Meri Hanikarak Biwi 6th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Aditya loses the money

Meri Hanikarak Biwi 6th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ira saying plane took off, I told all this to divert you, you aren’t scared, see my plan worked. Akhilesh says yes and gets sad. He thinks even if you confessed love to divert my mind, but I will really confess love to you. She thinks sorry to lie, I will go forever once your reversal happens. Aditya and Siddhi come to casino. She says if anything goes wrong. He says no, we will make much money. Aditya plays and wins at first. Khanna signs the man. Aditya bets more money. He loses all the money. Siddhi thinks I should have not believed him. She says we just have 50000rs, lets finish it. Khanna says he is a good player, who knows he takes double. Aditya stops Siddhi and bets money. He loses again. Siddhi feels bad. Aditya thinks of Bhoomi. He cries.

Akhilesh orders

mango juice for Ira. Air hostess says sorry, we don’t have it. Ira says I will have tea, do you have powdered sugar. The lady says no, we have sugar cubes. Ira says no, I don’t like it. Akhilesh takes the sugar cubes. Ira says don’t take it, I don’t like, don’t waste tea. He powders the cubes and asks Ira to have tea. She says its really like home made tea. Aditya says Khanna, you did cheating, return my money. Khanna asks him to get lost. The men laugh. Bouncer throw Aditya out. Siddhi worries for him. She says what will we tell Pushpa, we lost two lakhs. Bhavik hears them and thinks they lost Bhoomi’s fees amount in casino. He gets sad. Aditya and Siddhi go to Devina’s room. Aditya says we have to sell mom’s jewelry and get money. She asks what. He says yes, else Pushpa won’t leave us. They enter the room and see Devina sleeping. Devina gets up. They get shocked. Devina sleepwalks.

Aditya says she sleepwalks in tension, we will use her fingerprint and open the locker. Bhoomi comes there. Devina gets conscious. She shouts thief…. Bhoomi says stop, its Adi. Devina asks what are you all doing here at this time. Bhoomi says we came to wish for your birthday in advance. Devina asks seriously, just get out. They leave. Akhilesh asks what’s happening…. Captain says we are passing through rough weather, tie your seat belts and don’t use the toilets. The people worry. He thinks if this is my life’s last moment, Ira won’t be knowing my feelings ever. He tries to say. Ira asks Akhilesh to use oxygen mask fast. She asks him to wait. She says listen everyone, don’t worry, just use the masks, the weather is bad, nothing will happen, captain and crew are experienced. Akhilesh asks where is your mask. She says nothing will happen to me. He makes Ira sit. He says calm down, we shall remember Lord, we will get courage and strength. Jai hanuman….plays… Everyone prays with Akhilesh. Ira looks on.

Bhoomi asks what will I tell Pushpa now, that you lost the money. Aditya denies it. Bhavik looks on. The passengers get scared.

Update Credit to: Amena

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