Meri Hanikarak Biwi 7th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Devina fools Akhilesh

Meri Hanikarak Biwi 7th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with the kinners making fun of Akhilesh for losing his manhood. They ask Akhilesh to join them, he can earn much money. Pushpa cries. Ira comes back and gets shocked seeing Akhilesh’s humiliation. She shouts enough….. She gets angry on the kinners. She says we called you to take blessing. Kinner asks her why didn’t she marry a man. Ira says vasectomy doesn’t make anyone lose manhood, a real man is someone who respects family, who keeps family united, who tries to join a broken house, who gives someone a chance to rectify mistake, my husband has all qualities, you have seen just his weakness, which happened by an accident, Lord also makes people have some weakness, we don’t make fun of them, some people make fun of you, you are also humans like us, why are you

making fun of my husband, I respect you, if my husband’s respect is ruined, I will not leave anyone. Pushpa happily cries.

She says I hope you all got sense. She asks them to leave. Ira gives them sweets and says we don’t send people without shagun. She says I learnt these goodness from my husband, now you are sure that he has enough manhood.

Devina says bravo, I m so proud of you. She sends the kinners. She goes and gives them money for insulting Akhilesh. She asks them why are they upset. She says don’t think of Ira, Akhilesh fell in his own eyes, I m so happy, keep more tip. Kinners return the money and scold her. Devina says I know why are you doing this drama, you want more money. Kinners refuse. They bless Ira and Akhilesh to have a prosperous life and have children.

Devina doesn’t want Akhilesh to be blessed. Akhilesh thinks of the insult and gets sad. Ira thinks what to do to cheer him up. She gets an idea. She plays a song. O mere sona re…..plays…. Akhilesh asks her not to trouble him, why is she playing music. She says I like listening music while I work. She says music relieves stress. He asks her to hide BP machine, Pushpa will worry seeing this, I won’t thank you. She says I was just saying, listen music, mood stays good. He says why does she think she has all the solutions.

Pushpa thinks of Akhilesh’s insult. She doesn’t eat food. Ira insists and asks her to have food. Pushpa says I m fine, you have food. Ira says fine, if you say. She eats food and acts that its not nice. Pushpa tastes the food. She says its fine. Ira says you have it with rice and see. She feeds Pushpa. Ira asks her to have more. Pushpa laughs. She says you are fooling me to feed. Ira says I was young when I lost my mum, I didn’t get a chance to serve her, when I got my mum again, let me serve her. Pushpa smiles. Devina says I will do something in Mu dikhai, that Pushpa will never wish to have food. Ira says we can cancel Mu dikhai rasam. Pushpa says I was thinking the same. Devina says all the planning is done, women will gossip if we cancel this.

Akhilesh asks till when will I hide my face, I won’t be present in womens’ rasam, its fine. Pushpa agrees. Devina says Pushpa and Ira are having a bonding, I will create a rift between them. Bhavik manages the arrangements. He asks Akhilesh not to worry. Devina asks Akhilesh to get the keys from Ira. She fools him again. She says if I want to find something in emergency, I can get it, I will return keys when Ira settles well. Akhilesh says you can take the keys yourself. She asks really. He says yes. She goes. She says I love you, I don’t know if he is more foolish or innocent, I will use his innocence and make his wife out of this house, its Ira’s last day in this house.

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Update Credit to: Amena

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