Meri Hanikarak Biwi 25th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Pushpa learns Ira’s entire truth

Meri Hanikarak Biwi 25th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rajat threatening to reveal her truth to Akhilesh’s family. Ira says I won’t turn up from my word. Akhilesh asks nurse to call Ira. Ira scolds Rajat. Akhilesh says I want to see Ira once before my operation begins. He goes to look for Ira. Rajat flirts with Ira. Akhilesh comes there. He asks Ira what is she doing here. Rajat says she is in much stress. Akhilesh says I thought to see your face before operation, will everything be fine. Ira says yes, of course, everything will get fine. She sends Akhilesh. Rajat says tonight will be ours. He goes. Ira cries and says what shall I do. She goes out and thinks why am I so sad, thinking of separation of Akhilesh or about spending time with Rajat. She sees a boy getting an injection and thinks of Akhilesh. Akhilesh gets scared

of an injection. Ira thinks I forgot to tell Rajat that Akhilesh gets paranoid on seeing an injection. She comes to Akhilesh and says Akhilesh is scared of injection, his BP drops, give him anaesthesia by gas mask.

Akhilesh says I m used to you, you can give me the injection. Pushpa and Devina come there. Pushpa gets angry and asks nurse to call Rajat. She threatens the lady. The guy runs to call Rajat. Devina smiles and thinks Pushpa will go to jail now. Rajat asks Ira to give anesthesia and goes out. Ira gives anesthesia to Akhilesh. He wishes to confess love to her. He gets dreaming of proposing Ira and making her wear the ring. Saiyyan…..plays…. ira says everything will get fine, don’t be scared. He sleeps. Rajat asks who is calling me, what’s all this. He says you are Akhilesh’s mum, what are you doing here. Pushpa hits him with the cylinder. She says you have done Akhilesh’s vasectomy. He says you are mistaken. Devina asks Pushpa not to leave him. He calls them mad. Devina says you ruined Akhilesh’s life, you are threatening Pushpa now. Pushpa says I will kill you today. She gets an axe. He says I didn’t do his vasectomy, you are mistaken. Ira comes there and gets shocked seeing Pushpa threatening Rajat. Pushpa says you have snatched our happiness, my son just gets insulted. Ira stops Pushpa from attacking on him.

She says I m the doctor who did Akhilesh’s vasectomy operation, Rajat is not at fault, don’t do anything to him, I m your culprit. Ira removes the mask and shows her face. Pushpa and Devina get shocked. Ira says I m not from any village, I m educated, I m that doctor who did Akhilesh’s vasectomy. Pushpa gets dizzy and asks what nonsense, what are you doing here, where is Akhilesh. Ira says he is in OT, his reversal is happening, Rajat is doing his reversal. Devina says you mean you and Akhilesh have come here for the reversal. She says Pushpa she is lying, she is saving Rajat, maybe they both are together, they are going to do wrong with Akhilesh.

Ira says no, trust me, I m not lying. Rajat goes. Devina says Rajat is lying. Pushpa pushes him. He faints. Devina smiles. Ira checks Rajat. She stops Pushpa. She says Rajat fainted by pain, sister, call for a stretcher, arrange for an x ray. She sends Rajat for treatment. Devina stops Ira. She says so you are really a doctor. Ira says yes, I m a doctor, I m not lying. Pushpa cries. Devina says you did his vasectomy, you are responsible for his insult, why did you marry Akhilesh. Ira says our marriage was a compromise. Devina says stop lying, you did this to cover up your mistake. Pushpa cries. Devina says wow Ira, you trapped Akhilesh to save your medical degree. She gets glad.

Pushpa slaps Ira and stops her from doing the operation. Ira says let this reversal happen. Pushpa says I will kill you if you dare to touch him. She takes Akhilesh with her. Ira cries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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