Meri har dhadkan mein tumhara naam hai..swasan ss (part 1)


So hi I am back with a new ss…thanks to all who commented on my previous story…

Character sketch…

Swara-daughter of a don….she is really scared of her father..shekhar…she is a beautiful nerd…her life revolves around studying MBBS..doesn’t have any boy friends…

Sanskaar-a carefree young man…orphan….happy with in a cafeteria…. He helps all and very naughty.. Stays in the accomdation provided by the cafe owner.

Swara was on her way to to the collage on her scooty…she reaches there and finishes her daily routine…

She is sitting in the collage cafe with her friends while she was engrossed in studying…her friends saw this..

Ragini-god swara why are you always into studies can’t you enjoy school life..

Swara-ragu you know my father right..I have begged him to let me study..I have to pass with flying colors otherwise my dad will be angry..

Vani-swara you can study at home are the only one in our group who doesn’t have a bf.

Swara-if my dad comes to know he will burn me alive and anyways m not interested in all this stupidity..

Ragini-you are impossible…

They go…

Next day…


Sanskaar-yes worries sir…all done…your pizza will reach there in 30 minutes otherwise its free of cost….bye sir.. Tc..cuts the phone…arey lucky two medium size pizza…tell nikhil to pack it fast…

Lucky-ohh idiot you go tell him…let me admire my ragu….caressing her photo in his phone..

Sanky-o impossible..snatches his phone…first go tell..

Laksh-sanskaar give the phone…

Sanskaar nods no….Laksh goes inside stomming his foot…

Swara was In a mall shopping a gift for her friend….

Sanskaar comes to the mall to deliver the pizza…he delivers the pizza…

He sees a shop and decides on buying a gift for Laksh as his birthday was nearing…

He goes inside…swara is also shopping there…

She sees a cute little statue of a two children…she takes it but it slips and falls down…she looks at it with horrified expression…she quickly take it a fixes all the parts together..and runs…sanky sees this..he goes and takes it but it all falls down…the shop keeper sees this..

Sk-pay the money of this..

Sanskaar-arrey I did not do anything that girl broke it…

Sk-you have to pay the prize..

Sanky pays the money angrily..

Sanky-she is the meaning of mussibat…

Swara who was watching this laughs silently…

They go back…next day sanky was traveling in a bike….a news reporter stops him

Nr-sir we would like to take a short interview of you..


Nr-yes sir..

Sanky-well afcource and starts combing his hair with his hand..

Nr-so who all do you have at your home..

Sanky-mom,dad,brother,sister,sil,bil,wife,child, uncle,aunt,cousins. Etc no one..

Nr-wow still you manage to be happy…


Nr-so would you like to give a message to anyone..

Sanky thinks…

Sanky-yes….oh miss.musibat wherever you are I want you to give my money back….I had to pay the money of your loss..

Swara who was watching the program..starts coughing…

Next day…swara was coming down from collage with her friends saw a beggar boy..

Boy-didi please give me some money to have food..

Ragini-swara no don’t believe these kids..

Swara-what is they are saying the truth…to boy…I will buy food for you…come..

Swara goes with the boy to cafe..

Swara and the boy sits down..

Sanskaar was just simply standing in the counter when he sees ramprasad the owner of the cafe sitting and dreaming..

Sanskaar-is he sleeping or what let me look..
He starts to make funny faces…rpshouts at him…

Rp-are youmad or what..go serve that customer.

Sanskaar goes to the customer and finds swara.

Sanskaar-oh so miss.musibat us here..

He finds rp looking at him…

Sanskaar-madam what would you like to have…extra sweetly..

Swara also got nervous seeing him..

Swara-buy what he wants…

Boy-give one medium pizza with extra morzilla cheese and two burger with extra fries….one coca cola….two scoop chocolate ice cream..

Swasan looks at him shocked..

Sanskaar-where does all this food go..

Swara-oiyee chup….go and bring the food..

Sanky goes…

Swara-you wait here I will go bring more money.

Swara goes and comes back within half an hour..

