Meri Hanikarak Biwi 6th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Akhilesh fails to find RK

Meri Hanikarak Biwi 6th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Akhilesh meeting Dr. Raj Kiran and knowing who is the doctor who cheated Ira. He sees Ira and thinks only a fool can leave such a nice girl. Devina and her children wait for Birju and plan to get his signs on property papers. Pushpa and Lakhan come there to meet Birju. Pushpa and Devina fight and throw junk at each other. They get tired. They collide with each other and argue. Ira stumbles and falls in Akhilesh’s arms. Inna sona…..plays… Ira asks what are you doing. He says its time to break this string. He removes the mangalsutra. She gets sad. Pushpa and Devina wait for Birju. They confront themselves for the motives. Akhilesh welcomes other doctors named Raj Kiran. Ira gets shocked. Akhilesh thinks how to find out why Ira looked shocked.

Devina says

if Birju called us and didn’t come here, did anyone fool us. Lakhan worries and laughs. They look at him. Pushpa asks is this the time to laugh. Aditya says Lakhan laughs when he is stressed out, it means he is hiding something from us. Siddhi asks Lakhan to say what’s happening. They tickle Lakhan. Pushpa says don’t trouble him. Lakhan says I have called by Birju’s name. They get shocked. Akhilesh keeps an eye on all the doctors. He thinks who is the one related to Ira. Akhilesh talks to a doctor and tries to know his problem. RK says I have much heart in pain, there is a difference in falling in love and keeping love. Akhilesh thinks he has left Ira. He asks him to come and talk to him. He says wine makes dear ones away. RK says yes, my real problem is this wine, I will not touch wine from now. Akhilesh asks him to call his lover and say he has quit drinking.

RK calls Rahul and says I have quit drinking, just tell me you love me. Akhilesh gets shocked. RK says I love Rahul, thanks to you, he wants to meet me again. Akhilesh wishes him all the best. He says this matter is something else, he can’t be father of Ira’s child. Everyone beats Lakhan. Devina gets a call and asks what, a party at Devina mansion. She says Akhilesh has kept a party at home. Lakhan says yes, he kept a party for Ira, so I called you to make you out of home. Pushpa gets glad. Siddhi says but Akhilesh made you out too. Pushpa says I didn’t think this. Devina says we are going to gate crash this party. They rush to home. Ira asks a lady why did she come home, just go. Akhilesh thinks Ira is talking to her lover. He doesn’t see the lady. He sees another guy named RK and stops him. RK says I have to leave now. Akhilesh scolds him for ruining a girl’s life. He shows Ira. RK says are you mad, I don’t know that girl, I m running away from that man, he is my money lender.

Akhilesh says I know its you who did this. RK shows his passport. Akhilesh sees the family coming home. Pushpa asks what are you doing. Ira asks why did you hold his collar. Akhilesh says nothing, I was mistaken. RK says I will see you and goes. Devina asks why did you throw this party. He says Ira is pregnant, I thought to give donation to hospital. Devina says you are hiding something. Ira says this was my idea. Pushpa asks them to play song and dance. She asks Ira and Akhilesh to dance. Lakhan plays a song. Akhilesh and Ira dance. He thinks how to explain you, I m afraid of losing you.

Akhilesh scolds a doctor. The doctor asks Ira to say the truth, he is innocent, if she lies, he will kill Bhoomi. Ira gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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