Meri Hanikarak Biwi 22nd March 2018 Written Episode Update: Ira plans a surprise

Meri Hanikarak Biwi 22nd March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Akhilesh attending a call and burning his jeans. Ira tries to tell him. He stops her and takes the jeans. He wears the burnt jeans. She smiles and tries to say. He stops her and leaves. She laughs. Pushpa sees him and asks what’s this, your jeans is torn. He gets shocked and says I didn’t see. She says if anyone else saw, go and change fast. He goes. She laughs. He asks Ira does she have no shame, couldn’t she tell him. Ira says I told you I m dead for you, I m related for you, I tried to say, you showed attitude, why shall I tolerate. He asks her to leave. She asks shall I take divorce. He says yes, take it. They argue. She leaves. He asks Pushpa to give him lassi. He looks for Pushpa. He receives a post. Karan in disguise, delivers the divorce papers. Akhilesh

gets shocked. He says I just said that in anger, she has really sent it.

Devina comes and calls him out. Karan goes. Akhilesh says a courier had come, its useless papers. She says why did he hide papers, did Birju send it, I won’t let them get Birju’s property easily. Akhilesh thinks of Ira. Bhavik calls him and asks for a favor to hand over Ira’s books to her. Akhilesh agrees. He says I will give books and also the signed divorce papers. He goes. Devina comes and checks papers. She gets shocked seeing divorce notice. She keeps papers back and runs. He takes papers and leaves. Devina thinks to break news to Pushpa. Akhilesh comes to hospital. He sees Ira and learns she didn’t have food, and she has severe headache.

He feels bad and goes to buy medicines for her. He asks pharmacist to let him take the entire cupboard, he will return everything, he doesn’t know the right medicine, that’s why. The man asks did you go mad. Akhilesh keeps his silver bracelet as deposit. He lifts cupboard on his shoulder and takes it to the hospital. Ira turns and gets shocked seeing him.

She asks what’s this. He says I know you have headache, so I got medicines, check which one you want. She asks why did you get entire cupboard, are you Hanuman ji to get entire mountain for Sanjeevani herb. He says no, I have to return cupboard soon, just check it fast, I will get water. She gets her medicine and takes it. She thanks him. He says don’t say thanks again, I got divorce papers along, I signed on it, you also sign. She gets shocked.

She laughs and says I didn’t send the divorce papers, that guy…. Dr. Patel calls her. She says I will explain you at home. She rushes. He thinks who has sent this divorce papers. Ira says thank God, Akhilesh gave me medicine, he was worried about Karan, but who gave divorce papers. She calls Pushpa. Ira says I was planning candle light dinner for Akhilesh. Pushpa says its good. Ira says how will I do if everyone is at home. Pushpa says I will go for shopping, and send Devina out too. Ira thanks her.

Devina and her kids find money fallen on the ground and pick it. Pushpa bribes them and asks them to come for dinner. They agree. Devina says I have a surprise, Birju had kissed me on this date. Pushpa gets angry. They argue. Bhoomi says we shall go now. They go. Devina thinks Pushpa will get a surprise when she knows Akhilesh and Ira’s divorce news. Ira says Pushpa really got house vacated, I will make Matar paneer for Akhilesh. She makes the food. She sets the table and arranges everything. She switches off the lights. Karan comes. She doesn’t see him and shows the surprise. She clears the misunderstanding and hugs him. Akhilesh comes home. He gets shocked seeing them. He says I will not leave him today. Ira sees Karan and gets away. She sees Akhilesh behind.

Devina says your son and bahu are fooling you, they are taking divorce. Pushpa sees Akhilesh and Ira having dinner. Karan says I have sent divorce papers.

Update Credit to: Amena

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