She sees almost fifty children in the cafe and grabbing food..

She goes to sanskaar to pay the bill..

Sanky gives her a bill of rupees one lakh thirty two thousand…

Swara-arre such a huge bill…why ..

Sanskaar-mam you told me to serve him..he ordered these for his friends…

Swara-he ordered and you gave him…

Sanky- mam you told me to serve him…

Swara-i don’t have this much money with me. I will go and get it from my friends..

Sanky-i don’t believe you…you might escape like last time…

Swara-ohh so come with me..

Swasan goes..

Swara sits on the scooty….sanskaar sits behind..

Swara-arrey why are you coming with me..

Sanky-then how will I come..

Swara goes irritatedly… Swara drives very slowly….

Sanskaar-madam I need the money today not tomorrow…


Sanky-i will drive..


Sanky -yes

Swara moves sanky sits in front and she sits back…

On their way…shekhars goons saw swara going with sanky. .

They tell this to shekhar…he gets angry..

Swara reaches the collage….she gives the money to him..

He goes…

After some days…

Swara and her friends were sitting in the cafe..

Laksh-sanky can you please go and give this letter to ragini..

Sanky-no yaar she will kill me…

Laksh-you go and keep it in her book..

Sanky-ohk .

Sanskkar-goes there with food and slowly slips the letter into the book.

After sometime swara takes the book with letter and goes..

Sanlak sees this and gets shocked.

Swara reaches and starts playing with her dog…

Shekhar goes to her room with the goons and check her room and finds the letter…

He gets very angry…

Precap-shekhar stops swara’s studies…swara marriage fixed…

Hope you all like it…and if there are any tamilians here…do you know this movie…but its not exactly same…I have made changes in the story…??

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  1. it’s a Telugu film story happy I am ri8. really superb yar

    1. SRSL

      Thanks dear…

  2. AnuAnn

    I’m a malayali.. And this f8lm of my favorite happy be happy

    1. SRSL

      Even m malayali…and this is my faiv.tamil or Telugu movie..I just saw the dubbing of it in Malayalam…thanks dear..

  3. Deeksha gupta

    Awsm ..

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  4. awesome and interesting

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      Thanks dear..

  5. Rabia

    ooo God poor swara and naughty sanky awesome concept dear 🙂

    1. SRSL

      Thanks dii…anyway this story won’t have a lot of twists and turns like yours…??

      1. Rabia

        Hahahhaha ???

  6. Divyanshri

    it is Bengali movie…. haha….. bolo na Tumi amar….. my favorite….. love it….

    1. SRSL

      Idk dear…its just a Telugu movie I saw dubbed in my language…thanks dear..

  7. Priyashini

    Happy… most favorite movie ever…I am a big fan of all arjun…within 2 dialogue I can guess the movie…you just made me smile with this thank you…..pls continue updating.. I am really excited…keep smiling take care

    1. SRSL

      Even me dear…ALU arjun is my fav.Tamil actor…I love his movies…thanks…

  8. Awesome

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      Thanks dear..

  9. It’s awesome dear… Loved it ?????

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      Thanks dear..

  10. This movie has been dubbed in Oriya also……

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  11. SNY

    Awesome dr…
    Nxt one soon:-))

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  12. Abirsha

    This is not Tamil movie dr….. Its telugu movie…. ?and its awesome

    1. SRSL

      Thanks di..I know I thought it was a Tamil movie…

  13. Arshaanya

    Loved it

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      Thanks dear…

  14. Tamil


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    1. SRSL


    1. SRSL


  15. Pirassenadevi

    What is the name of the movie….can anyone tell me

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      1. Pirassenadevi


  16. Abdul hafiz(Uma)

    Hmmm, interesting concept dear.. Plz continue..I seen the movie. Not tamilian one..Iski Bengali version hain..Name is’bolo na tumi amar’..Waiting for nxt..
    Take care
    Keep smiling?

    1. SRSL

      Idk about the Bengali one dear…its a coincidence that the story is same..thanks..

  17. Vyshu10

    haha….i love ‘happy’ movie

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