Meri Hanikarak Biwi 26th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Siddhi denies the blame

Meri Hanikarak Biwi 26th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ira rushing Rajat for treatment. Siddhi hides seeing Akhilesh. He stops her and asks what is she doing. She makes an excuse. He thinks she can see Ira in doctor’s coat. They both try to avoid going inside the hospital. He says I m thinking to go shopping. She asks shall I come along, my choice is great. He says yes. She thinks its good he won’t doubt on me, I will get an alibi that I wasn’t present at the hospital. Inspector asks doctor how did Rajat fall, did anyone push him. Doctor says I don’t think so, he doesn’t have any enmity. Ira recalls Siddhi and thinks what to do, whatever Siddhi did, a person could have lost life, its wrong to cover it. She says its a criminal offence, Rajat was pushed down, I know who has done this.

Pushpa says I want you to

meet someone who will teach you the way to earn money. Devina says wow, where is he. Pushpa shows the beggar and says Devina is your student. The beggar says I will teach you. Devina argues with Pushpa. Pushpa says if Lord wills, Ira will give me a good news soon. Devina says how will they get a child, Akhilesh can’t father a child. They fight. Akhilesh and Siddhi come home and stop them. He says I went for shopping with Siddhi, she helped me. Pushpa calls her a good girl. Ira comes and says no, Siddhi is actually a criminal. She gets police. Siddhi gets tensed. Ira says this is the girl who pushed down Rajat.

Pushpa asks who. Doctor says someone pushed Rajat down the stairs. Siddhi says but I was with Akhilesh. Akhilesh says yes. Ira says trust me, I have seen Siddhi pushing him down, I m saying truth. Devina asks what were you doing there. Pushpa asks why did you go to hospital. Akhilesh says Ira went to get your BP medicines. He says maybe Ira got mistaken, Siddhi was with me, she isn’t a criminal, inspector sorry for wasting your time. Police goes. Devina says you tried to frame Siddhi. Ira says I m not lying. Akhilesh says Siddhi was with me, we were shopping. Ira says see this is the proof, the ink on her hands, it was there on Rajat’s shirt. Siddhi says shut up, maybe its blouse dye.

Ira asks how much will you lie. Akhilesh asks him to stop it. Ira says they all use your innocence and you always get fooled. She goes. Akhilesh comes to her. He asks what’s this new drama, Siddhi was with me. Ira says you know where was she before she met you, she is very smart and used you as shield. He asks what will she get by pushing the doctor. She says Siddhi has enmity with you, she pushed Rajat as Rajat was going to do your reversal, he came here to Mumbai for few days, I thought he will do your surgery here, but the plan flopped. He says I know you are doing a lot for me, Siddhi is young, she can’t do this. He says she won’t know about my operation. She asks can’t you believe if I have seen her, why am I getting into this mess. He says I m glad to know this is a mess for you. She says I didn’t mean it.

He says you did mistake, you wanted to repent, you gave this marriage suggestion, tell me if you can’t arrange the operation, don’t blame my family. Ira says yes, I did all mistakes, my biggest mistake is to think that my friend will believe me. He says you doubted on Siddhi. They cry. She says you don’t need to talk to me if you decided, we will get separated after reversal, think we stopped talking from today itself. She goes. He says fine, I can’t leave my family. Devina slaps Siddhi for pushing the doctor. Aditya says thankfully, Ira has no proof, else Siddhi would have gone jail. Devina says Ira can collect proof. Siddhi says I pushed that doctor to win your trust, this doctor is conducting the reversal drive, I thought if I hurt him, he can’t do Akhilesh’s reversal. Devina says is Rajat the only doctor, if Akhilesh knows this, he will throw us out. Siddhi says sorry, tell me what to do. Devina says you have to gain Akhilesh’s sympathy and break Akhilesh and Ira.

Ira says I told a lot to Akhilesh in anger, he always supports truth. Akhilesh says I told a lot to Ira, she will never lie, why is she doubting Siddhi. He rests to sleep. They don’t talk. They have a moment. Saiyyan….plays….She gets the candle and a glass drops. He asks her to stop, she will get hurt. She says your bitter words has hurt me a lot, this is just glass.

Siddhi compels Ira to hold her neck and blames Ira for attempting to kill her. Akhilesh makes Ira out of the house. Akhilesh catches Siddhi’s lie.

Update Credit to: Amena

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