Meri Hanikarak Biwi 29th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Rajat scares Siddhi

Meri Hanikarak Biwi 29th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Akhilesh seeing everyone partying. He goes to lower the volume. He gets shocked seeing Rajat and falls down. He shouts. Everyone comes. He says Rajat was here. He tells Ira that Rajat is alive. Siddhi and Devina say you maybe feeling guilty as you gave him an injury before his death, consult a psychiatrist. Pushpa asks Akhilesh to chant Hanuman chalisa and sleep. Akhilesh goes. Devina says lets get back and party. They dance. Akhilesh gets scared of Rajat again. He tries to get saved. He sees Rajat’s blood and catches him, asking how did he get bleeding when he is alive, is this a game. Rajat says leave me. Akhilesh raises hand.

Ira stops him and says we made this plan so that Siddhi accepts her crime. He asks what. She says yes, I got to know that Rajat is alive

when I went to see him. FB shows Rajat holding Ira’s hand and saying I m alive, it was just a drama, it was just ketchup. She asks why did you do the drama. He says I heard you and Akhilesh talking. He says Ira knows the girl who pushed me, I have a way to make that girl speak the truth. He pours ketchup and keeps the packet near his stomach. He says I wanted to make Siddhi confess, but Akhilesh came in between, so I did this death drama, but Siddhi is happy to blame his brother.

Ira says Akhilesh is my husband, he loves his sisters a lot. He says there was no use of this drama. She says there is a drama, but you have to promise me, if Siddhi confesses love, you won’t give her to police. He says I just want to hear her sorry. She tells her plan. FB ends. Ira says we thought Siddhi will see Rajat’s spirit and confess, but you saw him first.

Rajat says we didn’t intend to hurt you. Akhilesh says don’t give her to police if she is at fault. Rajat promises that he won’t send Siddhi to jail. Akhilesh thanks her. Ira says we have to take this plan ahead. He goes. Ira thanks him. He says you are going against family to get justice for me, why are you acting as illiterate in front of them. She says its a long story, lets proceed with the plan. Ira goes to Siddhi and takes the cakes. Aditya says we didn’t invite you. Ira says I came to take this cake for Bhoomi. She makes Siddhi fall on the cake. Siddhi says how dare you. Ira laughs on her. She asks Siddhi to wash face and come.

Siddhi says I will see you. She goes to her room. Rajat goes and scares Siddhi. She gets scared seeing Rajat’s ghost and shouts for help. He threatens her. Siddhi shouts. Everyone comes. Ira asks what happened. Siddhi says Rajat is here, he is here, I have seen him. Ira says but you told Akhilesh that he is hallucination, why are you talking mad. Siddhi says please trust me. Devina says keep quiet, take it easy. Akhilesh goes to window and signs to Rajat. Ira thinks what is he doing.

Akhilesh accepts the crime and gets arrested. Ira begs Rajat to take his complaint back. Rajat says I want your love.

Update Credit to: Amena

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