Meri Hanikarak Biwi 2nd May 2018 Written Episode Update: Ira finds a way to help Akhilesh

Meri Hanikarak Biwi 2nd May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Gulki crying on her fate. Devina says Gulki should bear our tortures, Ira should just mind her own business. She asks Ira to take her warning. She asks Ira to get out now. She pushes out Ira and shuts the door. Ira asks Akhilesh why did he apologize. He says I did this for my friend. She says it was not my mistake. He says sorry and holds ears. She calls him cute and says no sorry and thanks in friendship. She teases him. They talk about the happenings. He asks her not to worry for Aditya and Gulki. She thinks to make Gulki strong and find a job for Akhilesh too.

She calls Bhavik and asks him to get printouts, so that she can paste the posters in the morning. Its morning, Bhoomi teases Aditya. Pushpa comes and says Gulki is right there. Gulki makes sweets. Pushpa says

Devina got a lottery to get such bahu. Devina argues with Gulki.

Everyone supports Gulki. Bhavik comes home and gives them posters. They read female self defence classes by Akhilesh pandey. Akhilesh asks Bhavik what’s this. Ira asks why not, you have to make women independent and strong. Pushpa says I will ask Ira to keep an eye on you. Ira asks shall I take this as yes. Akhilesh says yes. They smile.

Akhilesh asks do you think women will come for my class. Ira says let them know the trainer is so handsome, then women will come to you. He asks how do you talk. She flirts with him. She asks him to change and come. He asks what’s this, will I wear these shorts in front of women. She says trainers wear fix, what’s your problem, did you see your idol Hanuman wearing sherwani, go now. She sends him. He asks will you laugh. She says no.

He says I m coming out. She asks shall I get aarti plate. He comes out. She laughs. He asks why are you walking like a duck, come on, walk. He propers his clothes. She teases him. He asks her to think of her dad, what language she uses. She reminds his words, when he teased her in Banaras. He reminds her words. He says I m afraid to talk to women. She says think about women like Gulki, what she goes through when anyone teases such women, this is the only way to end their fear, we have to try to make every girl capable to protect herself. He smiles.

Ira says now Gulki doesn’t need to depend on anyone, she will be first student of our class. Devina says Ira is showing me attitude, I will see, what she does, I will catch their weakness one day. Pushpa gets some key and says don’t know how did this happen, if anyone gets this key, don’t know what will happen, I can’t let anyone get this. She hides the key.

Akhilesh reacts tensed hearing a girl’s name Nirja. Ira looks on and worries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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