Meri Hanikarak Biwi 9th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Akhilesh gets a job

Meri Hanikarak Biwi 9th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with guards making fun of Akhilesh. He gets angry. Aditya, Bhoomi and Siddhi eat pizza and celebrates that Akhilesh will lose his wife now. Ira comes to them. She says I have packed my bags, I came to fulfill this last rasam of feeding sweets to everyone. She insists and makes them have sweets. She thinks now truth will come out by this medicine.

A man asks everyone is there a real man who can stand on this nail bed for ten mins. Akhilesh hears him and recalls his insult. He asks will it prove that I m a man if I stand on these nails. The man says yes, everyone has to accept you are a real man. Akhilesh says fine, I m ready. He stands on the nails and recalls Ira’s words. Akhilesh bears the pain. The man gets shocked.

Ira says now see, this medicine will

bring the truth out, this is truth serum. Bhavik says it means you gave this to Devina’s children, how will Pushpa know this, she isn’t talking to you. She says she maybe annoyed, but she can’t be annoyed with her Lord, Lord has to support me. Akhilesh steps down the nails. The man says this is called a real man. Everyone claps. Akhilesh says I m Akhilesh Pandey, I had undergone vasectomy, what happened, why did you stop clapping now, tell me, I was a man just now and I proved myself a man, can you give this test, tell me. He asks them can they stand like him. The men refuse.

Akhilesh says standing on nails or fathering children is not a sign of manhood, but making fun of others makes someone a coward, you are all not a man enough. He scolds the men. They all bow down. The warden stops Akhilesh. She says I misunderstood you, that girl told me you saved her life. He asks did you come to make fun of me. She says no, I came here to give you the job, you deserve it, no one can harm the girls, go and get the appointment letter. He thanks her for the job and says I will behave like an elder brother with them, I will collect the letter. Ira begins the puja to call Pushpa out. Devina asks Pushpa what is this new drama, Ira is a thief. She asks Ira to leave. Ira continues chanting the mantra. Devina asks her children to throw out Ira.

Bhoomi says you should go, because you have done the theft. Ira smiles. Pushpa asks what. Devina says shut up, don’t know maybe they are drunk, remember what jeweller said. Bhoomi says mom gave money to jeweller to blame Ira, its true. Bhavik says truth has come out, Lord heard my sister’s prayers. Pushpa scolds Devina for the cheat. She apologizes to Ira. She cries. Ira says its fine, don’t say sorry.

She says Devina should apologize to you. Pushpa asks Devina to apologize to Ira. Devina says no way, I will make this girl out today. Pushpa stops her. She asks who are you to make her out, this is my husband’s house. Devina says this is my husband’s house too. They argue. Pushpa asks Ira to throw Devina out of the house, she is the root of all problems. Devina says don’t dare. Pushpa says you shouldn’t think. Ira takes Devina out. Akhilesh comes home and holds Devina. Devina begs him to save her. Ira is insulting and throwing her out of the house. Akhilesh gets shocked. Devina begs him. He says don’t fold hands…. He scolds Ira. Pushpa says Ira did right, Devina blamed Ira for false theft, its enough. Akhilesh says maybe she did a mistake, who is Ira to throw her out. Ira says you mean we should just tolerate it. He says don’t anger me more. Ira says she blamed me for theft, she will blame Pushpa tomorrow.

He says don’t say anything, you have no right, its not Pushpa and Devina’s mistake, its Birju’s mistake, he has put them in trouble, Devina has lost everything, everything is snatched from her, she is not at fault, she married Birju, this house is made by her, you were throwing her out, apologize to her. Ira asks what, when its not my mistake, why shall I apologize, I won’t apologize. He says then leave this house. Pushpa and Ira get shocked.

Devina says Ira dragged me out of the house, what if she dragged Pushpa out, you would have slapped Ira. Ira asks Akhilesh to slap her. Devina gets happy by their fight.

Update Credit to: Amena

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