulls his nose..they were very near….sanskaar kissed her….he then realized his stupid mistake and was about to part…but swara was not leaving him…

Sanskaar placed her on bed and slowly moved to her…both were drunk and had no sense…they started making love to each other…and then they became one……

Next morning..

Swara was sleeping on top of sanky while he was hugging her….

Swara got up due to sunlight….

Swara was shocked to see her position…she got up…making sanky awake..

Sanskaar was shocked…

They looked at each other and guessed what happen…before swara could scream sanskaar started screaming..

Sanky-oh god no…how can I lose my dignity to this girl..ohh shit…oh no..

Swara looked at him hopelessly…

Swara-you idiot I lost my virginity and you are screaming….this won’t make much you I am the one who should scream…

Sanky-but even m a human being..I have dignity

Swara-get lost…first…and starts crying

Sanskaar consoles her…she picks her dress from the ground and passes it to Her..

She runs to the toilet while sanky changes his dress there itself..

Swara was very upset with what happened..she loved sanky but she did not want this to happen….she cursed herself for being over drunk yesterday…

She prepared tea and gave it to raglak..

Swasan promised eo that this will stay between them and now they will change like before…

Days pass swara’s behavior had completely changed whitin some days… Sanskaar could not understand what happened to her..she stopped talking to him..

Swara performed really bad for her exams and just got passing marks..

She was extremely sad that day…

Sanskaar-swara what happened to you…you are not even Talking properly…tell what happened.

Swara-will you just stop it…you married me and spoiled my life…before marrying you I was the no.1 student in our collage..since you came I became very bad in every thing why don’t you just go…..she sits and cries…

Sanskaar was shattered hearing her…he left from there without saying anything..

Swara went raglak’s house..she wanted to talk to ragini and be free..

She comes back from raglaks house and searches for sanky but he was not there…

She found a letter there..she opened it..

Dear swara,
I am really sorry for coming to your life..I just wanted to help you but then I guess it turned out bad..I hope you will leave happily after I leave you…do well for your future exams..I had saved some money for your future use.there might be around 10 lakhs…please use it for your studies…and become a doctor..full fill my wish..I have the divorce papers attached to this paper…I have signed it…now you do it and submit it in the court…I have taken some of your things with me to have some memory of you left with me…and I never got the guts to tell this to you….MERE HAR DHADKAN MEIN TUMHARA NAAM HAI SWARA….I LOVE YOU…
Your faithfully sanskaar…

Swara was shocked with this letter….

Swara-no sanky you can’t leave me like this…no.

She rushes to Laksh..

Swara-laksh you know where is sanky..

Laksh-he told me not to tell…

Swara-you have my swear…where is he..

Laksh-why swara..huh…he did all this for you and now you have money right..why do you need him..

Swara-tell lucky..

Lucky-he is leaving for tonight 10:45 train to Mumbai…

Swara looks at the 10:30…

Swara-laksh can you take me to the station..

Laksh-fine come…

Ragini-i am also coming..

They all go to the station..

The train was about to move….swara was running here and there checking in each window whether he is there… She runs and at last finds him..she runs inside the train compartment… And goes to sanky..

Swara starts hitting him….

Swara-you idiot you made me this time..breathing heavily…I will tell you to jump in a river and you will do that…

Sanky nods…

Swara-shut used to call me musibat see how much I am gonna trouble you….

The train starts moving…


They ran outside..


Sanky-copy cat…

Swasan smiles…

Sanky-but why were you behaving weird..

Swara-because(whispers something in his ears)..

Sanskaar gets very happy and picks her and spins her..

Swara-slowly…sorry sanskaar I behaved bad with you because I was scared about how we will take care of our child…and I have to complete my studies… So that’s why I was rude..

Sanky-its OK..

Raglak-accha so this matter is solved..

They all smile…

Ragini-so now you guys go home…and Han Mr.sanskaar take care of my friend…

She goes…sanskaar stops her..woh Laksh can you to shift to my house please…


Sanskaar-i mean when I go to work ragini will be there with her right and I do t want her to feel lonely..

Raglak agrees and shifts to their house..

Swara gives birth to a cute baby girl and boy and names them Sanskrit and sakshi….

And even ragini also give birth to a baby girl named ragya…

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  1. Rabia

    Dearrr u again ended in a hurryy veryyyyyyy bad(pout) ???? but but buttt awesomeeeee andd naaa if i didnt commented on previous one then a big sorryy with a sorry card (puppy smile) ?????

    1. SRSL

      Sorry di actually I did not have much time yesterday to upload ff…so I just wanted to finish it fast…thanks dii…

  2. Its same story from one of the movie of allu arjun and jeneliya dsouza .I just forgot name of the movie…

    1. Sri

      Name of movie is happy

    2. SRSL

      Yes dear its the same movie with different ending…

  3. Sri

    Awesome dear u changed the ending but I moulded it very nicely
    I thought that u ended in a hurry but it’s ok
    U did very well
    Keep writing dear

    1. Sri

      *u moulded it

    2. SRSL

      Thanks dear actually I was busy that’s the reason I finished it in a hurry..

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  4. I think this is the story of Telugu movie Happy but with different ending

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      Yes dear…

  5. Deeksha gupta

    Awsm ..but why u ended in a hurry ??

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      Thanks I was a bit busy….

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    Superb dear

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    Lovely ending…!!!

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    Awesome part
    Loved it but ended in a hurry
    Any way u r superb

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      Thanks dear..actually that’s was the whole story I could write..

  14. Abdul hafiz(Uma)

    Haww??you are ending it???.. It was like one shot.. Ek saath sab kuch katam..Anyway, loved it… It’s so cute and sweet??..Keep writing like this dear..
    Take care
    Keep smiling?
    Love you???

    1. SRSL

      Uma dear I wrote it as a three shot you did not read the previous ones or what..??thanks and haa by the way is Abdul Hafiz your real name….

      1. Abdul hafiz (Uma)

        Arre,I know it’s ts.. But what do,bekarar dil.. Want much much like always..Abdul hafiz is my tittle..

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  17. it was sooooooo amazing

    sooooooo sorrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyyy that i didn’t comment before
    i always find ur stories in the end

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      Thanks dii and please don’t say sorry and embarrass me..I hate it when people say sorry to me…I always follow sanky’s rule..??

      1. okayyyyy no sorry
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