Meri Hanikarak Biwi 26th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Pushpa stops Akhilesh’s reversal

Meri Hanikarak Biwi 26th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Devina asking Ira why did she do this with Pushpa. Pushpa recalls Ira’s words and slaps her. She says I loved her as a mum, you cheated me, you don’t deserve a mum, so Lord snatched your mum. Ira says don’t say this, I also felt bad every time I lied to you. Pushpa scolds her. Ira says forgive me. Pushpa pushes her away. She says I m not your mum, you taught my son to lie to me, I have no relation with you. Ira says even if Rajat can’t do Akhilesh’s reversal today, I will do it and repent for my mistake. She goes. Devina asks Pushpa to stop Ira.

Pushpa comes to OT and stops Ira. She asks how dare you touch my son. Ira says let this reversal happen once, Akhilesh and I have dreamt for this since months. Pushpa says if you link yourself with him, I swear

I will kill you. Pushpa and Devina ask Ira to leave. Ira goes. Pushpa hugs Akhilesh and cries. Devina gets the ring from his hand. She says Akhilesh was going to give a ring to Ira, she is a liar, she is using him to save her career. Devina says we have to take him with us, else Ira will influence him again, I will do arrangements of air ambulance. Pushpa says I will bear all expenses. She goes. Ira thinks of Pushpa’s words and cries. She comes to Rajat. He says I will send Pushpa to jail. Ira says don’t think of hurting Pushpa, else I will tell the world that you are a cheap man, think well before doing anything. She checks his x ray reports.

She says its a fracture. She does the aid. He says you are really strange, you were having hatred for me and now you are doing aid. She says I will always hate you, I m doing a doctor’s duty, which you forgot, Lord has punished you, you can’t do surgery, I m not bound to your condition. Ira asks Pushpa to stop and not take Akhilesh. Pushpa says I want my son to get rid of your shadow. She takes Akhilesh. Ira cries. Pyaar hai ya saza….plays….She thinks of Akhilesh. She goes to hotel and checks out. She cries. Ira boards the flight. Air hostess asks about Akhilesh. Ira says our ways got different. Air hostess gives her tea with sugar powder. Ira thinks of Akhilesh and cries. She sees a loving couple. Pushpa says I will end all memories of Ira. Devina thinks if Akhilesh knows Ira’s truth came out, game will spoil, there has to be more drama. She asks Pushpa to go and have food. Pushpa goes. Air hostess gives a gift to Ira. Ira sees Akhilesh and her pic on the coffee mug. She says that’s very sweet, thanks. Ira thinks I just have Akhilesh’s memory, we will never meet now.

Vallabh and Devina argue. Akhilesh gets shocked and cries when Devina insults Ira.

Update Credit to: Amena

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