Meri Hanikarak Biwi 27th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Akhilesh confronts Siddhi

Meri Hanikarak Biwi 27th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Akhilesh keeping his hand under Ira’s feet and saving her. Dard dilon ke…..plays… Lights come. Ira sees the wound on his hand. She gets the first aid box. He says no need, I don’t want you to get in another mess. He takes the box and switches off lights. He does aid to his wound. Ira goes and says I will prove that Siddhi is a liar. Siddhi follows and goes to push Ira. Ira turns and asks what were you doing, were you pushing me down the stairs. Siddhi holds her hands and makes her hold neck. Ira asks her what is she doing. Siddhi shouts for help and cries. Everyone comes. They ask what happened. Siddhi says Ira was trying to kill me. They all get shocked.

Ira says she is lying again. Akhilesh gets angry and asks her to leave the house if she has problem

with his family. Pushpa asks what are you saying. Ira says I won’t go till I prove that Siddhi is a culprit, none can force me to leave this house, not even you. Pushpa asks why are they fighting. Ira says I m really angry. Pushpa makes her sit and does her hair massage. Akhilesh comes and asks Pushpa to massage his head. Pushpa asks him to sit, she will first care for Ira. Akhilesh gets angry and argues. Pushpa asks them to leave her at some old age home, she is fed up of their fights. Ira stops her and says I will do his head massage. Akhilesh says this is just for you. Ira massages his head. Pushpa does champi to her. Ira vents out anger on him. He says I understand everything. Ira taunts him and says Siddhi is fooling you. He says you started again. She says a man was losing his life. He asks do you have proof. She asks don’t you trust me. Pushpa stops them and asks them not to hurt each other in anger. She ends their fight and asks them to calm have a talk to sort the issue. They go. Pushpa says Lord show some miracle that their fight ends, they have to leave for honeymoon.

Ira says I swear on my dad’s name, I have seen Siddhi pushing Rajat down the stairs. Akhilesh says I swear on my mum’s name, I have taken her on shopping. Ira says Siddhi is very smart and can fool anyone, she is playing a big game, I have no enmity with her, Rajat should get justice, he would have slipped in coma. He says fine, I will find out. She says sorry, I feel proud that you are so innocent and good. He says forgive me too, I get angry on you, I always curse myself after scolding you, we shall sleep now. She says I will pick the glass. He goes to help her. Their heads strike. He says sorry, are you fine. She throws away the glass in bin. She asks what happened. He holds her and bumps head again. Saiyyan…..plays….. He says its fine now. She asks what was this. He says I didn’t wish us to have bad omens, we should bump head twice to end the bad omen, my tika got over your forehead. He wipes it. They smile. She recalls her promise to Vallabh. She says I m fine, we shall sleep now, its late.

He thinks this tension between us should end, so that I can confess my love to her. Its morning, Ira comes and checks Rajat. Rajat gets up and asks you. She asks how are you. He says better. She holds a vase. She says sorry, it was falling by my hand. He says whomever you meet, you do some harm to them, see what happened with me after we met. She says its strange, you are not the first one to think so, I m really very sorry for yesterday, lets make a new start. They shake hands. Devina packs Siddhi’s bag and asks her to leave for some days, Ira is after her. Aditya says mom and I will try to end this matter. Akhilesh comes. Rajat says I m better now. Nurse says Ira has treated you and changed the pain killers. Rajat says then I should call you harmful, who got these white lilies. Nurse says Ira got it.

Rajat smiles seeing Ira. Devina says Siddhi is going to attend her friend’s wedding. Akhilesh says stop Siddhi, I want to ask you about Rajat’s accident. Siddhi worries. Devina says Siddhi got fine, next time… He says I won’t let you go till I get my answers, come in, give me the bag. He asks did you go hospital. She says no, I was with you. He says you didn’t meet Rajat. Devina asks don’t you trust Siddhi. Pushpa asks Akhilesh not to get emotional and question her. Siddhi says I don’t know Rajat, there were many people around him, how did Ira see me. They get shocked.

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Update Credit to: Amena

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