Meri Hanikarak Biwi 24th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Pushpa supports Ira

Meri Hanikarak Biwi 24th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pushpa taking Ira with her for a talk. She asks don’t you know wearing a saree. Ira says yes. Pushpa asks her not to feel bad of Devina’s words, its because she had no mum to teach her, but now she will teach her everything. She helps Ira dress up and compliments her. Ira gets emotional. Akhilesh comes. Pushpa scolds him for spoiling Ira. She asks why did you gift jeans, you could have gifted rose, Devina has created a scene, you know how she talks, I know to make her fine, I will end her game.

Devina thinks I will see what Pushpa goes with Ira. Pushpa gets Ira downstairs. They all get shocked seeing Ira in jeans. Devina says you wanted your bahu to be good valued. She jokes on Ira. She says not to worry, we will find another girl, break this marriage. Pushpa

says this marriage will happen, values depend on girl’s character, I trust Ira, you have seen Ira’s clothes, not the love for Akhilesh, such mischief happens between husband and wife, Birju got modern clothes for me one day, I have worn it for his happiness, its not wrong. She apologizes to Bhoomi.

She says your clothes was not right for dance, you look beautiful in these clothes, I m like your mum, so I scolded you. Devina says this is not done. Pushpa asks Ira to go home and rest, it will be haldi in morning and marriage in evening. Akhilesh prays. Ira thinks there is one way to repent, this fake marriage, even if I have to lie to dad, I have to help Akhilesh. Pushpa asks Akhilesh to drop Ira. Deivna says Ira is hiding something. Pushpa looks on.

Indu and Bhavik pack Ira’s bags. She gets emotional seeing the toys and recalls her childhood. She says there was no tension at that time. Devina starts yoga. Lakhan and Pushpa joke on her. Akhilesh asks Pushpa not to argue with Devina. Akhilesh receives a parcel. He says I didn’t order anything. The man says don’t know, I was asked to deliver this. She sees a gold chain and says your dad has sent this gift, I will make you wear this. Akhilesh refuses.

He says I don’t want to relate my name to him. She says he is your dad, he loves you. He says I won’t melt by gifts, he didn’t fulfill any duty. She gets emotional. Bhavik reminds the old moments to Ira. She laughs. Indu says I had courage to get this bridal dress for you, remember how Vallabh had beaten me, we didn’t know your marriage day will come before you become a doctor. She says I m lying to dad and getting married. She feels bad. Devina asks guard to fix cctv cameras. Aditya asks who will check the footage. Devina says I will check, Birju will come, but he won’t get saved. She gets angry on Siddhi and Bhoomi.

Siddhi says we have to impress mum, we have to spoil this haldi. She thinks and says how about mixing oil paint in haldi, Ira will look like a yellow joker. They get the spoiled haldi for Ira. They greet Ira and compliment. Pushpa asks which haldi are you applying. Bhoomi says its imported haldi. Pushpa says you can’t apply this, bride should get haldi applied by her Saas’ hands, I have prepared this, see how Ira’s beauty glows. Siddhi and Bhoomi get annoyed. Pushpa applies haldi to Ira.

Siddhi asks what will we do now. Ira asks her to apply haldi. Siddhi asks why shall we get haldi applied. Pushpa catches them and asks Ira to apply haldi to them fast. Ira applies them haldi. Akhilesh comes and says Ira has to do, its time for her exam, I mean puja at temple. Ira goes with him. Devina says Birju will come today, I won’t leave him. She sees footage. Siddhi and Bhoomi come to her with yellow faces and complain. Devina goes to catch Birju. She says you can’t get saved now. She sees Vallabh.

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