Meri har dhadkan mein tumhara naam hai..swasan ss (part 2)


You all guessed it right…it is the movie happy..guy I guess no one likes my stories I get very less comments these days.. I will continue the story if I get more than thirty comments excluding mine..don’t this I am selfish like every one just wants appreciation for their work..and to all who commented a huge thanks????

Shekhar gets very angry on swara..

Shekhar-what is this swara..

Swara looks at the letter and gets shocked..

Swara-i don’t know about it papa..

Shekhar-i send you there to study and you betrayed me…from today you are not going to collage….I am fixing your marriage..

Swara-no papa listen to me..pleez..

Shekhar goes…swara cries…

Next days swara was sitting with her friends in a park…and all were consoling her..

Sanskaar comes there

Sanskaar-ohh miss.musibat…yesterday my friend Wantedto give a love letter to ragini..I kept it in her book but you took the book..give the letter back..

Swara and all her friends looks shockingly at sanskaar..

Sanskaar-you are looking and if you are gonna eat me up….and laughs….

All shouts at him..they tell him what happen..

Sanskaar-ohh god I am feeling so sorry..

Raginu-even I am feeling bad for her…

Sanky-i am not feeling bad for..I am feeling bad for the person going to marry her…(hehe little does he know he is feeling bad for himself)…

Swara looks at him with teary eyes..

Swara-every thing seems funny for was dream to become a don’t k ow how much I begged my father for admission…every thing seems easy for spoiled my dreams,my hopes…and cries..

Sanskaar-musibat don’t cry..listen I was joking..listen I will help you..I have a plan..

Sanskaar-you accept for marriage..

Swaea-wow what a plan..

Sanskaar-listen…you will accept for marriage..then I will go tell that guy that you are in love with he will cancel the marriage..

Swara-what if he doesn’t..

Sanskaar jokingly-i will tell we had physical relation.. I bet he won’t marry you..

Swara-you rascal..and starts beating..

Sanky-i was joking…OK so plan done..

Swara nods..

Swara agrees for marriage… Her marriage was fixed with ACP Sahil Mehta..

Swara tells about it to sanky…. He imagines himself getting beaten by sahil..

Sanky-come let’s go…scared..

He goes to the police station..

He goes inside…

Sanky-sir I want to say something…


Sanky in one stretch-sir me and you fiance is in love…we love eo fro two years..we will die without eo…please cancel the marriage..

Sahil-are you lying..

Sanskaar-no sir..

Sahil-i want to meet swara..where is she…


Sahil goes outside..

Sahil-do you love him..

Sanskaar-standing behind sahil shows signs to swara to say yes..

Swara-yes yes..

Sahil-then can’t you tell to your father..

Sanky-sir…her father is very strict…he is against love marriages..she told him once but he bet her very badly….she will has the scratches on her back..

Swahil looks at him shocked…

Sanskaar- I mean she told me….

Sahil-ok you two get in the car…

Swasan gets in the car…swasan sitting in the back while sahil driving..

Swara whispering-you had overrated..

Sanky-shut up musibat..I did all this for you..

Sahil takes them somewhere..they look up at the board and finds registration office .

They get Confused..

Sahil-i amgonna get you married..

Swasan are shocked..

Swara-what the…….

Sahil goes inside and does the arrangements..

Sanky-listen its just a matter of sign..after all this humgama gets over..we will divorce..

Swara-no way….

Sanky-please no other option..if he comes to know the truth he will burn us alive.

After convincing her a lot …she agrees…

They both does register marriage..they come out and find shekhar standing with goons..

Swara gets scared and side hugs sanky..

Sahil’s police stops shekhar from attacking swara…

Shekhar-from today I don’t have any daughter..

Swara cries…sahil take both of them to a apartment then to an flat..

Sahil-i has brought this for me and swara to stay after you both can use fully furnished…

Sanky-thanks sir….you took a lot of trouble for us..

Sahil-its OK..but I will keep visiting you guys…

Swasan shocked again..

Sanky-sure sir..tata..

Sahil-bye..have a good night…teasingly..

Sanky smiles shocked..

He locked the door…

Swara-you stupid monkey..I wanted to study instead of marrying and because of your stupid plan I ended up marrying you..

Sanky-ohh miss.musibat…sorry Mrs.musibat..your father made some mistake in putting you name…you are the definition of musibat..since I met you my bad times started..

Swara-now what will I do…I am hungry..

Sanky-go make food..for me also..

Swara goes angrily…

They have food…

Swara-you sleep in this room …I will sleep in that one….and one more thing from today onwards I am not going to make food for you…..I am dividing the house….


Swasan divides the house into a perfect half… Starting from the main door till the kitchen ..

Swara-the left side is your and right is mine..don’t even step into my side..

Sanky-fine..even you don’t dare to enter my side..

Swara-not interested…

They both reach near the partition in their respective sides and turns back and goes yo their room angrily..

Precap-both started falling for eo…sanky to risk his life for swara’s studies..

Guys once more I would like To say that the ending won’t be the same…it would be different..

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  14. Nice one bt as I m not south Indian so I don’t knw about the ending so exactly what’s the real ending in the movie… Plz reply

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