Meri Hanikarak Biwi 28th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Akhilesh exposes Karan

Meri Hanikarak Biwi 28th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Akhilesh asking Karan to give Agnipariksha. Karan says nice joke. Akhilesh says you think I m joking. Devina asks what are you saying. Akhilesh says if a woman’s character can be questioned, why not a man. Pushpa agrees. Devina says but Karan is a victim. Akhilesh insists and asks Karan to give the test. Bhavik gets the kerosene. Karan asks are you mad, stop this, I m going. Akhikesh pours kerosene on Karan and says prove it you are innocent, you won’t get harmed. Karan says stop it, I m not innocent, happy now, I have sent messages to my phone so that I can trap Ira, she had slapped me, did she think she will get saved, I molested her to take revenge, so that she is kicked out of this house.

Bhoomi asks what are you saying. Karan says I won’t marry you, am

I mad, I know everything, your family is greedy for money. Devina asks Akhilesh to burn him. Ira comes back. She slaps Karan. She says you forgot that my husband is Akhilesh, he never doubted on me, he was bringing your truth out, he acted of making me out of the house. Pushpa asks did you know Karan is lying. Akhilesh says I m not so foolish to doubt on Ira’s character, when Karan showed his phone, I have seen that mask.

Akhilesh says this fraud worn this mask and came to our house, I understood Ira was scared that night. Ira says I was scared as he acted like Akhilesh and touched me, I followed him but he had run away. Akhilesh says I knew he will get evidence so I made Ira out to act. Devina says well played, if he didn’t confess, would you really burn him. Akhilesh says no, this is just water, I m not so foolish. Bhavik says this can had water, blue water is costly, you have to pay me. Karan says I will see you all, Ira doesn’t know me. Akhilesh slaps him. Pushpa and Akhilesh scold Karan. Akhilesh ask him not to insult women, men are also born to women. He sends Karan. Pushpa says you did really good, you didn’t doubt on Ira’s character, husband’s belief is wife’s strength. She hugs Ira. Pushpa apologizes. Akhilesh says Ira was insulted and proved herself, now the one who insulted her has to do her aarti to welcome her. Devina agrees. She does her aarti and asks her to come. Akhilesh asks them not to stain Ira’s character again, he will never tolerate a woman’s insult. He welcomes Ira and asks her to enter the house with pride. They all shower flowers. Akhilesh plays shank. Ira thinks this marriage and husband are fake, but Akhilesh is keeping it by heart, thanks Lord for giving me world’s best husband, even if he is fake. Ira thinks of Akhilesh. He comes to room. She happily hugs him and says I respect you more, I can never forget this.

They ask each other to have laddoo. She does funny drama. He asks what happened to you. She helps him. He asks why are you giving me so much respect. She says I wanted to make you feel special. He asks shall I say how to do this, I will sleep on bed alone. Ira agrees. He says you arrange my clothes, get badam for me from kitchen, if you get milk, I will feel more special. She agrees. He changes and comes. He asks how are you doing work. She scolds him. He smiles. She says I will have laddoo and sleep on bed. He asks how can you say this, you should thank me that I saved you from Karan, now I will get good sleep, you got normal and fighting again, Jhansi ki rani is back. He gives her gyaan. She smiles and thanks him. She gets a message. He worries and says if its Karan, I will not leave him. She says I can protect myself. She gets glad and says its a good news, doctor mailed, your surgery can be done in three months. He gets glad. She says cost is much, I will arrange it, don’t take tension, good happens with good people, everything will get fine. He says we will get free. They go to sleep. He smiles and thinks to do this acting for three months, but why do I feel sad. She thinks what happened to me, why am I feeling sad.

Ira sees Akhilesh’s old kurta and thinks its time to gift him new kurta.

Update Credit to: Amena

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