Meri Hanikarak Biwi 7th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Ira speaks the truth

Meri Hanikarak Biwi 7th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Akhilesh and Ira dancing. She asks why did you send everyone out, what do you want to do. Nayo lagna…..plays…. Akhilesh says you will know it in some time. He sees RK and goes. Ira dances with everyone on stage. Akhilesh goes to RK and scolds him for cheating Ira. He shows the reports to the couple. The lady slaps RK and says this time we will get divorced. Akhilesh asks Ira not to worry, the man will accept her. RK says I didn’t impregnate Ira. Devina says it means even Akhilesh has a doubt on Ira, he is not the father of the child, after all his vasectomy happened. Pushpa cries and asks Ira to say something. She scolds Ira. She cries for Ira’s cheat. Devina says don’t waste tears on her, she is characterless, its so shameful. RK says I don’t know this

girl, my marriage is breaking, I won’t leave anyone. He puts a knife at Bhoomi’s neck and threatens to kill her. Akhilesh says leave her, she is my sister. RK says tell the truth, I love my wife a lot, if she leaves me, I can do anything in anger, tell them am I becoming the father of your child, say the truth. Ira gets shocked and says stop, don’t do anything, she is pregnant. They all get shocked. Ira says truth is I m not pregnant, Bhoomi is pregnant. They get shocked.

Devina asks are you mad, how dare you say this about Bhoomi. Ira says let me explain first. She asks RK’s wife to tell RK to leave Bhoomi, RK doesn’t know them. RK leaves Bhoomi and asks his wife does she trust him now. Pushpa asks Akhilesh why did she call that man Ira’s child’s father. She asks Ira is she not pregnant. Akhilesh shows the report and asks why did you do this pregnancy drama. Ira says I did this to save Bhoomi’s respect, she is pregnant. Devina asks Ira not to lie. Bhoomi says Ira is saying the truth, I m pregnant. They get shocked.

Ira says I got to know when I went to Bhoomi’s bathroom to get phenyl, Bhoomi has told me that she is pregnant. FB shows Ira asking Bhoomi about the child’s father. Bhoomi says I can’t tell you anything. FB ends. Ira says I took Bhoomi to hospital for check up. FB shows Ira asking Bhoomi not to worry, the doctor will help them. She asks Bhoomi to write her name as she is married. Bhoomi thanks her. FB ends. Bhoomi says Ira is not at fault, it happened by my stupidity. Devina scolds and drags her to room.

Lakhan says Ira did this to save Bhoomi’s respect. He praises Ira. Pushpa and Akhilesh look on. Akhilesh thinks I m a fool, how did I believe that Ira can do such a thing. They rush to see Bhoomi. Devina scolds Bhoomi. Pushpa stops Devina and says you didn’t give right values to them on right time, Ira had to get scolding, you did wrong with Ira, apologize to her. Devina refuses. They argue. Akhilesh says we have to think what to do next. Lakhan comes and says company’s lawyer has come. Devina says ask him to leave. Bhoomi says its written in dad’s will that his entire property will go to his first grandchild, so my baby will be the first grandchild, we will get the property. Pushpa says you are dreaming of property in this state. Devina says tell the lawyer to go. Devina asks Bhoomi to use her brains. Siddhi asks her to relax. Aditya says mom is saying right, look what she has done. Devina asks her to abort the baby. Bhoomi refuses. Devina says you will abort this baby. Bhoomi says no way, that’s my decision. Devina shouts how dare you and raises hand. Akhilesh stops Devina. He says calm down, I will talk.

He asks Bhoomi to think of Devina’s concern, listen to her. Bhoomi asks who are you to tell this, you are not my brother, you are just a stepbrother. Pushpa and Devina shout on each other. Ira says I supported you, listen to me, everyone worries for you, its tough to raise a child, where is the guy who impregnated you, tell us who is he. Bhoomi says if I tell his name will you get me married to him. Ira says it will be good if he wants to marry you, who is he. Bhoomi says fine, my baby’s father’s name is Karan. They get shocked and recall Karan. Akhilesh says that creep, I will break his bones. Bhoomi says you won’t do anything, he is not a bad person, he changed, he did that to take revenge from Ira for a slap. Akhilesh asks how could he attempt to molest her, he will ruin you. Bhoomi argues and says you won’t get the property after my baby comes. Akhilesh asks how can you think this, I don’t want the property, keep everything, I won’t let your marriage happen with a cheat. She says I will marry Karan.

Akhilesh apologizes to Ira. Bhoomi threatens of committing suicide.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. ShraddhaSharma392

    So ira was saving bhoomi… Either Now bhoomi will marry bhavik, or may be karan manipulated bhoomi for laying for either grabbing property or insulting ira and akhilesh..


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