Meri Hanikarak Biwi 5th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Ira confesses love to Akhilesh

Meri Hanikarak Biwi 5th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ira and Akhilesh boarding the flight. He gets amazed and reacts weird. Everyone laughs. Ira answers him and asks him to just sit. He says I m scared, hold my hand. She holds his hand and asks him to see everyone, not be afraid. He smiles. Bhoomi keeps Pushpa busy and plays a movie. Pushpa jokes on the serial. Bhoomi makes a sketch of a bridal wear and shows to Pushpa. Pushpa likes it and asks why don’t you become a fashion designer. Bhoomi says I wish, but mom didn’t take me seriously, mom has no money, this has no use. Pushpa gets thinking.

Ira gets Vallabh’s call. He asks her to get Akhilesh’s operation done soon, then leave Akhilesh’s home and family, I m waiting for you. Ira says I have to switch off phone now, I will talk to you soon. She ends call.

She thinks Akhilesh may sense my tension, I have to stay away. She leaves Akhilesh’s hand and says this seat is uncomfortable, I will sit there. He asks why. She changes her seat. Akhilesh sees Ira and says maybe I was troubling her a lot. The man helps Akhilesh and ties the belt. Akhilesh calls the air hostess. She asks how can I help you. He says nothing. She asks why did you call me. He says I didn’t. She says pressing this button means you need my help. He says sorry, I didn’t know. She asks the man why didn’t he tell him. The man asks don’t I have any other work, do it yourself. Ira sneezes. Akhilesh shouts did you catch cold. He tries to get up and falls back because of the belt. He asks the man to pass the kerchief to Ira.

He asks are you fine. Ira says yes, I m fine. The man passes kerchief back and says your wife is fine. Akhilesh shouts to Ira and says tell me if you feel hungry, I have an orange with me. He asks the man did I do any mistake, why is my wife annoyed. The man asks how would I know, let me sleep, don’t disturb me. Air hostess tells instructions. Akhilesh shouts to Ira out of concern. The man asks her to shut up. Pushpa tells Devina about Bhoomi’s talent. Devina argues and insults her. Bhoomi looks on. Devina says Bhoomi has no talent, she can’t do anything, get out of my way. Pushpa makes her stumble. Bhoomi holds her and says I m glad to know your opinion about me. Devina says you don’t need to be overdramatic. She goes. Bhoomi cries. Pushpa consoles her. The man asks Ira to go to back to her seat, Akhilesh is troubling. All passengers complain when Akhilesh talks aloud. Ira goes back to Akhilesh. He says I m feeling tensed, I told you to sit with me, I m travelling for the first time. Pushpa asks Bhoomi about the fashion designing course fees. Bhoomi says 2 lakhs.

Pushpa gives her money. Bhoomi refuses. Pushpa insists and asks her to just do what her heart wants. Bhoomi hugs her. Siddhi asks Aditya will they stay poor always. Bhoomi comes and says I got money and I m apply for fashion designing. Siddhi says you have stolen it right. Bhoomi says no, she gave it to me. Siddhi and Aditya get sad. Aditya says we will get money, wait and watch. He fools Bhoomi and says my friend doubles investment in a day, he in in share market. Bhoomi gives him money. He asks her to pay fees and return money to Pushpa. Siddhi says wow, what a brilliant idea. Bhoomi says I was feeling bad to take money from Pushpa, you guys are right, will I get money tomorrow. He says yes, trust me. She goes. Siddhi asks about his friend. He says we will play in casino and double the money, I have no such friend. Akhilesh gets scared when plane takes off. Ira says nothing will happen. He says you went away and sat there. She says listen to me, you want to know why I m going away, because I m in love with you, this is the truth, I love you Akhilesh. He gets shocked. He smiles.

Captain tells everyone about plane passing through bad weather. Akhilesh worries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. ShraddhaSharma392

    I agree that if anyone who board flight for first time will panic like akhilesh, even i may do same, but this was sooo funny… Akhilesh ne pura plane hilla diya?????????????? and this bhoomi is soo much dumb she believed her cheater siblings so easily…

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