Meri Hanikarak Biwi 28th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Rajat fakes death

Meri Hanikarak Biwi 28th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Akhilesh syaing Siddhi’s fingerprints will be matched. Devina argues and refuses to send her. Bhoomi asks why is Siddhi scared if she is innocent. Akhilesh says yes, right, I won’t let anything happen to Siddhi if she is innocent. He takes Siddhi. Rajat says I love white lilies. Ira says me too. He asks why are you behaving good with me. Ira says I have a motive, I want you to get fine soon. He says I got fine seeing the flowers. She says I got your fav breakfast. He smiles and asks how do you know. She says I have spies in this hospital. She makes a smiley on toast and says you should always keep smiling. Akhilesh gets Siddhi there and calls Ira. Ira goes. Rajat likes her.

Akhilesh says I got Siddhi here, we will meet Rajat. Ira thanks him and says I know its

tough for you, deal with Siddhi strictly. Akhilesh gets Siddhi to Rajat and says I m Akhilesh, this is my sister Siddhi, my wife told me that she has pushed you down the stairs, tell me is she the one. Rajat says I didn’t see the face. Siddhi says he didn’t even see me, now may I go. Rajat says no, it doesn’t mean you are innocent, I have a way to find out. He says whoever pushed me has ink on her hands, the fingerprints are on this shirt, if this matches with her fingerprints, it means she is the culprit. Siddhi gets shocked. Rajat and Akhilesh ask her to keep her hand on the impression.

Siddhi keeps her hand. Rajat says its same, you are the culprit. She denies. Rajat scolds her. Akhilesh asks him to calm down. Rajat says she isn’t scared of her doings. Siddhi says I didn’t do anything. He threatens her and asks her to confess her crime. Akhilesh asks Rajat to leave her. He tries to stop Rajat. Ira hears them and runs to see. Akhilesh makes Rajat’s hand away. Rajat gets stabbed by mistake. They get shocked. Rajat falls down. Akhilesh says what did I do. Ira comes and gets shocked. She asks what did you do. Akhilesh says I was saving Siddhi. Rajat faints. Ira shouts to nurse. Akhilesh says I was just saving Siddhi. Nurse says Rajat is dead.

Ira gets shocked. She scolds Siddhi and says this happened because of your lie, not Akhilesh’s mistake. She goes to see Rajat’s dead body. She cries. She says how can anyone die by a wound by surgical knife. She comes back. Akhilesh asks what did I do. Siddhi says now police will arrest Akhilesh. Ira says no, doctor just said that Rajat died by a heart attack. Siddhi gets relieved. Ira says we shall leave now, else police will come to question us. They leave. Devina says Siddhi got saved. Akhilesh says a person lost life. Devina says yes, I know its really sad, thank goodness, that doctor got heart attack at the right time, we don’t need to be upset, we should celebrate, lets party. Siddhi asks are you serious. Devina says we are doing this to distract them. Aditya agrees with her. Pushpa asks don’t you have shame. Devina asks did you know him, don’t bore us. She says we will order Sushi, lets start our party. Ira says let them go, its time for your medicines. Akhilesh cries. He prays for Rajat’s soul peace.

Rajat turns into a ghost and chases Akhilesh, leaving him shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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