Meri Hanikarak Biwi 7th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Trinetri Baba keeps his demand

Meri Hanikarak Biwi 7th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Devina getting cake for Akhilesh. He cuts the cake and feed everyone. They all sing the birthday song. Bhoomi plays the music. Everyone dances. Birju also dances and controls. Taya ji and Tai ji bless Akhilesh and ask family to visit Banaras some time. They leave. Pushpa cries. She sees Akhilesh wearing some taweez. She asks where did you get this. He says a saint gave this to me. Pushpa says just Trinetri baba gives such taweez, he is in Banaras. Ira asks how can he come here. Pushpa says I m sure of this, take me to temple, he did a big favor on me, I want to thank him again. Trinetri baba comes home. They get shocked.

Pushpa says I can’t believe that you have come here. Baba says I don’t forget anyone, you have to fulfill your promise, its time. Pushpa

says I remember it well, tell me what can I give you, money, jewellery or land, I have everything now. He says no, I don’t want any money, I want the one who is close to your heart. She asks him what. He says Akhilesh, give Akhilesh to me. They all get shocked.

Pushpa cries and asks what are you asking, I respect you a lot, but Akhilesh is my soul. Baba says if you don’t fulfill promise, your life is of no use, I will not forgive you. Ira scolds baba. She says my husband isn’t a toy. Pushpa scolds Ira. Baba says explain her, she doesn’t know my powers. Ira says hello drama company, I m not scared, dare to touch Akhilesh, I will not leave you. Chandu calls him fake baba. Pushpa stops Chandu. Chandu says how can he take your son. He scolds baba and hits him. He pushes him. Baba doesn’t move. He blows on Chandu. Chandu falls down. Chandu says he is superbaba, he beats a lot. Baba says it won’t be good to refuse to me, who will save you from my anger.

Akhilesh says sorry, tell me what’s the promise. Baba says ask your mum, you will get all your answers. Akhilesh asks Pushpa to tell the matter. Pushpa says its a secret, Akhilesh was 10 years old, he was much ill. FB shows Pushpa worrying for ill Akhilesh. He vomits blood. Sushila and Pushpa worry. Pushpa says I will get a doctor, no storm can stop me. She runs. The villagers stop her. She says my son is ill, I will call doctor. They warn about the river tides. Baba comes to Pushpa. He says I will save your son, but you have to give me whatever I ask for. She agrees. She asks him to save her son. He goes with her. He treats Akhilesh.

Akhilesh gets fine. Pushpa hugs him. She gives money to baba. He says I don’t value money, I will ask you what I want, you have to give me whatever I ask for when time comes. She agrees and thanks him. He blesses her. FB ends. Pushpa says I agree you gave him another life, I m indebted to you, but I didn’t imagine that you will ask me for my son, I can’t live without him, you can take my life. Akhilesh says I won’t go anywhere. Baba says but your mum had promised me, don’t anger me, you have to come with me if you want to save your family from my anger.

Akhilesh asks baba for some other solution. Baba says fine, then return your life to me. They get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Alister La Frenais

    I must say that Indians are still living in an age of superstition and falsehood. If some stupid looking fellow came to my house with a third eye painted on his forehead and made unrealistic demands, I would not only set my dogs on the S.O.B. I would have got my shotgun and blasted him to kingdom come. But then I am not an Indian, and not part of the Indian culture.

  2. @Alister La Frenais
    I like your style! I think Ira will sort him out.

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