Meri Hanikarak Biwi 25th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Vallabh learns the truth

Meri Hanikarak Biwi 25th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Devina asking Vallabh whom does he want to meet. He says Akhilesh. She asks him to leave, Akhilesh is marrying a Gujarati girl. She goes. He says I came to ask him why did he settle my loans, if he marrying Ira, I will call Ira and ask. His phone battery gets down. Vallabh says I will go and find out. Pushpa sends the bride and groom’s name board out. She blesses Akhilesh. She says I wish Birju was here, I m not upset. She taunts Devina. Ira comes. Pushpa compliments her. Devina asks Ira about her family.

Indu comes and says I m here, I m her Kaka. Devina says you should be ashamed to keep her uneducated. He says she has life’s experience, I m her namesake Kaka, I have come as her dad couldn’t come. Pushpa welcomes him. Vallabh goes inside. He gets shocked

seeing Ira’s name on the board. He rushes in and sees Akhilesh and Pushpa. He goes to him. Indu catches Vallabh and takes him out. Akhilesh worries.

Bhavik asks Ira to get ready fast. Akhilesh says your dad has come here. Ira gets shocked. Bhavik says they will kill us. Ira says dad can blame Indu for this, I have to blame him. Vallabh scolds Indu for ruining his life. He says I have raised you along Ira, did you forget everything. He asks him how could he support Ira. Indu says I agreed for this marriage as I can’t see Ira behind bars, its my dream too to see her become a doctor, yes we lied to you for a reason, we were hiding Ira’s mistake. Vallabh asks what mistake did she do.

Indu says Ira has done a vasectomy operation on Akhilesh by mistake, his marriage broke because of her mistake, she has seen Akhilesh begging to girl’s family, Akhilesh’s posters made the city laugh on him, he lost his job, Ira tried a lot to get the reverse operation, Pushpa was going to die because of Ira’s mistake, Ira is doing this to repent. Vallabh gets shocked. Indu says this is a drama going on, its not any real marriage, this is a try to get Akhilesh’s lost respect back, Ira will arrange money for his reverse operation.

Vallabh says fine, is marriage a joke, I met Pushpa, she has narrow thinking, she will ruin Ira’s life, I can’t see this, call Ira. Ira and Bhavik come there. Vallabh sees her and says I know everything, you did a mistake, marriage is not a solution, come with me. Ira says sorry, I can’t agree to you, mistake doesn’t make any person small, one who runs away from repentance becomes a small person, how will I become a good doctor. He says Pushpa wants an uneducated bahu, I didn’t make you a doctor to do this. She says I will repent for my mistake, with or without your blessing.

He says I need courage, I have fallen alone, I have no daughter, son and brother from today. He angrily leaves. Ira cries. Indu and Bhavik console her. Vallabh says my family ruined my hardwork. Akhilesh stops him and puts his pagdi in his feet. He says I know what you are going through, I assure you this is just a drama, Ira is your daughter, she is doing this for Pushpa’s life. Vallabh says I will never bless her to get ruined, you don’t know how much one has to work hard to become doctor, she had one dream since childhood, she wanted to become a doctor, that dream will break because of you. He scolds Ira. Ira gets ready. Akhilesh says I will never go against my promise, I promise this marriage won’t affect her studies, I will support her, I will never see her as a wife, she will become a doctor, just support her, I request you. Vallabh goes.

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Update Credit to: Amena

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